After the best breakfast burritos in OC with @mikeyy.jay we took the restrictor plate off the Red Dragon for this weeks ME Lower!
Worked up to 460# for a Heavy Single 2" Conventional Block Pull + 100# chains
And shout-out to @battlehouse_fitness for the new mats and kettle bells! They will definitely be put to good use

@mikeyy.jay keeps asking if I'm back and I haven't really had an answer. But yeah, I'm thinking I'm back!
Heavy 2: Wide Grip Pin Press, then 3x6 @70% of Top Set.
Accessories: Pull-Ups w/3 second negative, SSB JM Presses, Meadows Rows, 100x Close Grip Bamboo Bench, Seated Bent Over Cable Rows (thanks @underthebar for this idea), and 100x Band Pushdowns.

Does it smell like mesquite in here? Because I am SMOKED!

Congratulations to @chris_m413 for a successful Daytona debut!! You did awesome kid ,it’s all the way up from here 🤘🏼💪🏼 #nitidoracing #motogp #motoamerica #ccs #ama #racing #vortex #pirelli #winning #daytona #bikelife #biketoberfest #westsideperformance #alpinestars #raceofchampions

When @mikeyy.jay is away, the funk will play 🎶🕺🏻
DE Lower: SSB Box Squats +120# chains, Sumo DL + mini bands & 120# chains, Snatch Grip Deficit RDL +120# chains, then some Leg Extension, Hamstring Curls, Band GM, and Reverse Hyper to finish it off. Also, shout-out to @ironcide_ for the shirt 💪🏻

Saturday's are for heavy deficit deadlifts + chains and eating poke! Counting the 455, even though it started slipping with wraps on 🤷🏻‍♂️ just gonna blame it on my kitten mittons lol But we're back in it now and had a solid week with @mikeyy.jay
Plus here's some 1/2 board bench, ft. Honking Truck outside, and a little dancing and DE Lower because why not? Ok bye!

Second leg day this week Zerchers 500x3 PR #legs #squats #skittlesandPRS #westsideperformance #powerlifting @dinacervasio

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