Dynamic Effort Lower: Today was good (and cold) day. But lots of fun! 😁
- 12x2 Cambered Box Squat @ 260+120 in chains + 2x Strict Pull Ups Between Sets
- 8x2 Conventional 2" Deficit DL, 225+green bands
- 3x10 Ultra Wide Deficit Sumo DL
- 3 Sets: 15x Hamstring Curl + 40x Band Good Morning
Cardio: - 15 rounds: 60sec work + 30sec rest: Banded Belt Walks (Took this one from @bobbymaximus. Don't have an ATP but made it work and lit up my 🍑)
- 4x20 Reverse Hyper @ 50% max DL
Programming: @mikeyy.jay

What a solid and chilly start to the week! Doing my best @underthebar impersonation with the sweats, trying to keep warm. Luckily this one brought the HEAT🔥
- 9x3 Speed 1/2-Board Press w/ 1sec Pause @ 55% + mini bands
- 2x6 Close Grip 1-Board w/moderate weight
Then the fun stuff!!!
- 5 Sets: 10x Skull Crushers, 15x Bench Dips - 4x15 Chest Supported Hyper Rows - 3x20each: Bent Over Rear Fly, Lat Raises, Hammer Curls (No Dropping the DBs)
Finished with: 100x Seated Rope Rows and 100x band pushdown (but my phone died 🤷🏻‍♂️😅) Oh and #gozags
Programming: @mikeyy.jay

Friendly reminder that specialty bars suuuuuck 😅 Haven't free squated in a minute, but worked up to 380# for a single soooo #okaycoolhookem🤘🏼
And some Dynamic Effort Lower from this week, because why not??
12x2 Cambered Box Squat @ 45% +120# in chains w/3x Strict Pull Ups Between Sets
10x2 Sumo Deficit DL @ 45% + mini bands + 100# chains. Aaaaand of course, lots of accessories! @mikeyy.jay really out here trying to kill us 💀

Today I’m thankful for my friends at #westsideperformance. They built and #dynotuned my kick ass #351c for the #55ford #f100. It’s been bullet proof with no issues whatsoever! If any of my friends in Houston need a hand w their engine, these guys are awesome!

Week 3 is always the roughest and this one was no exception! @mikeyy.jay
Dynamic Effort:
- 9x3 Speed 1/2-Board Press @ 200 + 80# chains
- 12x2 SSB Box Squat @ 255 + 120# in chains - 8x2 Conventional DL @ 250# + Green bands + 120# chains
Max Effort:
- Heavy Double Wide Pin Press (STUPID ROM 😂) @ 300 +80# in chains
- Heavy Single SSB Front Box Squat @ 400# + 80# in chains
So ready for a deload and Thanksgiving next week! 😪🦃

Congratulations to @chris_m413 for a successful Daytona debut!! You did awesome kid ,it’s all the way up from here 🤘🏼💪🏼 #nitidoracing #motogp #motoamerica #ccs #ama #racing #vortex #pirelli #winning #daytona #bikelife #biketoberfest #westsideperformance #alpinestars #raceofchampions

Second leg day this week Zerchers 500x3 PR #legs #squats #skittlesandPRS #westsideperformance #powerlifting @dinacervasio