Just in! The new Orange vertical 2x12 cab! It’s beautiful. The same power and tone you know and love, but in a lighter more compact package! Come check it out at today!

It’s that time of year again: I’ve got a bunch of Mexico Midget cherry tomato plants for whoever wants em. These ambitious little tomatoes have plans for world domination. They’re a drought tolerant vining tomato that produces heavy yields from June till late November (in zone 9 with yields slowing around mid October). Organic (and non-GMO), the original seeds came from the seed savers exchange (@seed_savers_exchange) seed bank and are volunteers. I have another batch of transplants rooting in the shade of the backyard. I’ll keep sharing as long as these babies keep multiplying.
Planted in organic home-composted nutrient-rich soil, cultivated with love and lots of worm castings, bat guano.... —

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The JHS Muffuletta is an incredible Fuzz. We did a shootout with my trusty Rams Head Big Muff and it definitely held it’s own. If you’re a Big Muff fanatic like myself and have ever dreamt of having all of those Muff tones in one pedal, here it is! Five tones inspired by these classic Big Muffs: - JHS - "2015"

The JHS Muff is a JHS original take on the classic circuit. You will find this version more powerful and less compressed, with a more haunting midrange. It is also the best for bass guitar. - ‘73 Rams Head - “1973-1977 V2”

The ‘73 Rams Head gets its name for the strange little face that appears on the lower right corner of the original pedal. It is best known for having a scooped midrange, less gain, and being darker.

Famous users: David Gilmour (main Pink Floyd recordings), Ernie Isley (Isley Brothers), and J. Mascis (Dinosaur Jr.) - The Triangle - “1969-1970 V1”

The Triangle Muff is so named for the triangle arrangement of the knobs. It boasts more low-end response while being more articulate.

Famous users: Santana, David Gilmour's Pete Cornish-made pedalboards, John Lennon, Kevin Shields (My Bloody Valentine), and possibly Jimi Hendrix. - The Pi - “1977-1978 V3” An instantly recognizable red Pi symbol gives this pedal its moniker. This is not to be confused with the later redesigned NYC version released in 2000. It features a more aggressive sound.

Famous users: Frank Zappa, Billy Corgan (Smashing Pumpkins), Jack White, The Edge (U2), Beck, and Pete Townshend (The Who). - The Russian - "1999-2009 V8”

The Russian Muff is named by the “Made in Russia” text found on the back of the pedals. It sports less clarity and less low end than other models. A great garage-type sound.

Famous users: Dan Auerbach (Black Keys), Chris Wolstenholme (Muse), and Robin Finck (Nine Inch Nails). - The Civil War - “1991-1993 V7”

The old-style Civil War-era font and navy and gray colors found on these pedals’ enclosures dictate their name. They are best known for having more midrange and having a brighter overall tone with less gain.

Famous users: Thurston Moore (Sonic Youth), John Fogerty, Jeff Tweedy (Wilco), Mike Mills, and Peter Buck (REM).

Dinner, drinks, and a side of music with Ross Hammond—playing every Wednesday evening at Kupros!

The “old” classroom. 🖊

The “new” classroom! 🧡

Checking out the solar eclipse! 🌑 #latergram

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Urban League family bonding at @enchambered escape room! 🗝 #latergram

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• $10 Old School Burger and a pint
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Members at CRFF push each other to be the best that they can be. They encourage each other at times when others are struggling. They build one another up to the very end. They are not just members that come to work out, they are a family that leaves nobody behind.
Like what you see? Contact us today about your free trial!
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What a great shot of CalSTRS headquarters!

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We were beautifully made in HIS image, our worth is more than any amount of wealth for we are children of the Almighty God of all 💖

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