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Miss mama so much. Not too sure about daddy.😛

Big news furiends! Mom and I are moving to #Chicago! It's bittersweet news because we LOVE Milwaukee so so sooo much 😢 but are very excited for a new opportunity and some Chi-town fun! While mom gets things down there situated, I'll be staycationing at Grandma's 👵🏻, so you'll see a few less posts from me (I'm really going to try to unplug and live in the moment more while I'm there), but once I'm in the big city with mom I'll be back to show you all the fun I'm going to have. Wish us luck! #moving #hankthewestie

#NewDoggySignUp duo Archie and Lillie Rose adore chasing birds, being tickled behind the ears and digging holes in the garden 🐾

Just wondering why my dad gets to have three bites of his cheese burger to my one bite of a plain patty. #hungry #westie

It's been a while since I posted a selfie
But to let you all know I'm still cute an being silly today. HAPPY THURSDAY!
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