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our first anatomy lab day! we've learned so many interesting facts about the human body through lectures, observations, and palpations. I'd have to say it's been an exciting day to see this stuff in real life! most importantly, our upmost respect and gratefulness goes to those who graciously donated their bodies to science and permitted us to acquire this wonderful medical educational experience 🙏🏼

Y desde el Campus de Alex Llorca han venido a visitarnos Mateo Rubio, director Técnico del Campus y entrenador entre otros de Casteldefels y Sant Féliu con algunos de los entrenadores colaboradores del Campus, Sama Díez, Alfonso Franco y Judith Martín , próximamente jugadora de Western Carolina University (NCAA) #capusalexllorca #alexllorca #visitas #westerncarolinauniversity #casteldefels

Today Sissy played at my alma mater and I couldn't be more proud to watch her live out her goals! Thank you to all our friends and family who supported her today at the game!! #gocats #westerncarolinauniversity #catamountsoccer #wcusoccer

We've got a new compadre on Instagram! Give @bardoartscenter a follow, please! Professor of English and Curator Paul Worley explains the evolution of design in contemporary Maya textiles for the upcoming exhibition Language of Weaving @wcu_fam #bardoartscenter #wcufineartmuseum #wcu #westerncarolinauniversity 📷: @bardoartscenter #summerundergradresearch

🎶who's that girllll🎶
Well it's our pres! Along with Dr. P, Dr. Z, and their lovely daughter!
Come join the club on Tuesday at 6pm at McKee 110! We will be going to Judaculla Rock! DM us if you need help finding a ride!
#WCU #WesternCarolinaUniversity #anthropology #AnthWCU

Who else is looking forward to a December graduation? #westerncarolinauniversity #wcu #ncuniversities #regram @molleemyers18
11 more days 🙌🏼


If you or anyone you know live in the Asheville, Sylva, or Other surrounding areas, please come and take part in the Jackson County Veterans Support Group’s equivalent to the Marine Corps Silkie Run, called the “Hump”. 22 Veterans kill themselves every day and this event is to raise awareness of that. While it’s generally 22km (13 or so miles) many of the people who participate can only complete 7miles so it rarely surpasses that. If you can’t complete all of it please come and do some. This walk is for an amazing cause and requires no registration or fees. You just show up and participate. Along with the walk a group of the Veterans will be doing a rappelling demonstration in Catamount Gap. There will be stops along the way for people to rest and catch their breath. So please come and take part, and also please share this post so we can reach as many people as possible! ❤️ #Veterans #westerncarolinauniversity #POWMIA #supportourtroops

#WhatsGood #tbt Them Catamount Days when playing ball was all that mattered #Squad #WCU #WesternCarolinaUniversity #GoCats #BeGood #StayGood

Pakoras. Always pakoras.
#bimberibon #realfeelgoodfood

Marcus Amerman, He Who Drinks the Juice of the Stone, featured in the Return from Exile exhibition. #nativeamericanart #wcufineartmuseum #westerncarolinauniversity #wnc #returnfromexile #wcu

Who's better, sociology or anthropology? I think we all know the answer.... it's whoever had the most fun at the picnic!
The picnic last night was a great success! With fun and free food all around.
Want to join us at our next meeting? We meet this coming Tuesday at 6pm in McKee 110, we are taking a trip to judacula rock. If you need a ride please message us if you need a ride!
#anthropology #anth #westerncarolinauniversity #wcu

"There are many prisons, I sense you carry yours with you wherever you go captain"

#canon #canoneos #rebelt6 #starwars #rogueone #blueridgemountains #landscape #sunset #goldenhour #westerncarolinauniversity

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