This odor free fish griller though. You can get these at most Korean markets. I've had this for 10 years ($99) and it's literally the only reason I cook fish. I used to hate warming up the oven and making two small pieces of fish. Felt like a waste of time. Oliver loves salmon so I buy the large one from Costco's and cut it into fifths and freeze three pieces and cook two. I give it to him over white rice with dribbles of soy sauce and sesame oil. He just punished two bowls. The leftover piece I usually save cold for salad, as a protein snack, hub's lunch, or Oliver's lunch. Boys both devour 고등어 (Mackerel) and I buy that fresh from Lotte - ask for it "Fish Fry" style - head off and salted. Fish is so amazing to stuff kids with and so easy with rice! I keep it frozen at all times and pull one out of the freezer at night for the next day's dinner. It locks the smell in and honestly disappears once you close the top on it. SO easy to clean - in fact I use foil and as long as it doesn't drip, the pan doesn't even need to be cleaned. It pops right out for dishwasher though. I've grilled steak and chicken in this too and it's amazing. Roasts/broils to a crisp. If you want to incorporate some fish into your family's diet - buy this now. Best investment. The dope at wedding gift (outside of cizashhh 😬) or baby shower gift. #peaceoutNemo #somethingfishy #koreansgotitbroilingon #wesosmartyo #onefishtwofishthreefishmore #foottools #foodequipment #roast

Chemical Dependency final: complete. One more final to churn out today & then a nice long break. •

@kimc_mama_of2, thank you for being my 1 woman support crew where school is involved.. I couldn't have done this without you.

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