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How heartless do you have to be to do something as cruel as this..

One thing for sure is these challenges and trials won't last in the end #WeShallOvercome no matter what🙏🏿 have this assurance today it'll be over!

Just ran into the star of BIG LITTLE LIES! #Spicey #Emmys #TrumpSux

TGIF VIBES.. I DONT REALLY CARE, IF U CRY.. PUSH ME TO THE EDGE, ALL MY FRIENDS ARE DEAD⚰️😫😅😑 ITS ONLY WATER" YA GOTTA RELAXX..🥃🚬 #relax #ontheruneating #drinkchamps #weshallovercome

...If only this was real life. #scandal #onecandream #weshallovercome 🖤

Mood.... for LIFE!!!!!! Solidarity ✊🏾✊🏽✊🏿 #WeShallOverCome


Growing up I was also very eager and happy to go to school and learn, I still am. The second I knew the answer to a question my hand went up before I could even think or hesitate. No lie. This is very embarrassing but once I even tried to check out like 10 books at once. Lord help me thinking about it now I feel very embarrassed. But Emma Watson's character Hermione gives me the motivation to tackle my anxiety and try and show my love for school as I used to. This is just one out of the million reasons why I love her so much. ❤❤

Other than my education and career one thing I'm really looking foward to in the future is having kids and teaching them about feminism. It makes me happy just thinking about it.

I aspire to be just as confident and comfortable as she is in her own body. So much love for Demi.

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