More than love for this game 🏴

Idk why I deleted it


my mom doesn’t know how to age 🦋❤️

just peachy

digitals by @smallerocean

Okay so these pictures were honestly hard for me to post. Before modeling, I really didn't like to show other people what I looked liked without makeup. I was always so self conscious about my body and the way it looked to other people.
Through modeling, I've learned not only to love my body and face but to love the person I am growing to be. Confidence is something that is so important for everyone to have. We need to love who we are on the inside and out. So post that no makeup selfie, post that picture with no filter, post those candids, post yourself. Being yourself and being proud of who you are will bring nothing but happiness to you and those around you. Start today!❤️ #loveyourself#LOVEME20
Photographer: @pjbellinger
Agency: @tatum_productions
P.S. there's a sneak peek at the end from @chaptersco shoot 😘 with amazing make up and hair by @msmorganmakeup

Nothing better than being told you look like Lizzie Bourdon 😳 #prairie
Agency: @tatum_productions
Photographer: @jennapetrie

Reminiscing being on the #beach right about now ✌🏻☀️ #photographer : @_ddeenniissee_ @jessicabennett_
#muah : @thestylemarketboise
#agency : @tatum_productions

✨Flaunt your imperfections, so then they become perfections✨

#photographer : @_ddeenniissee_ @jessicabennett_
#muah : @thestylemarketboise
#agency : @tatum_productions

I feel like I was born in the wrong era🤷🏼‍♀️ #oldfashioned
#photographer : @jennapetrie
#agency : @tatum_productions

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