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I really hate posting negativity on my fan page... it's not really me but I just wanted to get it out of my chest :).
fc; 3,991 almost 4K holy holy.
I thought I already posted this video.

hard times
i was trying out some new stuff here so i'm sorry that this is kinda sloppy 💞comment for a dt on my next edit 😁
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dt's are listed in the comments!!
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is it bad that the pink sparkly hat actually suited him


here's this i actually still like this!

collab part

hi here's this !!! weston is rlly cute okay THANK U. & thank u @strangerkoury for helping me find a vid of him winking means A LOT XOXO

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tag_ @wes10 💓💗💖💘💞💕💝

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is this nuclear strike korean thing real?? if it is, thank god je suis canadien 😅
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tag weston for a spam ❤️

Gecenin özeti... 💔 #Wes10


good morning ❤️

i'll be back to editing soon, i'm just extremely tired and exhausted today from this week.

U save me man @wes10 #wes10
Credit: @wootweston

weston check dms please !! it's ab your tour
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Good morning everyone
Tag him? ❤️

Roblox boy has a cold!! -Livy
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I made a compilation of all my photo edits so far this took me 52 hours :) -Livy
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my parents are taking forever to buy the tickets so by the time i go to get them they'll probably all be sold out
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Woooo I'm finally doing a collab again,, (ALL fandoms allowed, boys and girls)
-must be different fandoms, not two of the same.
- no square edits because it's a hassle to put together fjjddk - I will be judging based on editing ways. I'm sorry if you don't get picked don't hate me jdjdj -I'll be deciding when we have a few comments.
Part 1-
Part 2-
Part 3- @wthbeech , Loren :)) Part 4- me, Weston Koury
Part 5- @lunas.bear , Luna Blaise
Part 6- @lunaisloving , Ariel
Part 7-
Part 8-
Part 9-
Part 10-
Part 11-
Part 12-
Due in on the 19th August :)) #lunablaise #marioselman #lorengray #lorenbeech #harveycantwell #maxandharvey #babyariel #bruhitszach #markthomas #duhitzmark #brycehall #westonkoury #wes10 #jacobsartorius

Keşke geri dönsen...

Okay guys, i feel like i wanna open up to you all and tell you guys whats going on in my life. Okay so.. Im an only child.. So my whole life ive gotten lots of attention from my parents.. But ive always been a bit lonely. I was that kid growing up that would sit in the corner and color by myself instead of with my friends. Ive never been outgoing or anything. Its always been hard for me to make friends. But middle school was a different story. In 6th grade i was ugly-like super ugly, and because of that i had no friends and was bullied everyday. This past year was shit. 7th grade was horrible and i wasn't ever happy with myself. I got depressed and i skipped school at least three times a month because i hated it. Then some people came into my life- my favorite person in my world.. My gay bestfriend nick. He is the best person i know and i dont ever think our bond will be broken. But a few things happened. I had this friend for four years and we got in a fight. It was probably one of the hardest things ever. A few months ago i met my friend liv (@/sparklykoury) she was a good friend while it lasted. But our friendship became toxic and we got in a fight because i didn't like that she constantly put me down. She would say rude things about me, tell me i was stupid and annoying , and the thing that hurt me most, she told me i was fat. And me being my emotional self i took that hard.. So thats where i am now. I have my first counseling appointment on Monday and i dont know how to feel about it, but i just wanted to tell you guys this. I love you all.

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