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@adri_chimaras trying to slap her way up the impeccable stone on "Surplomb gauche" been in #font for a few days now and it's easily the best rock I've ever touched can't wait for a coupe more weeks of running around the forest! @petzl_official @evolvusa #climbingrevolution #werelost #magicalforest

How to sorority #werelost

'Incarnation' she carries sorrow and pain. In search of genuine values in humanity. Amazingness by the super talented @danielmartindiaz #danielmartindiaz #werelost #humanity

Can we start the weekend over again? 🙄 #Locals #NotReally #WereLost

Con mis primiiisssss ❤️❤️❤️❤️#puertorico #ceiba #explore #werelost #whocares @mariliana0829 @glow1220

Figuring out what to do in new york

#lastminuteroadtrip #newyork #werelost #happybirthdaytome

Yes, that's a camel. No, that picture wasn't supposed to be taken. #rogue #humpday #dayatthezoo #cameltoe #werelost

From a hazy hike #35mm #film #werelost

We could get lost chasing stars 🌌 🖤 that view!! Awesome capture by @mydetoxtravel - Exploring New Zealand with a 4wd and rooftop tent from @offtrackrentals was not only an eye opening experience but it made me push my adventuring to a whole new level. Testing the truck on the beach, crossing rivers, taking sketchy and flooded roads , setting up the tent by myself - these are things that I never thought I could do cause I thought I was not "that kind of girl" Well today I can affirm you that I am 😅 And yes, the tent takes like 10 min to set up and comes with a very comfy mattress. Okay I'm gonna stop now before I buy one of these 😭 - #newzealand #newzealandphotography #gooutside #WeReLost


Corn maze adventure #werelost

💎🥀"On vit dans une société où nos faits et gestes on été divulgué avant même d'avoir été produits. Où le secret n'existe pas. Ou la confiance n'est plus qu'un mot qui n'a plus son sens. On se perds à croire qu'on EST alors qu'on deviens simplement la vision des autres. On oublie nos valeurs parce qu'avec tout s'qui s'passe autour on s'perds à croire que leurs paroles deviennent notre personne. On se laisse aller à devenir la société. Devenir les autres. Devenir leurs paroles et leurs regards sur nous. On n'existe plus , on devient seulement. À s'faire croire qu'on est vraiment qui on est alors que nous ne sommes plus qu'un écho perdu dans le troupeau à force de s'y être rattaché. Alors que nous ne sommes que L'Ombre d'une société.."🥀💎 #lavie #echo #ombre #todayslife #lifequotes #life #howwelive #society #ourdays #sadquotes #shadowofthesociety #werelost #storylife #gaystagram #unexpected4everends

Keep moving on, life's waiting just outside the limits 🍃🌲❤ #WeReLost 📷 by @moonmountainman - Waking up early, before the rest of the group, I took the canoe out on to the completely still Missouri River and started paddling up river just as Lewis and Clark had done on May 31, 1805 while exploring the west in present day Montana. That day they reached the White Cliff (pictured). In his journal Captian Lewis wrote: "The hills and river Clifts which we passed today exhibit a most romantic appearance. The bluffs of the river rise to the hight of from 2 to 300 feet and in most places nearly perpendicular; they are formed of remarkable white sandstone which is sufficiently soft to give way readily to the impression of water."
After paddling up river for a good 20 minutes I had a deep respect for what they did and turned around to let the river take me back to camp. This is my last #montanamoment with @visitmontana I hope you enjoyed to moments and seeing a place that is rarely shared here on IG. -

Backyard🌌📷 mabye too high iso for that tree😔 -Iso: 3600, exposure: 15sec, f.3.5

#astrophotography #photography #backyard #nikond3300 #nikonphotography #milkyway #milkywaychasers #werelost @we_re_lost #finland_bynight #ksf_landscape

Eyes closed.. hands wrapped in light.. all is good. 🔥🌌 #WeReLost
📷 by @nicolas_b_ - I've always loved shooting with steel wool! However, I haven't recently taken the time to do it. This picture was captured last week with friends in Crans-Montana during a short road trip in the Swiss Alps. I know it's not the usual style of pictures I post but let me know what you think about it. I will be sharing more of this series in the near future. -

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