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When Justice Scalia died, giant corporations and their right-wing buddies spent millions to keep the Supreme Court seat open for Donald Trump. Judge Neil Gorsuch has a long, detailed record that shows he cares more about corporations than women, workers, consumers and families. I joined @prochoiceamerica & the People's Defense organizations on the Supreme Court steps this morning to kick off delivery of 1 million petition signatures for senators to oppose Judge Gorsuch. #weobject #stopgorsuch #scotus

Proud to join @ilyseh & thousands across the country to say #WeObject to Judge Gorsuch putting corporations before working families #StopGorsuch

Your senators will vote to change the rules to be able to confirm Neil Gorsuch soon — make sure they hear from you now! Link in bio. #WeObject

We're so far away from#notoriousrbg vision but that doesn't mean we can't fight like hell a nominee that will hold women back. Join us at The People's Defense (link in bio) to fight a #SCOTUS nominee more extreme than Scalia. #weobject #resist

Never dressed up so many days in a row in my life. #WeObject #Resist @lambdalegal

#Repost @MoveOn's @jamiahaniece
Clare from Chevy Chase, MD is participating in the #WeObject rally at Union Square to pressure the Senate to not consider a lifetime appointment while the administration is under investigation. #StopGorsuch #resist #ResistTrump

"Speak now or forever hold your peace.." #weddingcrashers #vsiloveyou #weobject

Sunrise on the courthouse 🌞 #weobject

Gotta #StopGorsuch. He is terrible. And he's a plagiarist. #WeObject


Keep resisting 🙌🏽 📸 by @ajcraftsandstuff #wegohighproject

Stop the madness. We must convince our representatives to step in, do the right thing, and protect our democracy. Head with a group to your Members of Congress' district offices, call your Senators, tell them you will not stand for this continued abuse of power & obstruction of justice. 📸 by @monica.cable #wegohighproject

Use 5calls.org to call your representatives and denounce the President's disclosure of classified intelligence to Russia. 🖊 by Barry Blit. #wegohighproject

No no no no no. Take us back to Texas! #springsnow #newmexico #weobject #donteatyellowsnow #orbrown #fbrntugger

"Speak now or forever hold your peace.." #weddingcrashers #vsiloveyou #weobject

Black lives matter. 📸 @berchandise by @captain_plug #wegohighproject

RESIST. Use 5calls.org and demand for the appointment of a special prosecutor for the Russia inquiry. 📸 by @deweytafoya #wegohighproject

Use 5 calls.org and demand the appointment of a special prosecutor for the Russia inquiry. Special prosecutor now! 📸 by @nytimes #wegohighproject

Last week, one of my best friends and I got to support each other's events for the first time in awhile. This gurl helped jumpstart my career in events and I'm so grateful. Also love that we make the exact same faces we did when we met 8 years ago #weobject #LibertyAwards @adrianogle

Love this drawing by @kattyaoun from the @womensmarch. A constant reminder that we fight together to protect our democracy. Use 5calls.org to call the US #DepartmentofJustice and insist on an independent special prosecutor in the wake of Comey's firing. #wegohighproject

Some inspiration for your Saturday from @ronalddraper_art. "The smile you have when you remember that you're the first artist of color to own his own gallery [#TheDraperSpace] in the Bronx...#BlackBoyJoy || This is what #LOVE looks like, get you some || dont you EVER forget that, we are fxcking #MAGIC" 📸 by @kolinmendez #wegohighproject

When you're accustomed to privilege, equality feels like oppression. 📸 by @daniellenilsen #wegohighproject

The house voted to defund @plannedparenthood & leave millions of people without care. Please call your representatives & ask them to fight for PP & healthcare for all. 📸 by @liberalresistance #wegohighproject

We will not stand for this. Use 5calls.org to share your outrage over the #AHCA passage in the House & demand that your Senator fight this bill in the Senate. 📸 by @nicolephelps #wegohighproject

Omg! Lol! @lambdalegal is amazing! #weobject #resist

It happened. Donald Trump has signed his #LicenseToDiscriminate Executive Order. You can read the full text of it at the link in our bio. This Order isn’t *explicitly* anti-LGBTQ, but it does encourage creeping theocracy which threatens many communities and the Constitution itself, and violates separation of church and state. This administration is unhinged. Actions like this, today's House passing of the AHCA and the appointment of this anti-LGBTQ cabinet keep us on high alert. The only thing that can counter this extreme fundamentalism is YOU. Show up and speak out. This is not Mike Pence's country. It’s OURS.

From our brilliant Director of Strategy, Sharon McGowan at today's DC rally against tomorrow's possible #LicenseToDiscriminate executive order. . . . . . . . . .
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