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Thank you, all my people. Thank you for coming to yetu fest. For staying till morning. For singing along. For your energy. Most of all, for all your love. We make this music for you. YOU make us. We are not who we are, without you. God bless you all. #MunguPekee #WeNeverDie 🙏🏾 🎥: @rodrick_babu

I love you London, I love you people #wearelondon #london #weneverdie #keepgoing

Mangat bawa MU nya juara yah,parkir bisnya,siap-siap😂mangat MOU 🙏👏Come on MANCHESTER UNITED #WeNeverDie 👻👻💋

Just like 4th Tracks rolling in to help with #hurricaneharvey, we continue to prove we are indominatable.
We made dozens of posts, and answered atleast a thousand DMs to help coordinate relief efforts during and after Harvey, and were starting to work the efforts for #hurricaneIrma.
And you know how much money we took for that?
We instead directed manpower, materials, and funds to those working on the ground.
But the #Zuck doesn't give a fuck about people. He just wants your money.
#fuckem #weneverdie

MoodAF! I can't believe 5000 of y'all fck with the @spiritedxkulture campaign! Today feels glorious so shouts out to you for choosing you. I appreciate all of you. All of your questions, stories, love, journeys and spirits are so real and raw and beautiful and I just have to thank you for sharing them with me. Each one teach one, so may we continue to share with each other. Okay now! I wish you all the best as we keep living towards our full poetential. Thank you for being a part of my dream and allowing me to be a part of yours. It's all love! Let's grow and glow baby! #spiritedxkulture #updere #ripdickgregory #thedreampushesforward #weneverdie

Btw, for the upcoming eclipse, I challenge you ALL to 60 seconds of deep breathing between today and Tuesday. I know you can do it 😉

Thank you cici2 n kawan2 buat sminggu lebih yang udah berjuang keras buat aesclep. Tahun depan lebih tadam lagi ya!
#aesclepius #weneverdie #iamproudtobe

It was fuckin' lethal 😳#weneverdie


I'm very sad Charles Bradley left earth for another mission. He died at age 68 young. I had the pleasure of meeting him before stardom at Tip top bar and Essence lounge when it was hood in Bedstuy Brooklyn and during the highest point of his career signed to #daptone. His last months on earth I was able to wait his table and received the most beautiful deepest hug! He also told me about his cancer and i started crying..I was blessed to receive his touch..we will miss you Charles Bradley❤🎶🎵Congratulations you moved to a better state of living. #charlesbradley #flyfree #weneverdie #awakeningtime #musiclivesforever #soulmusic #welovecharlesbradley #youllbemissed #keepsinging #nomorepain #heavyweightgone #daptonerecords

Construction work in progress at Old Trafford. 7th July 1963. 🔨🎥🏗🏟 🙏❤️❤️🔥 #weneverdie #mufc #redarmy .
And today #oldtrafford
ملعب الفخامه والاحلام ب ١٩٦٣ والان " فخامه الاسم تكفي #مانشستريونايتد

R.I.P to my man Cedric mom passed away yesterday. My condolences.#weneverdie

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