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Expanding on this a bit: I post this because most folks use “I’m blessed” or “I’m healed” as a form of denial to avoid the fact that they they have issues that need addressing. Most Christians say “I’m blessed” but struggle with admitting they need help.

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We are kicking off a new four week series tonight! Hope to see you at 7pm!! #BetterthanOne #WeNeedPeople #John21

Spreading the word. The hospital is putting up a fight to take this baby’s ventilator off and refusing his parents a transfer to another hospital. Despite of him moving, stretching, sneezing, smiling. All of this is captured in video for all of us to see that there is life left in this baby. Let’s unite and fight for his life. @alfiesarmy #savealife #prayers #prayerrequest #prayersrequested #love #faith #savealfieevans #support #prayersrequests #help #soapcommunity #baby #needshelp #godanswersprayers #prayers #weneedpeople #topray


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Kwenye maisha kuna watu unakutana nao au unakua nao na hufanikiwi ng'o once ukibadilisha wale watu unashangaa Mungu anavyoanza kukubariki na kufungua milango yako .
When you get people who energize, inspiring and support you never leave them😍😍😍😍, .
Happy End month🔥🔥🔥 #nobodyissuccesfullalone #weneedpeople #people

I did promise myself to be completely honest in this journey and fight the insta-urge to only post the romantic and inspirational days. So here’s today’s reality...... I’m off work, on the sofa with a hot water bottle and medicated to the higher limits of recommended dosages. I have endometriosis and although it’s never been the official diagnosis of my infertility, the fact that I’m walking around with scar tissue attached to all sorts of internal organs due to a number of surgeries to remove the horrible stuff might have something to do with my womb not being the most hospitable environment. Can I say firstly that the NHS are incredible. I’ve struggled with periods forever and it would have been easy for Drs to have dismissed my complaints as the melodrama of a weak girl but I’ve had some brilliant medical professionals who have listened to me, heard me and acted on it. I’d also like to say that endometriosis is a horrible horrible condition but can be managed and a lot can be done to make your life a little easier so if you have been struggling with your cycle and it’s stealing from your life, go and talk to a Dr - my general experience is that they would love to help. (Obviously I am talking about a certain kind of pain here - the pass out at work, body goes into shock- vomit from the intensity kind of pain>for all you lucky pop a paracetamol and scoff a bar of chocolate types - that’s the dream - suck it up buttercup 😜). So although surgery has changed my life and my sickness record, once in a blue moon Endo gets one up on me. I didn’t know going into the first stage of IVF that the drugs you take to suppress your cycle can exaggerate the symptoms of Endo but here I am (I know now!) and I’ll get through it. I’m just again struck by the power of community and allowing people into our stuff. I’ve had work colleagues pick me up off the floor (embarrassing 😩), I’ve had encouraging texts and messages wishing me well and I’ve had this little care package from my family to get me through the next few days. I can’t imagine how I would have navigated this difficult experience without the love and support of people. People are my favourite!

CAREER&LIFE. One of the keys to success in your career and in your life is to build and maintain a support system. You cannot do it all on your own. Network and build relationships based on trust with like-minded people. 💋

Going through a trial this week, it's so so great to stand back and just think about every person who has taken the time to encourage me, say a prayer or express their compassion. Thank you my peoples, near and far for standing with me in faith. My heart truly thanks the Lord for placing y'all in my life. #weneedpeople #friendships #strengthenedbyprayer

Thinking in extremes impacts how we feel and act. When I’m working with clients around changing their unhelpful beliefs, there is a tendency to swing completely over to the opposite belief, and that isn’t helpful either!

For example, you might have the belief that if someone loves you/cares about you/is a good friend/partner that they should drop everything in their life to take care of you when you need them. Many people have this belief and I think it’s an especially damaging one to have because I have seen how this one plays out so. many. times. (I’ll go into how in another post. For those who are curious, though, the end result is that we end up resenting and pushing people away - the opposite of what we want!)

Let’s take a step back for a second and orient ourselves to a healthier version of this belief: “At the end of the day, we are ultimately the only ones who can make decisions that take care of and protect ourselves. The people I love/who love me will do their best to help me when they can. I can ask for help and they have the right to respond with ‘I can’, ‘I can’t’, or ‘I can help in this alternative way or at this alternative time, would that help?’. I also have the right to respond to people in this way. When people can’t, it doesn’t mean people are abandoning me, it doesn’t mean they don’t hurt for me, it doesn’t mean they don’t care about me, it means they can’t. I can get through painful and distressing moments on my own and be flexible and open to when people can help me with them. If I can’t get through the moment without hurting myself further, I will get professional help.”

NOW this belief is pretty balanced, as in it is somewhere in the middle on the spectrum between the extreme “I absolutely need people as soon as I feel pain because I can’t handle it myself” and the other extreme “I can’t depend on anyone, I don’t need anyone, and I deal with everything alone”. Both of those extremes will damage us.

If this resonates with you, write down your version of the balanced, in the middle, belief, as well as some things you can do to take care of yourself until others can help and read it to remind yourself during the tough moments.

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No fim, é só a gente com a gente mesmo! Por isso, precisamos de pessoas queridas para nos encorajar a chegar até o fim!

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You and I can never be the kind of people God wants us to be on our own. We all need people who are teaching us, sharing their lives with us, investing in us, and encouraging us to grow.
We need to learn from at least 4 different kinds of people to be all that God calls us to be:
1. Mentors - coaches
2. Role models - people who are already doing or have already done what you want to do.
3. Partners - people to support and challenge us on what God wants to do through our life.
4. Friends - still love you even when you mess up; walks in your life when everyone else walks out.
Living life solo isn't just lonely; it works against God's design for us.
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