I can't handle this. @danhowellomg you were one of my faves you are so amazing and I miss you Louise. :'( #wemissyoulouise

Can't believe anyone in this fandom would be driven to give up an account which had such an Inspiration, Louise inspired so many of us to join the phandom fully by making a fan account and now those same people have driven her away from hers. Love you louise, please come back🙏💖😭 #wemissyoulouise

#wemissyoulouise :3 Pls repost! COME BACK PLSSS

I don't know you, Louise but I love your account and I'm sure you don't deserve any of the hate you've gotten ⭐ please come back ✨ I know many people didn't care about it much before you left and I didn't really notice either but I wish I had 😔✨

#wemissyoulouise PLEASE COLE BACK YOUR ACCOUNT IS ACTUALLY AMAZING AND WE ARE ALL HERE FOR YOU and we all love you so much💝<3 @danhowellomg

I'm not sure what is going on, but anyway.
I cant believe that she's left, she's so amazing and fab♡ We used to speak quite a bit and I remember the whole 'cridit crew' thing and it was hilarious! She was lovely and all this and idek what's gone on as I haven't been on this account much but yanno.
#wemissyoulouise x

#wemissyoulouise we'll miss u!

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