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I've never been one to post anything super mushy, so get ready... This man has seen me through some pretty tough times (esp this year). He lets me ugly cry on his shoulder. He keeps it real with me even when I don't want to hear it. He makes me laugh all the time (even when I'm mad at him). He's the most supportive person I know, and continues to push me to be great...Long story not so short- Ladies, get yourself a Steven English 😉 Happy Anniversary, boo! #3years #wemetontinder 📸: @malhall

4 years ago today I traveled to Charlotte with my friend Megan to FINALLY meet this guy I'd been chatting with on tinder (yes we met on tinder 🤣) for about a month. I really didn't want a long distance relationship but I figured it couldn't hurt to just go meet him to see if he was worth it (plus Charlotte has an IKEA so we knew it wouldn't be a wasted trip!) Well long story short but he was definitely worth the trip and worth the long distance for that first year. 4 years later and we are married with the sweetest baby boy. So thank you tinder for introducing me to my hubby and thank you Eric for being my Prince Charming 😍😍#wemetontinder #swipedright #bosticpartyof3

"You went on ten Tinder dates in one month?" he asked, his eyes looking just past my shoulder. I cleared my throat. "Yes," I said finally. I'll admit, halfway through the project I felt the realization that everyone must have had of me: girl goes on ten Tinder dates in one month. “What. Is. Her. Deal.” I can't tell you what overcame me. But maybe it was a combination of things. Like instead of a drug cocktail, I was pumped full of emotions: anger, sadness, loneliness. Anger kept me up at night. To keep with the theme, I guess you could say the anger was my Adderall. And damn did that anger keep me wired. I didn't sleep. I just wrote. I wrote all the time. I wrote five pages in fifteen minutes and it always felt like I was churning out my best work. I would press the pen, gripping it against my calloused ring finger and write. The sadness was my whiskey sour. And you know what they say about mixing your alcohol with your Adderral. It's dangerous business. So while I was writing and turning page after page of things that I thought were my masterful works of art: I cried. I cried everyday until I realized I hadn’t gone a day without crying. Tears just flowed out of me as easily as breathing. Sometimes I didn’t even notice. It was that inherent. Then add loneliness on top of that. Loneliness here will be social media. Because yes, social media is a drug. And yes, my wired, whiskey sour filled body was a mess because of the swipes and the likes and the views. The views man, they were the real killer. People were always watching.
Even though I was on my own form of emotion cocktail, I did have a plan. Because you don't go on ten Tinder dates in one month without a plan, without a goal. See, I had one. I had rules and guidelines. I had a pitch. I had an outline. I had everything except what I wanted.
The guy looked back at me. I could see his expression on his face as the bar lights turned back on. "So did you meet someone?" he asked.

The music went quiet. Everyone in the bar started to herd out from the entrance. I looked towards the exit. I’d written everything except the ending. I looked back at him.
It was the question everyone wanted to know.

2 years ago I got super liked on tinder, they got the algorithm right y'all 👽 #wemetontinder #swiperight

Gotta treat your boys right🎿👅 nah mean? #wemetontinder

This kids fortune teller said I would fall in love with a dead rat. #glowup #husbandgoals #wemetontinder

It's official!!! We're engaged!! What a surprise 😍😍😍 #WeMetOnTinder #SoonToBeMrsCurrie

joyeux anniversaire mon amour.. i love you with my heart and soul #shes21 #wemetontinder

I'm the girl, the girl who has everything.
thank you @annaliseholmes for such beautiful photos.


2.5 years with the finest fella in KC. Love you, @jxmoss! 😍😘💖 so happy we could celebrate with @nickofferman at his FULL BUSH tour at the @uptowntheaterkc!! 💕
#finefellafriday #iloveyou #wemetontinder #fullbush

WE MET ON TINDER WINS THE CHAMPS: TAKE 2! Proud to captain this bunch of winners into another amazing season! ⚽️🏆🏅 #weMetOnTinder #soccerChamps #voloCity

Do you think he’ll make it past customs? I want to take him home 😍 #phillipisland #animalpark #kangaroo #bestmate #wemetontinder #loveatfirstsight ⛅️ 💕

I had a really great weekend. Him working week on/week off puts a lot of conversations on pause. Serious conversations we don’t want to have over the phone, have to wait until he comes back from work. Little fights, talking about our future, what we want in life, moving in. All of it gets put on pause and has to get picked back up again once he’s able to come back into town. But this weekend we were able to spend good quality time together, he surprised me with a hotel room and a fancy dinner where I tried duck for the first time. We applied for and are hoping to get our first apartment, and we were able to talk about a lot of things we’ve been putting off. It was nice, and though we were lazy and just hung out all weekend, I feel like we were really productive relationship wise. I love this man, and he’s really good at making me feel special ❤️ ________________________________________
#OldPic #ButTheSmilesAreTheSame #LoveThisMan #Bf #Boyfriend #LongDistance #LDR #LongDistanceRelationship #HopefullyNotForLong #MyFuture #Surprise #Special #iMissYouAlready #HesGoodToMe #Happy #Love #Weekend #MyPerson #OilRigWorker #OilRig #Ak #WeMetOnTinder #Home #Lazy #HeadOverHeals #WorthIt #NerdsInLove #GoodTimes #MakingMemories #AllSmiles

So... We're engaged. @ssssssthr #truelove #wemetontinder

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