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why my friends are damn so gorgeousss 👯🔥 happy birthday tay tay!! #birthdayparty #weloveyoutaylor

All the swifties we love you and we support you, in the good and bad moments, always. Taylor Alison Swift, we love you ❤ @taylorswift . .
#weloveyoutaylor #istandwithtaylorswift #staystrongtaylor

#staystrongtaylor #istandwithtaylor #weloveyoutaylor #istandwithtaylorswift
Btw. Is anyone know something about the USA? I have to do a project in the school. If you know something pls comment or DM me. Thank you 💓⛈

@taylorswift I know these upcoming two weeks are going be a rough time for you.So I hope you remember that us, Swifties will forever be by your side.I've been with you since Tim Mc Graw was released.You inspired me to be who I am and taught me to stay true to myself and to be different.And I promised to be there with you through thick and thin.No one deserves to be treated the way you've been treated.You deserved every happiness this world could give.It breaks my heart when I see media and haters portraying you as a greeedy b*** and a selfless person.When people bashed you for not speaking up,at least you still show your generousity by donating and reaching out to them in private which shows that you're not an attention seeker like people labeled you and a greedy person.Hard to take it in the fact that those people never speak out when it comes to you.I decided to stay with you because of your character.You're human,you made mistakes but instead of regretting you take that mistake as a fuel for your journey and learn from all the mistakes you've made.You did not only say you cared for your fans but proved it.I hope you keep on being the girl I knew.The girl who flips her hair and the girl who shows love hand sign to her beloved fans.The girl who stood up for herself and stay true to her roots.The girl who loved her fans and thanked them everytime she received an award.I don't know what my life would be without you.Your music has been always there to ease my pain and showed me that it's ok to make mistakes and taught me that heartbreak could be portrayed into masterpiece.Thank you for being an amazing and wonderful person.Hoping to meet you one day.So proud the fact that you did not stand up only for yourself but for all the people who have been sexually mistreated.Stay Strong and Keep Holding On.One day this world will know who you truly are.I love you and even though i know my message might not be reach out to you.I hope our messages reach out to you.Good luck on the trial and I hope you'll win the victory that you deserve.My thoughts,hearts and prayers are with you.Love You Xoxo - Your Beloved Fan David

We never go out of style 🎶
Love this performance so much!!! 💖
#taylorswift #tswift #taylorforeverandalways #istandwithtaylor #weloveyoutaylor

I hope the people in that office keep doing these. It will help Taylor a lot. ❤❤ #taylorswift #staystrongtaylor #weloveyoutaylor #istandwithtaylor

She has a lot of beautiful dresses #weloveyoutaylor #Taylorswift

They are the hunters we are the foxes! 🐺
QOTD: Fav Miley Cyrus song(s)?
ME: Wrecking Ball, We Can't Stop

I'm so proud of Taylor for standing up against sexual assault. She so rightly deserved the unanimous decision and that $1! Thank you Taylor for standing up for women and I love you and will always support you❤️
Please comment requests!
No videos are mine unless I say so.
#taylorswift #redtour #22 #istandwithtaylor #weloveyoutaylor


Taylor's been so active on tumblr, I wish she was just as active on instagram too
The old taylor is so not dead. -
[⁉]#qotd : Shake it off or LWYMMD? [▶]#aotd : Shake it Off [♬]#sotd : Boom Clap -
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My best friend is in New Zealand skiing, and I'm really jealous. I've literally done nothing this holiday. Also do you guys want to see a swiftie room tour? 💗🌨
@taylorswift @taylornation @bigmachinerecords @scottborchetta #reputation #1989 #red #speaknow #fearless #istandwithtaylor #weloveyoutaylor #lookwhatyoumademedo #areyouready #australia #swiftie #taylorswift #taylornation #bigmachinerecords #vevo #shakeitoff

♥️♥️♥️ Qotn: ready for it or lwymmd?
Aotn: ready for it
#weloveyoutaylor #taylorswift #taylorstaystrong #fearless #speaknow #red #1989 #reputation #cds #swiftie #swifties #swiftietag

"Broke your heart I'll put it back together!❤️" #howyougetthegirl #weloveyoutaylor #reputation #lwymmd #readyforit #swifties 👑

#Kaylor forever! I love them both so much!! To cuuuute❤️❤️ #weloveyoutaylor #reputation #swifties #kaylor

One of my favourite songs from 1989! It's so underrated!😕 #weloveyoutaylor #reputation #swifties ❤️

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