Finally our babies get to bond together again!! @giagoodvibes 🤗💙🤗💙 Jonah was super excited to see his kuya Xander that he ran so fast to give him a nice big warm hug!! The boys had so much fun and played for hours until Xan passed out in Jonah’s lil tent 😂 which you’ll see in the end lol 😴⛺️ it’s actually pretty cool in there 😝 #bestbuds #weloveyoujonah 😘♥️😘♥️

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DANI !! 💜✨ we thank you for being part of our lives and creating music to make us happy🌺🦒 we love you giraffe 🦒🌺 we hope you continue doing what you do and your life continues on♥️🔻 have a good year being 19 ✨✨💙( just notice I skipped 22 😂😂) •

@keriseavey @imzachherron @seaveydaniel @whydontwemusic @corbynbesson @jonahmarais @jackaverymusic @tylercv @candicepillay @anna.seavey @keriseavey @beautychickee @barackobama @beyonce #happybirthday #danielseavey #zachherron #corbynbesson #jonahmarais #jackavery #whydontwe #weloveyoudaniel #weloveyouzach #weloveyoucorbyn #weloveyoujonah #weloveyoujack #weloveyouwhydontwe 💙💙🦒✨♥️

This time next week,
I hope to be meeting you.
Let’s go Baby Boy 🤞🏾 👶🏾
#pleasedonthurtmetoobad #dontripmyvagina #dontleavemewithacottagecheesetummy #begentlewithmommy #weloveyoujonah

ok... Jonah's turn. that ... person... who thinks so fully of herself and asks him to leave the picture?! girl you good. Jonah is so talented, such a nice person who SO MANY people would die to take a picture with him and his band. why would you not want such a good looking person in your picture. LIKE LOOK AT THAT FACE! AND THE HAIR. like you should think of others feelings before you just put people down. it kind of like saying pretend you are Jill. your "friends" say oh Jill come here we need a picture. you fix your hair all nice for the picture then one of the girls in you "fired" group docent like you then asks you to leave. like bro. I hope she felt ashamed after what she has done. don't over estimate your self. be a Jonah, selfless, amazing, and just a wonderful person.

This is so messed up! I’m crying over this video! I love them so much! Corbyn like seriously! He’s so amazing and funny! And so Talented! Why don’t we wouldn’t be the same without Corbyn or jonah! Or the others! I love them all so much! And I would die to take a picture with them! Even if I didn’t take with all of them! We’re limelight guys! I will ALWAYS SUPPORT them trough every single decision they make! They don’t deserve this seriously @trl! So mean @seaveydaniel @jonahmarais @imzachherron @corbynbesson @jackaverymusic #respectwhydontwe #weloveyoucorbyn #weloveyoujonah #weloveyouzachary #weloveyoudaniel #weloveyoujack #limelight

#ilovejonahbecause He is so sweet, funny and kind. Jonah cares about others and we all know he will always be there for us. Jonah is so funny, he makes us all laugh even when we don't want to. ! #weloveyoujonah •~E

Hate makes me angry and sad.
Love makes me lucky and happy.
What is better? I think LOVE . STOP THE HATE. -
Credit and thx to @seavvey.wdw and @wdw.german
#jonahdeservesbetter #stopthehate #weloveyoujonah #jonahmarais @jonahmarais -
@whydontwemusic @imzachherron @corbynbesson @seaveydaniel @jonahmarais @jackaverymusic

This person makes me mad... how can you call yourself a fan when you ask one of the members to leave the group picture... I love you Jonah stay happy😊😊❤❤ #jonahdeservesbetter #weloveyoujonah credits to @honeyseavey

I fell in love with these boys as soon as I lay my eyes on them 😍😍
#whydontwestolemyheart #weloveyoujack #weloveyoudaniel #weloveyoujonah #weloveyouzach #weloveyoucorbyn

Posting this cuz how can anyone disrespect/unappreciate this beautiful human being❤ @jonahmarais// #jonahmarais #danielseavey #jackavery #corbynbesson #zachherron #whydontwemusic #whydontwe #weloveyoujonah

This is unfortunately true.Jonah is so unappreciated.He deserves the same love all of the boys do and it hurts when people like Jonah only because he's freaking lifting his shirt to clean his sweat,like really??!!WTH!!??I love Jonah the same as I love Jack,Daniel,Zach, and Corbyn.They should all have the same appreciation.It annoys me when fans just like them for their looks.That is not a real fan at all,THAT IS A FAKE FAN.That is like so low.Repost this with the #weloveyoujonah to show that we really love Jonah.Jonah is absolutely amazing.His happy attitude reflects on others.His smile lights up a whole room. When he sings,I immediately am in a happy attitude.Theres not really that many words to describe him or the boys.I know i may sound cliche af but there really isn't words to describe how talented and amazing they are.I love them and I hate when some of their so called 'fans'like them but only because of their looks.Woah I just realized how much I typed...oh well. #weloveyoujonah @jonahmarais @imzachherron @jackaverymusic @corbynbesson @seaveydaniel @whydontwemusic

Happy birthday to my gorgeous son Jonah. Always guaranteed to be pushing the boundaries and keeping life interesting @jm.darling #weloveyoujonah #twentytwo #letthegamesbegin

Loose Meat 🌭

Hoffentlich gefällt's euch😁

#weloveyoujonah #weloveyouiblali #thebest

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