Omg my aunt lives in Atlanta, Georgia, she invited me to go for vacations but I didn't go and now Hailey is there haha fml but srsly I would go to try to find her if I had the chance ;(

Babies in Atlanta, Georgia ❤👫 #justinbieber #haileybaldwin

Lily is so pretty 💗 #Lilycollins

I love his arm around her 💘 #justinbieber #haileybaldwin

A REAL WOMAN 🔥 ps: your fiance is so fucking lucky. @justinbieber you won

Hottest besties 🔥 ps: Joe and Justin are both SO lucky #haileybaldwin #justinbieber

Future wifey looking radiant 💚🔥 #haileybaldwin

See the reaction of so many fans who meeting Justin and Hailey and seen how happy they are, healthy, carefree, so happy and in love with each other mmmm SO ENGAGED living their best lives. It makes me extremely happy. For all these people who throw shit all the time on them. They are happy they have a powerful connection with each other they do not need anything more than each other. Love wins. Always ☺ God bless you! #haileybaldwin #justinbieber

Jailey today ❤🔥 #justinbieber #haileybaldwin

miss that day #haileybaldwin

Justin deserves better and more thoughtful friends

those lips omg 🔥🔥 #haileybaldwin #weloveyouhailey

She is so beautiful I love her


my sunshine 💙☀️

they look so good together

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