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Happy Birthday To You @fzaofficial 💙💘may all ur dreams and wishes come true enjoy your day sweetie #WeLoveYouFZA ❤️ ‪Mutlu Yıllar PeriKızı‬

Old but new 😍 | Everyone loves a turkish girl! 😊 So sweet! 🌸 Our lovely Farah. 😋💕 |#farahzeynepabdullah #queen #farahist #weloveyoufza #everyonelovesaturkishgirl ♡|

Farah, Happy Birthday||
Firstly, I love your Smile 🌸. Secondly you are always amazing what you do what you say you are amazing

Aylin is beautiful like a flower because you are the one who let's see this beauty
Şura was so soft and Hatice was so funny, Farya was so brave and Eylül was hopeful as you, but you are gorgeous in my eyes and in my heart too
how can you be so talented like that, how can you be so incredible.
How can you be so gorgeous and do these things.
Do you know why?... Because you see through your heart, your pure soul... your heart is beautiful enough to be your eye

And of course you know your name means the Joyful and you are the most one who deserve this name this name isn't only a name it's what exactly you are

you are a idol and you are the one in my heart ❤, you are my everything, you are a wonderful girl,
I don't know how to say how much I love, even if I describe it, but you won't know, and you don't know how much the people love you and see you fantastic,

All of your fans see you beautiful and young even if you grow up will stay the youngest and the best, and of course the one and only in the heart

I hope all your dreams will come true
Keep going, dear
All your fans will be always with you and guess what there is a little surprise 🙈, I hope you read my words, to feel the same feel with me and with all of your fans 😚|| Mutlu Yıllar Peri Kızı @fzaofficia #weloveyoufza

Farah 😎✌
She started with short hair 💇, but she was so pretty in the blond hair 💁 but she still pretty.. 💕, and she was so sweet in the cover of Instyle magazine
Instyle 11/16 👏👏
Have a wonderful day dear friends 💕💕
Photo? Tag || mention 😚😚
#fza #farahist #weloveyoufza #Farahzeynepabdullah.. #goodevening


I am going to make edits today to have enough on my phone during schooltime too, that starts for me in 2 weeks😢 I still have so many unposted ones, I just want it to be truly enough to survive with for a few months, due to I have no idea how much school will influence my free time.
My question is: What would you like to see on my account more?🙉
1. Collages (Only Şura)
2. Collages (Şura&Seyit)
3. Single photos (Only Şura)
4. Single photos (Şura&Seyit)
5. Blended graphic edits (Only Şura)
6. Blended graphic edits (Seyit&Şura)
7. Şura (&Seyit) with other characters?

Please do not request videos, because I can post them only occasionally and edit them when I have time and mood, and to write translation and also if I have an idea what to even post.》 #farahzeynepabdullah #kurtseyitveşura
#kurtseyitvesura #farahzeynep #fza #farahist #faraholic #suraedits #suraverjenskaya #alexandraverjenskaya #fzaedit #dailyfza #fzaofficial #weloveyoufza #weloveyoufarah #bikucukeylulmeselesi #kösem #unutursamfisilda #eksielmalar #kelebeginruyasi #netflix #muhtesemyuzyilkosem #myykosem #netflixandchill #oylebirgecerzamanki #kivançtatlitug #kivanctatlitug

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