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Ariana's cutest performance ever, her vocals are amazing here and I'm so in love with her😍• @arianagrande #arianagrande

Da vocals are real 🔥 #arianagrande

when you have a photoshoot but also a slumber party right after it 😂❤ @arianagrande

behind the scenes of Love Me Harder😍😍 #arianagrande #weloveyouariana @arianagrande -M

happy birthday chloe! i don't know how to explain how much you mean to me bc no words can describe the love i have for you. you're my world and i'd do anything in my power to keep that pretty lil smile on your face. i wanna thank you, because even through everything that we've been through, you've never given up on me. i need you to know that i'm never leaving you. i love you so much it's insane. you've always been my light. you were there for me when nobody was and i'm forever grateful. i'm not me without you. you keep me sane. i hope you have the best birthday ever because you deserve it more than anyone. i love you so much. 💗💌💐💝💘💞💐💌💕💘💗💝💌💐 @lavendernonna

I need this in my life RN! #arianagrande#arimoji @arianagrande

Lowkey forcing myself out of artblock jsnsjksnssj #wip @arianagrande (Don’t mind the second picture i just liked the lighting)



I wonder what Ariana will be for Halloween this year. I hope she does a couple costume with Mac like she did last year, they're so cute😩


for @xfadedtears bc they are a legend

Good morning babes I have to go to school now I’ll be active when I’m home 🌙♡ @arianagrande
(@dangerous_ari93 )
#arianagrande #ariana #arianators #dangerouswomantour #ari #honeymoontour #victorious #moonlight #justinbieber #macmiller #weloveyouariana

Who wants to be a main?💕

i love her more than anything in this world 💗💗

ೃ༄what’s your favorite color?🙊💕
-follow us for a follow back♡
||she looks so confused😍😂
#arianator #arianagrande #weloveyouariana @arianagrande

I still don't know what I want to be for Halloween I got an idea for my friends party though that's this weekend but it's very simple i need something AMAZING for Halloween any ideas?💛

Heey gaalss❤️god im so sorry I’m so inactive these days but I’m so busy with school...like rn I’m learning maths bc i write an exam tomorrow...it’s been like 3 hours and im still learning😫but glad that this is the last week then 2 weeks holidays🙌🏼yuss i can be active again🌩I love y’all so much and i hope you’ll understand and respect😊❤️ #arianagrande @arianagrande

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