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Omg throwback to those days Ari sang Disney songs in car and snaped that 😍😭 (guys don't worry she wasn't crying she only had tears in her eyes because she laughed a lot) 💜 It has only been one of Ari's most important things to sing but right now she isn't really able anymore 😞💜 Always remember her beautiful smile and laugh with what she always made us so happy with but now it's our turn to smile for her and for Manchester 💜 Let's spread love and positivity to get out through this hard time 💜
Video credits goes to "Kylizzle Snapchizzle" on YouTube

Comment "💜" if you love Ariana Grande Butera
I love her to da moon and back 🌙 she's my everything and will be forever, I will support her till I die and after, she's an inspiration for me and I'm so happy to call her my idol and also proud because she's the best idol ever 🌌
@arianagrande #weloveyouariana #wewanthappiana #smileagainariana #happiana

Can we just go back to way it was?☁️🌙 @arianagrande

We're Arianators forever and we'll stay together💛 #SmileAgainAriana #WeLoveYouAriana

As you already know I'm really sad about what happened..so here is a drawing inspired by @arainaigrande 's edit 💜 i literally can cry all the time 💔 well, tell me what u think about this drawing and about this whole situation. The world sucks. Some people in this world sucks. And all because of the fucking money. Anyways, @arianagrande I love you 💜 We all love you 💜 #hopingforbetterdays

This is amazing ! I've seen so many tattoos being done ! I've got one ( it's not real :( ) you can see it on my story ! I'm still feeling upset but better as ari has posted which has given me ..... Hope I guess ?
She is our light of guidance and now it's time to be hers !
I want to go up to Manchester but It may be a bit too far ? I'd also like to plan a London meet up but I'm not sure ATM it's just a idea ?????? Idk ? Anyways stay strong and believe in ahimsa ( non violence ) ily !!☺️ I'm always here to talk and pray and listen to y'all ! ✌️ #arianagrande #weloveyouariana


Ariana, you are so strong
I look up to you on so many ways it's hard to name them all, but one of those reasons is because your strong. You don't give up. You fight for what you believe in. And you don't let fear win. We all love you so much Ari. And I support your decisions completely. Through thick and thin I'll be there. And so will all of us arianators! #weloveyouariana

Ariana has donated 1 million dollars 💵 to the victims of the attack last Monday donated the profits of 'One Last Time' and also announces that it returns to Manchester to give a concert to benefit without doubt is the best 💕😍🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

morning babes ♡ it's 8:32 am where I live and I'm still sleepy but excited because I'm going to San Francisco today ! 💕🍂💕🍂💕
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's post 👼🏻
post spam.
(Non potete spammare,sono solo post creati per far finire il tema più in fretta).
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'Baby I' is one of my faves💓
This song is reminding me how cute/talented Ariana is, every time I'm listening to it my mood is getting better because it's the cutest song and I just love it so much❤️
@arianagrande #weloveyouariana #wewanthappiana #happiana

D2- selfie
She is so beautiful, inside and out💜💜💜 #weloveyouariana #selfie #beautiful #arianagrande @arianagrande

so goals ✨♡ like really #WeLoveYouAriana @ArianaGrande

Hi babes🌌
I'm Alessia * @thisophelia *
I actually had an other backup account ( @arianagrianides ) but i dont get logged in so i turned my selena fanpage into my new backup account.🌌
I would be really happy if you maybe could turn on my post notifications here and on @thisophelia and stay active.
If you stay active, i will stay active too.💜love you all sm❤
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