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•Un vampiro è già senz'anima, quindi sa già cos'è la morte•

#Cluj #AvramIancu #Vsco #WeLoveTransylvania #🇷🇴

Dracula's family castle. My baby girl libby climbed up the 2 kilometre mountain walk to reach here and over an open sided wooden bridge to reach it. @lkdown so proud of her as she is terrified of heights 😄😄😄😄 #instatrip #dracula #vladtheimpaler #instapic #ig_transylvania # #welovetransylvania #ilovetransylvania #instatrip #instatravel #happyday #igerseurope #castle #dreamcometrue #romania 😍😍 sadly beyond my capabilities to do it 😕😯

My home away from home, very close to the Hungarian boarder this city, even though rather small has a lot of things to offer for a long weekend ❤️🌿

"Vers l'infini et au-delà" #welovetransylvania

1st of March! Our way of saying: Hello, spring! #crosscountryfarm #welovehorses #welovetransylvania #weridetransylvania


After many years Oradea Citadel opened its doors to visitors

Colors and layers and textures

Wait, where is this again? Yup, Oradea is a beautiful hidden gem in the West part of Romania you should definitely get to see

Oradea's current architecture is a mix of Communist-era apartment buildings, mainly in the outer quarters, and beautiful historical buildings that are remnants of the era when the city was part of Austria-Hungary. In addition to many Baroque buildings, Oradea is remarkable for its particularly rich collection of Art Nouveau architecture. Which makes it a pleasure to stroll its streets

The Roman Catholic Cathedral in Oradea is Romania's largest Baroque religious edifice, surrounded by a lovely and quiet park, perfect for spending relaxing moments in nature

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