Finally on kickstarter the deck @antivecards. One of the first deck who I had belive in. If you like this deck like me support it and share to your friends. If you have a magicshop in the world and belive in this cards like me contact the page to have a stock

Peep that new cut 👀 I call it Youth, hopefully this name isn’t taken yet! Tell me what you think!🤗

There is no good or bad weather,
Only unique weather.

Facing the storm.

Check out more on my portfolio, link is in bio.

Snap change.

What move to learn next? 🤔

Own perspective.

A deck of cards begins to matter just at the moment where it is picked up by an artist.

@joefldpsch have you ever made a shot and then after you realized it wasn't a good angle so you have to redo it?
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Magic? or Cardistry? 🤔

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