Always look behind you 👀🤣

Bush dog!

Good morning, here’s a happy Monday walk!

Weekend fun..

Ready for tonight's service!
Eat in, take away or delivery available until 10pm!

www.casapizzeria.co.uk or call 01843226852 👌

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Rain doesn’t stop play!

Just a small obstacle in the way!

Getting ready for our popular wet look... 🌧 🌧 🌧 😩

☔️ 🐾 I’m glad I’m back inside after my walk!

This boy loves playing ball.. he intentionally bops it back to us so we can throw it again and he’s a great shot!

Hey hey, Friday is nearly here 😃

And we are flying!!!

Oh those eyes! 🥺

Viszla’s. A touch of ginger to warm your cockles!

Misty and damp but nothing holds us back!

I’ve got this .. no I’ve got it!

I really don’t fancy giving the ball back right now!

How high?!

How lucky were we to catch a sunny gap in the weather

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