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Me: What pose should I do?
Clar: Do a yoga pose!
Me: I don't know any yoga pose!
Clar: Do this!
Me: Okay!
And there I have, a so-called yoga pose, which might not even be legit. 📸: @clarisekho

loved this dress the most during the holiday season 🙏🏼✨ @blackmilkclothing

My 200 custom came in the nail this week! Thank you @edenhollis for making it all happen so quick! #bmcustom @blackmilkclothing #blackmilkclothing

Our new girlband hahaha! Fun photo times with @nicshaan 💙❤️ all dressed up to be emcees for @nicoleandrea.t 's wedding last night 😁 #blackmilkclothing

Happy May the 4th! 💙everyone's fave droids


I really wanted to fit into this tunnel at the paint ball place. I love how the photo turned out. Thank you @jfullarton1 to putting up with my weirdness. #bmcthulhuplaydress

Had the best day today! Did photoshoots with @merlynsparks then went to ramen! 🍜#bmcthulhuplaydress

On the weekend. I am unicorn as 🦄. 💜 @skinnydiplondon #rainbow

They say that money can't buy happiness.. But you can buy @blackmilkclothing and that's kind of the same thing ❤️❤️

Ootd: all black! I got this super basic skirt that just had to add to my closet. #blacklikemysoul #bmclassactpocketmidiskirt @honeybirdette #hbelvisbra

Flowers & beer sounds about right. 🌸🌺🌸🍺

Off to Singapore for CNY! Not without a #outfitpost . #bmsample #bmcockatooislandshooter #bmawesomehwlegs

I love throwing on a dress before going to pole. #bmbvelmevilcheerleaderdress

Feeling cute and casual. The first day since starting work that I felt well rested. And I don't have to wear orange PPE. Even better! #bmredtartantouchdown

Day:3 #bmbvelmevilcheerleaderdress Today was very windy. 💨 The dress wasn't the best idea. Got a hotdog bun today before getting some glasses made.

Post-workout foam rolling. Ahaha, new December workouts feel made personally to delight me, thank you @soheefit - my shoulders are marvellously fried this morning. Excited to see some progress there this month, and surely to finally up my military press! #eatliftthrive #fridayworkout #fitfamuk #morningmotivation #blackmilkclothing #weloveblackmilk

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