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~Vulnerable Post Alert~
I had thought about posting the last moments of my Appalachian Trail Thru-hike a handful of times. It is one of my most powerful moments of my 27th year of this human experience. I was self-conscious of the audio of me starting to cry as I reached the terminus. This year has been filled with moments like this. Times where I was overwhelmed with emotion, the realization of where I am vs. where I was. The grandeur of where my feet lie. The ability to experience emotions fully has been a gift I accepted this year. I'll share it, this is me at my most vulnerable, most transparent to my core. This is me at my most present. "The moment we cry in a film is not when things are sad but when they turn out to be more beautiful than we expected them to be." - Alain de Button
Thanks for all the birthday wishes💓💓💓💓
Always Love🙏🏻

Come join us today at 3:00 at #healinghaven for our first #wednesdaywelltalk this is a free informational event to help us understand better how to have a more well rounded wellness in all areas of our lives. Hope to see you there!!!

Have you ever tried cupping therapy?
Cupping therapy is a traditional Chinese therapy that can best be described as the inverse of massage.
Rather than pressure being applied from the outside in, suction is used to pull the skin, tissue and muscle upward.

Cupping involves placing a type of jar on the skin and then creating a vacuum by sucking the air out of the jar.

What are the effects of cupping? Increased circulation, pain relief, and toxin removal just to make a few.
Who should consider cupping? Anyone who seeks relief from stress, spin, allergies, fatigue, flu, colds, back pain, anxiety, muscle aches and many other ailments.
My shoulder has been bothering me for a while now and I had neglected it causing the problem to get pretty deep in my tissue so cupping is a great option to get the blood flowing to the area and ramp up the healing process.

I’m curious if you have ever tried cupping and what are your thoughts?

Last night I listened to a webinar geared toward PTs and OTs about functional nutrition. I'm learning so much about overall health and well-being and I can't wait to learn more about how nutrition affects your pain, your hormonal balance, and really all the systems of your body. I knew nutrition was important but the depth of how important to your whole body and well-being it is, is really becoming more and more clear to me. And no diet is one size fits all. Everyone is an individual and should be treated as such by ALL healthcare providers and any other professional you see! #healthcoach #wellroundedwellness #empowHERPT #middaymotivation #quotestoliveby #quoteoftheday #cleaneating #eatforhealth

While we wait for our #wellroundedbabies to arrive over here, we're going through photos from our Postpartum Wellness Event at @pureyoganyc last month and on total cuteness overload. Thanks to our sponsors @freshdirect @ergobaby @vichyusa @roseandrex & @littlespoon for treating our new mamas & their babes with so much love and care! Couldn't make it? We've got tips on summer survival for mamas on the site, plus tons more photos (link ☝️). 📷: @rkbresler #wellroundedwellness #motherhood #mommyandme

What a fun event @wellroundedny 💛 Loved hearing about everything from food for mom and baby as well as babywearing and child's play. #wellroundedwellness

Tossing and turning trying to figure out how to raise a little foodie? Stop right there and register for our postpartum wellness event where @littlespoon will give us all the tips and tricks you'll need this Friday. Event link in profile! #wellroundedwellness #upperwestsidemoms #nycmoms #postpartum 📷via @littlespoon

Bath time, fun time via @roseandrex who will be leading a workshop on playing with purpose with your little ones at our postpartum wellness event on 6/16! Register for your ticket in link in profile! #postpartumwellness #wellroundedwellness #nycmom #nycmama 📷 @amylouhawthorne via @roseandrex

Yes of course today has us wanting all the rosé but also all the fruit! Join us on 6/16 at our postpartum wellness event with @freshdirect to find out what some of @bewellwitharielle's favorite postpartum nutrition hacks are highlighting some of the seasons freshest produce in our Postpartum Nutrition hacks workshop @pureyoganyc. Buy your tickets now! #freshdirect #postpartumwellness #wellroundedwellness 📷 via @freshdirect

Right now, treat yourself to a little kindness. Look through the eyes of love and say something nice to yourself.

There is so much freedom and emotional release in awakening to this understanding. It's still a struggle for me to remember this each day. I wasn't taught this as a child. I have to remind myself of this each day. If you identify with critical thoughts and struggle to see the fullness of your gorgeous spirit when you look in the mirror, I invite you to practice reminding yourself of this each day. It gets easier to remember. And I encourage you to join me in teaching this concept to your little ones to foster their ability to see themselves from the same loving perspective as you see them.

What's luscious fruit tops my Ezekiel toast this morning? Pineapple! And hiding beneath are ground chia and flax seeds and some sunflower butter. Delish 😋

Happy Earth Day!!! 3 hour hike does your body, family and furry friends good!!! #earthday2017 #happyhikers #keen #lovemykeens #wellroundedwellness #balancebootcamp #proactivelypositive #focus #gratitude #brrrrrrrr #familytime

You baby!!

If you have some resistance around love yourself fiercely, know that you're not alone. But you are deserving. Every morning, try looking in the mirror and saying something like, "I am open to the idea of learning to love myself more just as I am."

Nothing and nobody can take away your power to choose your thoughts. Living your best life begins with by fueling yourself with affirming thoughts based in love. Then you can make choices that support, rather than sabotage, the way you want to feel each day. 💖 #share @thefitmomsclub #fuelwithlove #selfloveclub #positivemindset #affirmations #powerfulyou #healthyandhappy #wellroundedwellness #wellness #livelifewithwow #selfworth

So often we look outside ourselves for love and validation. But the most powerful source of love comes from inside us. True, divine love lives in our own hearts. When we can look in the mirror and see our true selves behind the mask of the ego, we can release our hang ups and allow our hearts to experience the truest kind of unconditional love. #repost @roxanne.jameus #divinelove #inspirationalquotes #healthylifestyle #wellness #healthyandhappy #wellroundedwellness #livelifewithwow

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