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✨Whoa. Family, food, travel, total chaos and then everyone goes home. I want my inner self to be as still and beautiful as this pool. How do you calm the storm after the holidays? I am in need of some tips and tricks....cuz christmas is coming! 😝 #turkeyhangover #pleasetellmethepieisfinallygone !!✨ -kacey.

Trips to the grocery store.....Entertaining 3 preschoolers......Sending books to some of our tribe.......Trying to find a quiet spot for 3 babies to nap. 😜Just a few of the things that are going on over here today. Hoping you find a moment for yourself today amongst the chaos of a holiday week. We are practicing gratitude over here today 🙏🏻✨

Kara and I took the preschoolers on a walk today in the HIGH hopes of getting some of this endless energy out of them! Did it work? Not really. Was it fun? Yes! Especially the collecting rocks portion of the walk 😆. What are you doing this week to get the wiggles out?! Help!! I need ideas!!! #noschool #preschooler #whattheheckdowedowiththem???

Guys. You know that scene in 101 Dalmatians where everybody looks like their dogs? 🙄 Also, I LOVE my new @vicidolls cardi! It's like being wrapped in autumn leaves 😜🍁 That is all! -Kate

The Tale of 2 Towheads - 1 real, 1 not 😉! Just chatting about a dream mama had and made come true. Reach for the stars, little girl ✨(and I'm talking about the book. Not the blonde hair. Although to be honest, both were dreams made true!) 😂
The Daily Soul Sessions For Every Mama is available in Amazon now! Link in profile!

These are our earrrrly morning “WE ARE OFF TO MEXICO!!!” Faces!! #jawdanwedding we can’t wait to get there and celebrate! #aflightwithoutkids #whatdoido ? #awholeseattomyself

✨This seems fitting as we go into this holiday week! Gonna need all the strength we can get! Sometimes I feel like life is just polishing us down until we are strong and fierce and ready for anything. The trick is finding happiness through it all though right?✨

Everybody HANG ON! It's only Wednesday 😆! To get me through this #humpday, I've decided to focus on what I'm grateful for. This. 👆This is what I'm thankful for today. How about you? .
"Gratitude turns what we have into enough, and more. It brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow." ~Melody Beattie, Author

Fall feelings 🍁 @thedailysoulsessions

Hahahahaha! #somanyfruitsnacks thanks for the giggle @parenting

I was over at my parents this weekend and came across this little gem. I was 3 years old and visiting my grandparents....It must have been “western wear” day right?? 😜 Here’s to being true to yourself, rocking your own style in fashion and in life, and having all the self confidence in the world. ✨There is no better “version” of you than your true, authentic, beautiful self ✨~Kara

5 sweet soulful minutes all to myself 🦋 @thedailysoulsessions

✨I am reminded that this month is all about #gratitude ... What are you grateful for today? I’m grateful that I get to spend time raising my 2 little girls and show them how magical and inspiring and strong it is to make dreams come true. Especially if those dreams help other people too😊 #permissiontodream #strongleader #bossbabe ✨ -kacey.

Sundays...home days. I love them 💗. But then Sunday evening comes and the #sundayblues show their face! Do you get the Sunday blues? How do you combat them?? I like to invite everybody over for Sunday pasta dinner! Always does the trick 😉 #sundayfamilydinner #homesweethome

It's all a balancing act 😉! Talking about the art of balance over at @thedailysoulsessions !! And all my FATHERS out there! Go buy The Daily Soul Sessions For Every Mama book for your wife for Christmas! She'll love you for it- I promise 💗💗

Oh that loaded word. Don't put too much pressure on yourself to fully achieve balance...because it doesn't exist. What does exist is ebbing and flowing with the phases of our life. Right now, I'm a mom to 2 very young kids. And they need me. Constantly. So I will embrace this phase, because it will not last forever. And I'll read my Daily Soul Session because those 5 minutes just for me help me hang onto the woman I am behind the mother, the woman I will be in the next phase of my life. Balance is the long game. Tag a mom who may need this gentle reminder today! She will so appreciate the love 💗

✨”When the world appears to be most insane, we cannot go inside and hide and let the jackals eat up the orchards. We have to respond as humans, which is to say with kindness and wit and caring. We do not - EVER - give up. So pull yourself together and get back to work.” ~Tennessee Williams
Focus on the positive. Forget the rap sheet. We respond better to kindness and mercy. That’s the kind of humans we can raise. Who’s with me?🙋🏼✨

What do they say? Messy house, Messy hair, Messy boy - Don't care? #ithinkthatsit

You are worthy. You are unique. You deserve a break, a laugh, a cup of tea...✨Double tap if you believe, Tink

Cheers, indeed! Y'all know I love to cross things off a list. But this one's on another level! Our 2nd book is finally out! The Daily Soul Sessions For Every Mama...
...finding, remembering, living the magic in motherhood ...even better, the magic in you ✨ @thedailysoulsessions

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