A highly rewarding afternoon with our amazing rewards partner @healthinbalancelb 🙌 They’re total rockstars when it comes to nutrition, massage, chiropractic, physiotherapy, and much more 🌟

Stay positive 😍

Break free from confinement or control.
What do you need to escape from? What confinement do you keep yourself in? Do you allow others to control you in some way, shape or form?

How ever you need to break free? Do it.
Your future self is waiting for you.
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/UNSTOPPABLE WOMAN/ It's time to focus on you so that you can be the energised and inspired woman than you know you can be!
My free 5-day live challenge The Unstoppable Woman Project starts on Monday! .
Over the space of a working week, I'm going to help you to kick-start a new way of living so that the feelings of frustration and exhaustion no longer sabotage your plans for living an unstoppable life.
Together, we'll:
** identify the areas of your life that are bringing you down and stopping you from moving forward with grace and ease
** learn ways to reignite your zest for life and have more flow and greater energy
** learn small lifestyle changes which can cultivate peace in your days, get you eating healthier, and having more focus
Each day for 5 days, I'll be sending participants an email with a lesson and a "challenge" to complete around the core themes of mindset, diet, body and environment, with each day carefully designed to move you closer to being unstoppable in your business and your life
There'll also be a Facebook group where I'll be doing a daily Live video to answer your questions and to provide further guidance and support. If this sounds like just what you need right now, then I'd love for you to join the challenge!
There's still time to register to join! I'd love for you to join us! Click the link in my bio @simonesamuelswellness or go to www.simonesamuels.com/uwp-challenge

🌸Rituals🌸 "A thing of beauty is a joy forever." John Keats.

Spinning forward an image of flowers and greenery with a delicate grace makes it almost impossible to resist thinking about the way John keats refers the beauty.
My respect to his poetry🙇

This phrase is quite descriptive to show how lovely things grow more beautiful by passing years. How nature and it's beauty keeps us human, satisfied above other people.
Life which can be challenging at times provides us with nature to lose ourselves in whenever we need it.
Other than pondering over these philosophical thoughts to calm the mind, me and my clients trust the Janesce skin soaking rituals to calm and hydrate our facial skin. In conjunction with looking after our gut health and overall wellbeing.

Drop in a Line to know more about facial skin soaking benefits and steps to do it, to allow yourself the pleasures of soft muslin, warm water and botanical fragrance. 🌸Go into your day or evening with grace and gratitude🌸. NM xx

Organic Dandelion Root Tea Benefits: Science Backed? 👉 Clickable Link to Article in @allnaturalideas profile 👈 #ontheblog at https://allnaturalideas.com/organic-dandelion-root-tea-benefits/ #natural #allnatural #allnaturalideas #healthytips #naturalhealth #chemicalfreehome #chemicalfreeliving #wellnesstips #wellnesslife #wellnesszone #wellnessadvocate #bodyandmind #essentialsforliving #naturallife #naturalworld #naturalbody

Last week's rollover dumpling pose, or viparita salabhasana if you're into Sanskrit. I am.
My backbend practice has been less consistent than it used to be in the past year or so, so the chest and throat to floor variations are feeling a bit more challenging these days.
In fact there's always disparity between how it looks like you move and it feels like you move. Trying to maintain equanimity in your composure (in other words trying to keep a more or less straight face) when you practise isn't about trying to ignore how it feels (which can have terrible long term consequences and I do not recommend), but is one step towards regulating the effects of the peripheral nervous system on the mind. Which in turn is a part of pratyahara. Which is a Sanskrit word that has some bearing on the practice of yoga.

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La vita qualche volta può sembrare fissa, stagnate, immobile.
Hai mai avuto questa sensazione?
La sensazione che nulla stesse #cambiando o si stesse #evolvendo?

Questo stato mentale inevitabilmente ci fa sentire depressi. Il momento esatto in cui percepisci che hai smesso di fare progressi nella tua vita, ti sentirai "inutile".
Perchè la verità è che il progresso è la chiave della felicità!

Sono 3 i principali motivi per cui ti puoi sentire stagnante:

1) uno stato fisico sbagliato: trovarsi intrappolati in un fisico che non ti fa stare a proprio agio rafforza i tuoi sentimenti negativi.
Cambiare la tua forma fisica significa cambiare il tuo stato mentale e rompere i tuoi schemi negativi. Essere a proprio agio con il proprio corpo porta invece a delle emozioni positive e questa è una delle chiavi per non sentirsi intrappolati.

2) sentirsi intrappolati in uno schema temporale: uno dei motivi per cui puoi sentirti bloccato è che sei troppo focalizzato sul tuo passato o sul tuo futuro. Ma pensare troppo al passato e al futuro non cambierà nulla poiché ognuno di noi ha solo il potere di cambiare il #momento #presente ed è in questa fase temporale che la tua attenzione dovrebbe focalizzarsi.

3) rimanere fissi nella propria stabilità: perché alcune persone hanno delle intuizioni che le portano ad un livello superiore mentre altre rimangono ferme?
Qual è la differenza tra chi parla solo e chi invece agisce?
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Wellful Faces ft. Olivia! So excited to pop my head up from studying to share this interview today. Liv talks about her double major in hospitality, her love of Penn State, her favorite parts of the dietetic internship and what she hopes to do next! Bonus: she is guaranteed to make you laugh. Link in bio 🔝 Happy Thursday! ✨ #wellfulfaces #wearewellful #thewellful

Parlando con tante donne ogni giorno mi rendo conto che alla fine abbiamo quasi tutte gli stessi bisogni e vogliamo tutte le stesse identiche cose: ❣FELICITÀ ❣SERENITÀ ❣LIBERTÀ ❣SALUTE E un fisico da urlo è sempre ben accetto😂😂😂 La cosa più bella è che con il mio lavoro posso riuscire a migliorare ognuno di questi aspetti,
incredibile non trovi?

Trova un lavoro che ami e non lavorerai un solo giorno della tua vita!!!❤ #claudiascanu #claudiascanunetwork #claudiascanunetworker #networkmarketingmentor #networkmarketingperks #networkmarketingph #networkmarketingpo #networkmarketingpro #networkmarketingprofessional #networkmarketingpros #networkmarketingquotation #wellness #wellnesscoach #wellnesszone #wellnessadvocate #fitnessaddict #networkmarketing #leadership #personalgrowth

Is you glass half full or is it half empty?
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Peter Szego is focused on earning his way onboard the Caribbean Cruise next June! 😍
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~ Let the Water Set you #Free ~

💎Oasis AquaSpa
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📞(+30) 2744 0 60321

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