Teaching people how to slap their butt aka "my happy place".
😆. When done correctly, the benefits are numerous:
⚫less butt pain
⚫avoid imbalances like Sciatica, Piriformis Syndrome, and even hip replacement.
⚫admit it. It feels good to be spanked! 😱. Cupping the hands allows you to use a lot of force without pain. It will make a GOOD. This sends a mini-shock wave through all the tissues of the butt - muscle, bone, tendon, blood, ligament, nervous, etc - which keeps the energy moving. When we sit too much, these tissues become tight; a good ole slap helps them become supple again.
🌊👋🔊. That's why I call this the "don't become a tight ass" exercise!
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August 16,2018 #50footstepsto50 #joyfuljourneytofifty “Let us not hope for mere chance to change our story; let us summon the courage to change it ourselves.”- Brendon Burchard
50 Footsteps to change ...
50 Footsteps to becoming the person I was meant to be.
My Journey has been filled with purpose and passion. With some fears and failures too.
But through it all, my faith, family and deep friendships have given me the courage to continue. As I travel into the next phase, my heart, hands and head are ready... #intuitivehealer #intuitivemedicine #wellnesswarrior #joyfuljourney #journeywithapurpose #wellnesswisdom #wellnessjourney #takingchargeofmyfuture #takechargeofyourhealth #healingfromtheinsideout #personalizedmedicine #individualizedmedicine #thebodyjoyprocess #thebodyjoydoctor #onethousandwaystoheal

It’s time to get really good at succeeding at whatever it is your dreams are! Instead of training yourself to fail! Whether you want to lose weight or begin to eat more healthfully or exercise regularly or any type of personal dream that you have set for yourself! ✨
🙌🏻 The truth is all too often we self-sabotage ourselves to fail! 🤦🏻‍♀️I know I have 💯! This mindset has to STOP!🛑 Let’s expect great things! 🙌🏻 💃🏻
Doubt and Fear have a tendency to draw you inward, and distance you from your faith and stop you from truly believing what you are absolutely capable of!
When fear or doubt creeps in don’t trust that lie!
I won’t if -you won’t! 🥊
We are in this together! 👭
💛 Mary Ricciardi ✨
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#TBT to our amazing yoga session with @westinmelbourne as apart of their Mindful Event! 😍
Contact us today to see what we have to offer you and your company -with a diverse range of options to choose from, we want to work with you to build the wellness culture in your workplace 🌟

So thankful for the opportunity to be guided by a Clinical Herbalist in making our own tinctures! A variety of fresh and dried flowers, leaves, seeds and roots were responsibly foraged. After making a selection of what herb or flower you want to use (pictured above is Barberry) the DIY process is very easy! All you need is:
- a glass jar with a lid
- alcohol(80 proof)/apple cider vinegar
- cheesecloth
- strainer
- fill the jar with your herb of choice
- add a splash of apple cider vinegar
- fill the rest of the jar with alcohol -if you are using a Mason jar cover the top of the jar with wax paper -put the lid on the jar
- store in a cool dry place for 30 days
Use the cheesecloth to strain the herbs and store the tincture in a glass bottle /jar.
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' It's National Relaxation Day' and to celebrate fully all you have to do is #breathe. Loving the #inspiration from @erbariotoscano.us. Look out for World Wise Beauty Ideal Finds this Friday for inspiration+wisdom+tools. #livelifewell #nationalrelaxationday #naturalbeauty #healthymindset #naturalproducts #justbreathe #homefragrance #relax #scents #sensory #wellnesswisdom @erbariotoscano.us

'It's National Relaxation Day' and the Ideal Finds I found at the Summer @ny_now market are going to help you relax and release those good mood endorphins! Look out for WWB Ideal Finds this Friday. Be prepared for #positivevibes! #selfcare #nationalrelaxationday #goodvibrations #relaxathome #livelifewell #wellnesswisdom #worldwisebeauty @beinagoodmood

What a blast celebrating @drosen777 's birthday last month! Congratulations on losing 50lbs on my #PrimalShred system. ⭐

I couldn't be more proud of you - celebrating with beauty, style, and health instead of excessive amounts of booze.🎉🎉🎉

#Movementwisdom #ninjafitness #ninja #NinjaWisdom #traindeep #exercisealchemy #wellnesswisdom #wellnesswarrior #tao #innerstrength #movementculture #KnowObstacles #taichi #yoga #movementmedicine #NYCninja #SuperHero

Unplugging + rest is so important to my health. #wellnesswisdom

#wellnesswisdom for your Wednesday
Be you! Be open! Be raw! Be real!
1. You will attract other weirdos like you & won’t have to deal with those who don’t.
2. You won’t forgot what BS mask you were wearing the last time you ran into those randos & get yourself in a awkward situation.
4. Being fake & full-of-it is boring & time consuming. You have fun & impactful sh$t to get done.
5. When you are real, you stand as the sparkling, beacon of magical realness you are for others & empower them to be brave & honest, just by being YOU!!
In a world full of fakes...represent the real!
#repost @fuckologyofficial

💛Good Morning Lovelies 💛

LISTS are our savior when it feels like everything's caving in on us! Here are three lists to add to your day ✔️✔️
Morning - LIST 1: Your intention for the day (e.g. smile more, or worry less)
LIST 2: To-do's. We find it best to start with the most difficult/annoying task. Just get it done!
Evening - LIST 3: Write three things you are grateful for (e.g. The heater on a cold night, or the friendly tram driver on your way to work this morning) 💛 Writing lists can give you a clearer perspective of your day, and yourself 🙏🏼

Do you want a body & life that you LOVE?
So here it is. The time to put up or shut up!
After all of the interviews, all of the years working with clients, all of the personal work, personal growth & getting thrown on and off the wellness wagon more times that I can count, I have learn these 5 things about women who feel stuck in bodies & life that they no longer love:
1. We hate (or strong dislike) our bodies. We tear them apart in the mirror, in our minds and with our friends on the daily.
2. We are frustrated that what used to work or what works for our neighbor or what works for 'most' people doesn't work for us.
3. We struggle with consistency when it comes to out health & wellness routine. We stop, start, stop, start, believing in ourselves a little less every time.
4. We aren't seeing results. Is it the wrong program? Are we doing it wrong? Who the heck knows but we want to pull out hair out and just give up.
5. We feel overwhelmed by what do do when to do it & how the heck to fit it into our already crazy lives.
So think about it.....
What do you really want?
What is it costing you to stay stuck?
What will happen if it never changes?
What is stopping you from finally having it all?
If you are ready to finally create (with a ton of support, love & fun) the last wellness plan you will ever need, watch the video below & let's get to work.
Because YOU are a part of the Wellness Posse Tribe, you get to pick my brain first and start on your path to your dream life first. Like the VIP badass you are.
The first 10 complimentary strategy sessions ($300 value) filled up in less than I day, so I just open my schedule for 10 more. This opportunity for those have already shown me their commitment to transform. So serious, just stop thinking about it and get on my schedule...5,4,3,2,1!

Schedule yours TODAY [link in bio] but only if you are really ready to final have a body & life you LOVE!

>>Social Media Detoxes + Gaining Followers + Wellness Wisdom<< ⠀

Have I mentioned how much I admire & love my mother? She’s been one of the best spiritual teachers in my life.

This past week I took a mini social media break to focus my energy & plan my mom a surprise 60th birthday party🎉🎈🙀 (She was ACTUALLY surprised btw!) ⠀
It was exactly what I needed to do for myself & well-being. ⠀

🤳🏼Culturally, we’ve become obsessed with our social media’s so much so that if we’re not on it we’re made to feel as if we’re missing out or even worse, that we strangely don’t exist or having meaning. This is terrible for so many different reason and has created a deep negative impact on our personal & social wellbeing & health. ⠀

And for entrepreneur in business- it’s even worse. From every angle they’re being told:⠀
“You don’t want to lose followers! ⠀
You don’t want people to forget you! ⠀
You have to be on 24/7 so you can cater to your audience!”⠀

But the truth is it’s simply not true. And here’s why: Our life reflects back to us whatever our belief systems are. #spirituallaw Meaning, your relationship with #socialmedia can be as healthy or as unhealthy as you choose to believe & there are no REAL rules that govern the results of your social media (or any part of your life.) ⠀

A #corebelief I have is “I get to create belief systems that feel good & are sustainable for my life. “🌱♻️💜 #beliefsystem

So when it comes to social media & detoxing for a bit I believe I’m able to take these breaks & still GAIN followers, (Which I always do #theartofallowing )
and let myself recharge and then come back to this community I love w/out a negative impact. ⠀

I believe & trust that my success & happiness isn’t dependent on social media- which keeps me super grounded in my business and in life. 😌⠀

If you struggle with keeping up with the Jones on social media or feel like you need to stay relevant- I invite you to take a mini social media detox to see what feelings or sensations come up & what you’re believing. The first step in a creating a well balanced life & living a life you love is witnessing what in your life no longer serves you. ✌🏼❤️ #Happysoul

Manifesting is my favourite superpower! 💛

Ok, we like treats as much as the next girl. So let's be smart about our choices! Type, quality, quantity, all of these things matter. Want a little chocolate to take the edge off? #noproblem Grab the dark stuff...like, a piece or two (not 12) and savor away. Then move on! Deprivation = total misery, and who wants that? Not us! Want more ideas? Comment below with your questions on how to find decent replacements for your fave decadent choices! We are here to help!
#chocolate #dessert #sweets #sweettooth #nomorediets #treats #wellnesswisdom #weightlosswisdom #weightlossjourney #weightlossmotivation
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Ok, we like treats as much as the next girl. So let's be smart about our choices! Type, quality, quantity, all of these things matter. Want a little chocolate to take the edge off? #noproblem Grab the dark stuff...like, a piece or two (not 12) and savor away. Then move on! Deprivation = total misery, and who wants that? Not us! Want more ideas? Comment below with your questions on how to find decent replacements for your fave decadent choices! We are here to help!
#chocolate #dessert #sweets #sweettooth #nomorediets #treats #wellnesswisdom #weightlosswisdom #weightlossjourney #weightlossmotivation
#weightlosstransformation #weightlossinspiration #weightlossgoals #weightlosssupport #weightlossstory #weightlosscommunity #weightlosstips #weightlosshelp #weightlosssuccess #weightlosschallenge #weightlossprogress #weightlosscoach #weightlossjourney2018 #fitmom #fitover30 #fitover50 #newstart #newstartforme

I am not your wellness guru & neither is anyone else!! So if anyone claims to have the ‘secret’ to all of your wellness woes...RUN 🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏼‍♀️
Only you know what’s best & only you can transform yourself. Yes, I can give you tools. I can share my 17yrs of knowledge. I can write you workouts. I gave get you mindset practices. I can give you recipes. I can tell you what I do & what ‘successful’ clients have done. I can show you before/after photos BUT....
If you don’t like it.
If it doesn’t fit into your life.
If you don’t love yourself & your body today.
If you’re not crystal clear on what your dream life looks like.
You will never stick to it & even if you do once you get to wherever the f&ck you end up, you’ll still feel the exact same.
You, and only you, what is best for you. You, and only you, are responsible for building the life you want.
Yes, guidance, accountability & community are important but they are not what creates last change in YOUR life. You owning your sh$t does. You trusting yourself does. You loving yourself does.
You do you boo & never apologize for the path you are on. Your body & life may not be perfect but they are perfectly you & that is the true perfection of the universe.
#Repost @thechampagnediet
In a world full of “experts” telling you what to say, be, and think, a simple reminder that you are enough. 💖

#Yoga isn’t just about the relaxation, it also has some amazing weight-loss benefits! #WellnessWisdom #Blog

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