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SQUAT because nobody ever wrote a song about a small ass 😜💪🏻#BootyWerk #FitnessFriday

NEW POST 〰 no GYM? NO excuse. A full *at home* #workout is on the BLOG ➖ LINK in bio! 🤸🏼‍♀️💦 || #GetItRight #GetItTight #WellnessWarrior #MillennialMiss

Sunnyside ☀️

Serious #stashenvy! When I hit Royal Crown Diamond, I think I will have an oil room!

Real talk: this week was tough! Between school life, work responsibilities and everything in between, it's easy for life to get overwhelming. Mental CLARITY and your health should always prioritize work. Sometimes we forget that, and I certainly did this week. // This is why it's so important to be mindful and have coping mechanisms. For me, this means going on a long run, taking yoga breaks or really any kind of physical activity. Today, i'm feeling back on track and had a fab workout and some yummy meals. Stay strong, sculpt up fam, and take priority in your mental & physical health!!!⭐️🌊💥
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First drink the coffee, then do the things 👊🏽 Happy Friday, y'all!

SAME NUMBER, DIFFERENT MINDSET✔️ on the left was a girl whose idea of working out was 20mins on the treadmill, who cut random stuff out from her diet like rice, who struggled with the number she saw on the scale because her idea of ideal was to be below 50kg. she used to think it was this magical number where magical things would happen once she reached it 🔥 this girl now works out not just for her body, but her mind and soul as well, who eats what she wants, and takes note of what she sees in the mirror, not the scale 〰 once i stopped focusing on numbers and started focusing on my workouts and goals, THAT was when change happened. it was a long journey between the girl on the left and who i am now on the right - both physically and mentally. trust your body, and trust your goals🙏🏻

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Come test out your key logging skills today with a 7 time World Champion Log Roller! 🥇Bring your swimsuit and stop by the natatorium this afternoon from 2-3:30pm 🌊🌊 📷: @trishamae_t

Ciao ragazze!! Conoscete @orphica_official ?
Si tratta di un siero da applicare sul contorno occhi che aiuta ad eliminare borse ed occhiaie .
Io lo adoro!!!
Cosa state aspettando?
Fino al 30/9 con il codice giulia_de_pascale otterrete subito il 15% di sconto . -------------------------------------------------
Hi guys, do you know the @orphica_official?!it's a eye outline's serum perfect for take away dark circles and puffiness!!i love it!!!what do you wait for?!untill the 30 of september use the code giulia_de_pascale for a fantastic promotion...15% of discount just for you!!
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Who doesn't need Nitro in their life...we all could use a little.

Easy Breezy lunch thanks to @monicahossnutrition and our Take Back the Kitchen group. ♥️
It doesn't have to be complicated or glamourous. And for me - EASY = SO much less stress.
Green Beans + Turkey Sloppy Joe's for the WIN. 🙌🏻

So happy to be doing a live feed tonight in collaboration with @themotherloadhq. I will be talking about the beauty restorer and oil, perfect for mums who are somehow expected to do everything and still look fabulous. Well the jade beauty restorer can really help there and can't wait to show you how.

Looking forward to my live feed tonight with @themotherloadhq . We're going to be talking all about the @thehayoumethod beauty restorer and beauty oil. PERFECT for busy, exhausted mums who have to juggle a million things and somehow look gorgeous at the same time. Luckily the jade beauty restorer does just that and I love teaching people how. 💕

May today's northern hemisphere autumnal equinox fill our hearts with balance, equality, release and peace in preparation to do the work of digging deep within and finding the light within the darkness. #autumn #autumn🍁 #equinox #fallequinox #lettinggo #wellnessjourney #yinyang #lightanddark

My attitude about working out has taken such an amazing turn since I committed to me to work at being the best version of me that I sometimes have to laugh at myself! 🤣 Most mornings I am awake before the alarm, ready to get my pre-workout drink down the hatch-I may have an addiction problem with it-and push play! Five months ago I could not have said anything close to that, nor would I have believed it if someone told me Inwould ever feel this way! I truly believe the difference has been several great things.
1. Changing my mindset and working on my beliefs, vision, and how I look at life. Looking from love, gratitude and happiness changes the game completely!
2. The incredibly supportive, loving community of people I've met through this journey who I am honored to call my friends now! I love you all!!! 💕💖
3. I made a choice-I committed to myself and my family that I will be the strongest, toughest, crazy awesome-est version of me and I will work at that every single day! My dreams for us are ENORMOUS! And they will come true, through commitment and perseverance. 💪🏼🙏🏼💖😁 You see, my workouts are a symbol of all of my growth and change...they are just one example of how all of these things work together and manifest themselves. There are so many other fabulous changes in my life-self confidence, self value and worth, abundance of love and forgiveness, gratitude, and so much more that has come to me through all of the work I am doing. And I am happier than I ever dreamed possible!

What are your dreams? What do you want your life to look like? It's all there waiting for you! 😊😁💖 Are you ready to make a choice? 🤔🤗😉😍

Look what tastes PERFECT in our breakfast oatmeal and I have a little asking for more!!! #thievesvitality

💜 Shutran 💜

I love the smell of Wintergreen!

Powergize 💪

The power of your own thoughts makes you the most influential person in your life. That means, you are either the most effective person at undermining your success or supporting your success. #believeinyourself

@newtontal is in Southampton this Sunday! You’ll work every muscle— especially your deep core— with killer moves like this. Moving slowly and with control is a surefire way to get that deep burn. Talk about effective! 💪🏼 And why we call it #theperfectexercise

Yep, we carry food products too. 👍

Sayyyyy what??? There is still time to be a part of my Free, Yes I said free, clean eating group!
Hit me up, hit me over the head, I don't care how you get my attention!
Let me know you want in! 🤓
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We all want to improve our health. We want to have energy to do the things that really matter to us. We want our bodies to feel healthy and strong. If you're tired of floundering in your journey to better health, and searching for the best resources to make it easier, I've partnered with Ultimate Bundles to bring you something that's going to rock your world. For only $29.97, it will really be worth it. Sign up now by going here: https://us154.isrefer.com/go/UHLB17AnneM/a10164/


Agilease...I use this for inflammation in my knee. I saw a difference in days.

The one and only. 🌳

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