Nada nem ninguém deve ser capaz de diminuir os seus sonhos, de questionar quem você é. Seu valor não precisa ser provado para ninguém porque todos a sua volta conseguem perceber a sua força e o seu potencial.

Você pode conquistar o mundo se persistir, todos os dias, no objetivo de ser melhor que ontem. Acredite em si mesmo, saiba reconhecer todos os talentos, habilidades e competências que fazem de você alguém digno de se admirar
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📚🧘🏼‍♂️ Wellness Words 2.3 - "Samadhi"
Sitting cross legged with your eyes closed does not mean you are meditating. Actually, you can meditate doing anything, anywhere. It's all about your state of mind.
The best definition of meditation I have found is "a prolonged state of concentration". This meditative state is extremely freeing - beyond pleasure and pain - and is the meaning of Samadhi. .
Most people in our modern technological world have almost no concentration skill. Our minds bounce from thought to thought creating stress and anxiety. If we can learn to concentrate and move to a state of consciousness that is deeper than our thoughts, we can find peace in Samadhi. .
A good analogy is that your mind is like an ocean - on the surface, storms will create waves and turbulence (stress), but even in the harshest storms we can plunge beneath the surface to the depths where it is always still and peaceful.
Breathing exercises and meditation practice help to create a concentrated mind that is able to remain stable even in the worst of life's storms.
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This smile has picked me up this year more times than you can imagine the past few years. 💕
His face lights up a room and his heart lights up the world. ⭐️
Constantly encouraging me to be my best and never lets me give up.
He cried when I graduated UCLA as he said he’s so proud.
James was 3 months old when i started to go back and take courses and study. It began with a business course at NCOI (national college of Ireland), the the IINH (Irish institute of nutrition and health, raw food mastery, master NLP practitioner and finally UCLA.
He’s 8 now and at the back of my mind I knew that I was doing it all to create a better life for us. So many weekends spent away from him and evenings up late studying. Trying to make or scrape a living sometimes when he was young pushed me to want more for myself, for both of us.
When you want something bad enough there are decisions that have to be made.
They are not always easy but in the end they are worth it.
The tears, frustration and incredible fear at times were worth pushing through.
To be honest I’m not sure how I did it sometimes but I know I could never have done it without the love and support of my family and friends. You know who you are and I love you deeply. ❤️
Tough times pass
We build strength during adversity
But keep believing in yourself
And trust that the universe
Not only has your back
But also your heart. 🙏🏼

Love that is is my pre boot camp warm up this morning @beyouhealthstudios

Você já se olhou no espelho hoje?
Viu um amigo ou um inimigo?
Forte? Talvez! Hoje quero levar a reflexão do quanto nós mesmos nos prejudicamos e de como não somos nossos melhores amigos e cuidamos de nós, do nosso próprio corpo e dos nossos pensamentos.
Cada vez que você se sabota, cada vez que você se alimenta mal, cada vez que você dorme pouco, cada vez que você se irrita, briga e reage por besteiras mínimas, você está sendo seu inimigo número 1.
Pense nisso. Só você pode ser hoje o seu melhor amigo!!!
Mirela Trevisan
Wellness Coach .
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The Powerful Words that Fuel my Passion and has actually driven me towards the wellness industry.💪 Money 💰 can come from anywhere.... But when it comes with blessings🙏... there is no better feeling.😇 #purposedrivennutrition #passion #wellness #missionfitnation #leadbyexample #health #fitmom #loveyourself #happiness #wellnesscoach #motivation #fitness #inspiration #herbalifenutrition #weightloss #weightgain #weightmanagement entrepreneur #Mompreneur# marathoner #bethebestversionofyourself #loveyourbody

Rest and a good night's sleep is imperative for rejuvenation and healing. Our bodies work best when we keep our daily routine to a regular circadian rhythm; avoid stimulants late at night, naturally the winter is a time for hibernation so enjoy quite nights in front of the fire and capture your best night sleep between 10pm and 6am. #TopTips from @biokult__uk
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I used to be a person who really can’t make decisions, big or small made no difference... I remember so many tears and sleepless nights, and just that feeling like someone punched me in the stomach whenever I took a small step out of my comfort zone. Along the years and throughout the journey of healing my relationship with food and my body I’ve developed a better relationship with myself which also meant more self trust. Making decisions is never easy because it always includes letting go of something, but I’m better at it now. And because you guys asked for support on this topic I’ve decided to share with you my favorite 10 decision making tools and strategies (link in bio).
I really hope you’ll find it helpful!
And if you have a decision you’re currently struggling with I’d love to hear about it! DM me or share in the comments and I’ll do my best to support you however I can 🧡

Yesterday I almost immediately regretted my post as I didn't want anyone to think I shared to receive sympathy. It wasn’t a poor me cry out, it was to be open and honest about the ups and downs of life and show you that you're not alone if you go through similar. I'm in a way happy that I am finally transforming and growing into who I am, even though it's a hard process. It's worth it.
Social media is full of people doing wonderful things and being happy and inspiring and having it all...but life's not really like that...otherwise Brene Brown wouldn't be selling millions of books!
Many of us go through periods of uncertainty, transformations, an unravelling and I feel if more of us shared the real life stuff, we’d learn that it's ok to be not ok and if we feel the need to change things in your life then we'd be more comfortable in being honest with people about how we are rather than walking around pretending that everything's fine. And yes it might be fine most of the time, but it's ok to say actually I'm not sure things are working for me how they are, I'm not content. Open up conversations about this and you may find others are just getting by every day.
I feel that as mums we lose ourselves along the way. We push down who we really are in the busyness of raising children and forging a career or trying to make ends meet, and we forget who we are. We're caught up in work, schools, homework and activities and driving the kids around. And we complain about being busy and we're so tired it hurts, and we're unhappy, but we smile and get on with it. We get in a zone and it’s what we’re comfortable with, it’s what we know, but something is missing.
What if we looked at what we could change so we're not so tired, so that we do things with ease? What if we said no and slowed down? What if we questioned the things that drag us down and instead start finding the things that light us up? Food for thought. What if we chose to be courageous? x

Saturday Vibes
Get to know @giefasparkle .
How many of you know this upcoming artist?
I got to know this young girl a few years ago. I was her teacher in high school. Now look how far she Made iT!!! .
Proud to know you!
I asked her the following questions! ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️
Follow @iam.thepositiveapproach
for daily motivation.
Stay Positive👊🏾
1. What are the 2 things you have accomplished that you are most proud of?
* I accomplished taking care of my family at home. That’s one of my main goals. I also discovered many other talents I never knew I had such as writing poetry and acting. .
2. How do you deal with failure?
*With failure comes success and that’s what I’ll always keep in my mind. If I fall I will make sure to get back up right again. .
3. What impact have I had in your life?
*You’ve taught me how to communicate without getting mad at
the world and how to be a humble and loving person to outsiders.
How to be real and always stay true to who I truly am.
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Matcha mornings on the moor! Today is the last day of our northern trip. We are really warming to the idea of living in a small town or village amongst the brooding landscape. Quite the opposite of what surrounds us at home at the moment. What is it about some of us that enjoy a moodier landscape? Is it an introverted thing? Must be! Anyway, we are looking forward to new beginnings in the new year. I’ve also been enjoying my hot matchas in the morning after not being able to tolerate them for a long time. This morning I’ve added some almond milk, but there is also of coconut butter in here, plus some medicinal mushrooms (I’ve got lion’s name and cordyceps in this one). I also sometimes add a pinch of #jaggery when I’m having it with something more savoury at breakfast. If you’re not familiar, jaggery is an unprocessed form of sugar from India, taken from evaporated tree sap, and has a good mineral content. We first learned about it in our ayurveda course at school. It’s dark and caramel-y and you just slice of a little sliver from the block. I use a whisper. In the past I would have used maple syrup, but, alas, maple causes me digestive distress, and jaggery is a #sibo safe sweetener. If you can take your #matcha unsweetened, even better (I’m pretty sure the Japanese don’t), but some of have different taste buds, and I find the tiniest bit of sweet enhances the flavour of the matcha when I’m not using coconut milk. Matcha, ayurveda style? I’m not one for tradition. 🤦🏻‍♀️ Every day is different for me! So, we are getting ready to explore small town life in the moors…has this city girl lost her mind?? 🤷🏻‍♀️
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Get closer to a healthier, happier you with our fantastic offer – 40% off selected plans!! Hurry as offer ends very soon. Leave a comment, DM me or come to one of my Wellness Workshops this week for more details 🙂 (click link in bio to sign-up today) #WellnessThatWorks #WeAreWW #wwuk #wwapp #TheFlexEffect #wwfamily #wellness #wellnesscoach #wellnessjourney #holisticwellness #healthandwellness #wellnesssuccess #wellnessworkshop #weightlosssuccess #weightlossjourney #wwflex #flexfamily #wwsupport #smartpoints #mywwjourney #motivation #healthyliving #healthylifestyle “ NOTE: Add link to UK website in your Profile Bio (https://www.weightwatchers.com/uk/ )

I finally wore it!!! An outfit I bought last year that yes is now to big but it’s only now that I feel I can wear it without my tummy sticking out like it always used too! I’m over the moon 🌓 (size 22 - size 14/16)

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Chew Your Food. Going back to basics, thoroughly chewing your foods helps officiate the digestive process. Eat Small, Frequent Meals. Then you digest your food faster .#digestivehealth #digestion #fooddigestion #chewproperly #healthylifestyle #healthyfats #healthiswealth #stayhealthy #stayfit💪 #fitnesgoals #fitnesscoach #wellnesscoach #herbalifenutrition🍃 #herbalife24

💦 Not all exercise has to be hard work 💦 .
This is a concept I used to struggle with. I used to always think you had to get a sweat on otherwise it was pointless ! .
How wrong I was. .
Exercise is a stressor, and if we’re constantly doing high intensity exercise our bodies are in a constant state of stress. .
Your body has to have time to recover and repair - and adapt to the exercise you’ve done too! .
Be mindful to listen to your body and mix up your routine - incorporate days where you’re having a lower intensity workout (great examples are a very slow & easy jog or some yoga) and full rest days too (although a nice stroll is good here too!)
I love waking - I really feel like it gives you time away from your screens and makes you open up your eyes and take in the world going by. Great for happiness ☺️ .
So make sure you have a good balance in your exercise routine, you’ll be surprised at how much benefit you can get!

Skipped GET LEAN on Thursday but it took Benny and I about 45 minutes to scrape the ice off my 🚗. So I still had a bit of an arm and shoulder workout anyway. The de-icer spray didn't touch the mirrors but I don't really need them for the trip to work.

Friday morning was time for another @activmotionbar workout. I did a mix of the beginner and advanced versions of each exercise. Transitions came naturally between the two.

I don't know if it's a coincidence or not but since I've started using the ActivMotion Bar my hips haven't popped as much. Sure my right hip still aches in certain positions but that's to be expected. Only time will tell if the ActivMotion Bar is the miracle tool I've been looking for.
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