This really weird thing happened last night while I was googling what piece of produce a 24 week baby is the same size as....it’s a thing.. Trust me 😅 Anyway.. I stumbled upon a list of “Common 24 week Pregnancy Symptoms” They include but are not limited to: backaches, constipation, leg cramps, and swollen achy feet. And I was all nope, nope, nope, am I even pregnant?? Then I was promptly kicked in the bladder and almost peed my pants 😅 #definitelypregnant Then I realized.. pregnancy doesn’t HAVE to be miserable. You don’t HAVE to fight through terrible symptoms for months on end. It’s not NORMAL to take 2 hours to fall asleep and wake up all night long. It’s not okay for you to feel like you’re failing as a parent bc you’re not!! Heal your gut. Take the chance. Find the health you probably don’t even realize you’re missing because you’ve felt so bad for so long. The same little gems that helped me is $25 off but only for a VERY limited time.. like only hours left. Don’t wait! Message Me!! PS: A 24 week baby is the size of an ear of corn 🌽 #preggomom #pregnancysymptoms #preggoprobs #24weeks #babymomma #mynameismama #momofmany #wellrested #wellfed #wellwateredwomen

// MEAL OF THE DAY AT BROTH BAR & LARDER // ROAST CHICKEN seasoned with allspice & sumac and served with roast veggies 😋. Serving dine-in or takeaway at Broth Bar & Larder. Preorders welcomed and encouraged on 0421 786 009.

49 Belgrave St Bronte
Open Monday to Saturday 8am-6pm
Sunday 11am-4pm

Learn how to make your own delicious and nutritious slow cooks in your own house with our online Slow Cook workshop found on the online workshops page of our website.
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Grilled beef and pork bruschetta with veggies 😋

I haven't been in my kitchen at all this week. But the universe continues to prove that I'll be well fed no matter what! .
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My last organ meats workshop for 2018 will take place Monday 4 June at one of my favourite butchers @kingsmoremeats in Rosebury. Book now to avoid disappointment. For more details and how to book click on link in bio or head to the workshops page of my website.
If the idea of preparing and eating organ meats scares the bejesus out of you (and once upon a time it did for me especially when coming off a hard-core vegetarian diet!) then this is your opportunity to get outside your kitchen comfort zone, expand your culinary repertoire, and build reserves of strength and vitality for you and your family. I’m on a serious mission to show you how you can make organ meats sexy 😉

I guarantee that you will be surprised and delighted at how delicious organ meats can be! I will showcase how to sneak them into everyday meals without anyone being none the wiser as well as demonstrate how to present them loud and proud in all their nutrient-rich delicious glory.
And oh the cookbook that you see in the photo is a very old German cookbook of 2 generations ago belonging to my friend who says that most of the recipes in there contain organ meats. #organmeats #offal #staraniseorganic #wholefoods #organic #artisan #handmade #nutrientdense #traditionalfoods #realfood #wellfed #consciousconsumption  #foodismedicine  #glycine

Mom went out last night. She fed us before she left because Dad was cutting grass. He came in late for dinner. He asked Sadie and I if we had been fed. We wagged our tails and tried to look hungry. I guess it worked! We had 2 dinners! Dad thinks 2 dinners are better than no dinner. He is right! Today, we both farted and pooped a lot. Well, Sadie always poops a lot. Then I got a bath. I thought I smelled great after I rolled in something yesterday. Mom disagreed.

Ramp season, get ‘em while you can! #spring #eatseasonal

Chicken Caesar salad ala @denaka22 #bestcouchsurfer #wellfed #summerlove

Meat treats 👌 Pork belly #pinxtos with red grapes, leeks, harissa, and black lime. #laorillaogt

My mother just sent me this postcard that nearly killed me. These garama garam bhaiya kebabs are umami, juicy and tender. The plate on top consists of the most delicious and fatty afghani tikkas I’ve ever had in Lahore. This takes me back.

What a glorious lunch it is! Yesterday I only had time to scarf down a protein bar, so this meal is a luxury today .
Plate deets —> romaine + @traderjoeslist turkey burger + roasted sweet potatoes + roasted brussels + guac guac guac

Been making these meatballs for a long time @meljoulwan Czech meatballs.

One of today’s specials ✨breakfast burrito bowl - west county style with #kale 🌿🍴come fill your tummy with savory yumminess here at Howard’s 🍳
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If you haven’t gotten yourself a copy of this book yet do yourself a favor and get one NOW!!

And if you’re local and have kiddos bring them to Pixie Dust tomorrow evening to meet a real author, and kids can paint and you get a signed copy of the book 💜🤗💜 Seriously tho.... this book is incredible!!! Come meet my dear friend Stephanie @colortodaypretty and her family and have a wonderful Friday evening celebrating life and let’s #colortodaypretty 💜💜💜
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A few side profile shots of Ellie who is with us now since early january so that's about 4,5 months now. On blacks cats it is usually a significant sign of good health that their fur looks shiny reflecting the strong light of the sun or overcast clouds. I think that is the case here 😸... She is getting around 1 year of age now but looks a bit older sizewise... Yes she eats rather well and with good taste so that makes her look well fed as we say kindly 😹. But having pleasure of eating well and enjoying good food is one of the major pleasures in life, so long ago we committed to not cutting back on that too much... 😻😻😻

🎉Celebrating taking the leap, leaving my 9 to 5 job, and knowing there are great things to come! 〰️ celebrating with food is usually a “no-no” but these babies are Chickpea Chocolate Chip Cookies packed with fiber and protein [from peanut butter + chickpeas] via @ambitiouskitchen, so I’m justifying this as a better way to thank my coworkers than an average butter and sugar filled cookie! 🍪

Let’s see... there’s a leak under our kitchen sink so for about three days I’ve been washing produce in the shower and dishes in the bathroom sink. Someone yelled at me here on Instagram yesterday, and I felt sad. I couldn’t sleep last night because the rain was very loud, but it was too hot to close the windows. And this morning, when I went out for a run, I almost got crushed by a car, there was loud construction on my my favorite route to the park, and a bird pooped on my arm while I was complaining about the construction.
I’m definitely having a day.
But a tasty, healthy dinner can be a sweet ending to even the most rotten, annoying, grumpy-making day. The recipes in FIVE PALEO DINNERS TO COOK NEXT WEEK #96 are all designed to make sure that whatever happens to you prior to, say, 6:00 or 7:00 p.m., your day will end deliciously.
Get the recipes here https://meljoulwan.com/2018/05/24/paleo-dinners-cook-week-96/ - or clickable link in my profile
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This #mornings walk to the boat 🐱👟🦔🌼🌞 #walked through the lush #green #wilderness of #newjersey to get to the boat and saw this #standoff ... this is as wild as it gets by me 😂 our #woodchucks are #wellfed as well as our #straycat population. I did try to #befriend the kitty, But I left without any kitty kibble this morning 🙇‍♀️ Does anyone out there know of a reputable #tnr group in #bergencounty let me know #please 🙏 I don’t mind #feeding the kitties one bit, but they need to stop reproducing (though I do love kittens). Nonetheless I meet all #chakra markers in one walk... I even floated over water🤓🤪💫 .
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