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Ok so I told you I had something exciting to tell you and now I finally can. So, @cliniqueuk have asked me to host a 45 min class in partnership with them to get you ladies feeling supercharged and ready for an evening of fun on Tuesday 6th June at the @editionlondon to celebrate their new Hydrating Supercharged Concentrate and to launch my brand new training method @ddmcollective 💗 it's going to be such a fun event (including cocktails and goodie bags - always a winner 💁🏽) plus the entire class will be live dj'd by my gal pal @charlottedecarle 🙌🏼 I'm honestly so excited for this event and really hope to see you there, it's COMPLETELY FREE to attend, but you do have to save your space by clicking the link in my bio ☺ you can come with a friend, just tag them below and let them know where to sign up, I can't wait to meet some of you on the 6th 🙌🏼🙌🏼(also, shoutout to my lazy eye for making me look more drunk than excited - I'm totally sober in the pic, promise!) 😂 #superchargedhydration #supercharged #idlelaneloves #ddmcollective #trainlikeadancer #fitness #dance #DPxClinique

Strategi Nutrisi Optimalkan kebugaran di bulan PUASA

1. Bagi yang ingin menurunkan lemak tubuh, lakukan cardio intensitas medium 15-20 menit sebelum berbuka.
2. Saat berbuka, berbukalah dengan buah (setara maksimal 1/3 piring) daripada dengan minuman bergula-pasir.
3. Setelah 15 menit, meal berbuka dengan komposisi: - Lauk tanpa goreng, 1 telapak tangan dengan jari. - 1 mangkok sayuran (sebaiknya terdiri dari 2 atau lebih jenis sayuran) - 1 kepal nasi merah / ubi/ singkong / roti atau gandum/ pasta gandum atau nasi putin apabila tdk ada yg lain
4. Sesudah sholat Taraweh, karena sdh malam dekat dg waktu istirahat, apbl tetap mau latihan, lakukan hanya latihan beban, maksimal 20-30 menit. Beban medium, istirahat antar set diperpendek. (Bisa 3-4x per minggu)
5. Sesudah latihan beban, konsumsi lagi meal 1/2 ukuran meal berbuka di point no.3.
4. Sahur: konsumsi meal dengan komposisi seperti meal berbuka point no.3.
5. Aneka tips lain: - Batasi/hindari konsumsi micin (MSG), gorengan, dan pedas yang akan memicu rasa haus dan kering tenggorokan lebih awal ( terutama saat sahur)
- Batasi/hindari konsumsi minuman berkafein, agar tidak mengganggu tidur yang lebih terbatas. - Pedas & kafein juga berpotensi mengganggu lambung, apalagi saat berpuasa lebih rentan asam lambung naik. - Di samping itu, zat tsb di atas bersifat mengeluarkan cairan tubuh (diuretik), membuat tubuh rentan dehidrasi.
6. Bila merasa ada gangguan lambung, coba atasi dulu dengan suplementasi enzim pencernaan daripada dengan obat maag.

Selamat menjalankan ibadah Puasa dg bugar ya Fitnessmania... 🙏

@halimtsiang #raiinstitute #puasa #tips #bugar #nutrisi #diet #ramadhan #fasting #healthybodyyeswecan #wellbeing #alliswell

"Happiness is a choice, not a result. Nothing will make you happy until you choose to be happy. No person will make you happy unless you decide to be happy. Your happiness will not come to you. It can only come from you." - Ralph Marston

Bir süre detoksta olacağım 🦋
Kan hücrelerimin incelenmesi , ölçümlerimin yapılması , programımın çıkarılması ve bana uygun detoksa başlamam , o kadar seri ve sistemliydi ki sanırım Otel'e giriş yaptıktan yarım saat sonra detoks a başlamıştım . ✌🏻@akrahotels muhteşem bir manzarası var. Gün sonu raporum ; çok iyi gidiyor 😊Story de bugünün özeti var #detoksday1 #wellbeing #yaşınıniyisiol 🙋🏻

#shreddingwithgalina results so far. When I approached my dear friend, IFBB Athlete, Bikini Competitor and soon to be certified Personal Trainer I already made working out a regular part of my life. For the last 3 years I am working out from home and do 3 strength training circuit/ HIIT type sessions + cardio (LISS or HIIT) twice a week. I am a mum of two and naturally active. I already eat quite healthy, but I never went as far as getting a customised macro plan and fallowing it for a prolonged period of time. Since Summer is almost here I decided to give the #shredding plan a go. I must admit I was nervous at first because I knew that once I commit to something I will have to see it through and that will inevitably mean sacrificing some comforts. 😬 So... Here it is. The results so far. 4 weeks adherence. My workouts have not changed at all. No Diet Pills 🙅🏻 No Starvation 🙅🏻 No Magic 🙅🏻 No Flexing/ No Lighting Tricks/ No Posing. This is a true and honest transformation picture. This is all 💯 adherence to MACROS. As soon as I changed them and fallowed as instructed my body started changing. -3kg so far and -10cm overall! And the best thing of all, I was never hungry and had enough energy to continue with my usual workout routine and life as a mother of 2 toddlers, which is a busy one. I actually did ask if I should perhaps eat less 😀because I could not believe that you can burn fat without feeling hungry, low energy and food deprived. Yes, adjusting to new macros and the meal planning was hard at first, but then it just becomes a routine and once you start seeing and feeling the results it becomes so much easier. @fitgirlgalina slightly adjusted my macros for the last two weeks (hello more food 😆👍😆) so HERE IS TO THE LAST TWO WEEKS!! 💃💃💃
#shreddingplan #cutting #macros #macrodiet #transformation #bodytransformation #fitness #macros #beforeandafter #dietiseverything #activelifestyle #strengthtraining #bodyweighttraining #functionaltraining #weighttraining #hiit #homeworkouts #livingroomworkout #nogymnoproblem #activelifestyle #health #wellbeing #wellness #happiness

Welcome to Day 1of #sunsout🍑out challenge!

It's #LowLunge today.
This is a perfect asana to open our front side of body. Here I show you some of my favourite variation of #Anjaneyasana.

🌟1st one is with #Garudasana arms. If you have tight shoulder, this is one of the best way to open up! •
🌟2nd is with arms straight with your thumb crossed. I personally love this one so much as I can stabilise my shoulder blades. Keep your arms completely straight!

🌟3rd is with fingers interlaced behind the head just like when you do #Headstand. So keep your elbows hugging in. If you have neck pain when you do backbend, I recommend you this variation.

Check my lovely hosts their variation!
And don't forget to tag all the hosts and sponsors so that we can check on you 💕



Look at this beauty. It had a good ride out this weekend. Nice to be back on my bike as it makes you feel free and alive.

#freshair #cycle #ride #feelgood #wheels #specialized #fitness #fitnessmotivation #wellness #wellbeing #exercise #smile

Time for some motivation on this Monday morning! "I was 204 pounds in 2014 and knew I had to make a lifestyle change. I do Walk at Home DVDs every morning and eat healthy. I have lost and kept off 65 pounds ever since!
I went from an extra large to an extra small, a size 14 to a size 2!"- Cindy.

What a transformation! Looking amazing Cindy. Please continue to send us your stories everyone!
#happywalking #exercise #fitness #weightloss #wellbeing #walking #walkathome #walkwalkwalk #healthyeating #healthyliving #motivationmonday


Choose Self-Kindness ✧ Our affirmation pendants won't be returning once sold out!! We will be introducing some exciting new designs that we feel are more aligned with how the Cultivate Collection is evolving!! Only a few of these babies left & currently on sale with our midnight skies wrap bracelet {shop link in the bio}
#kindness #bekindtoyourself #cultivatekindness #selfcare #selflove #selfawareness #cultivate #inspiration #mindfulness #livelove #createyourreality #yourstory #yourlife #spiritualliving #livemindfully #growth #personalgrowth #intentions #soulwork #goodforyoursoul #wellbeing #support #encouragement #empowerment #meaningfuljewellery #inspirationaljewellery #affirmation #bracelet #cultivatecollection

Good souls always prosper. ❤

Creating health comes from various templates that partly need to align with where you want to be.
Understanding what suits you is the art. To get a clearer picture of where you want to go, get to a health professional to stop all the guess work.
In sporting terms it's called the fat mans track, the quickest way to get to the destination you choose.
Click on my bio @mattvaughanfit to contact me directly. Exercise in this video is a T-Bar Row performed with the torsonator.
Decide • Deliver • MV Corporate Health

Grocery goals via @sassykitchen 🍅🌽🍈🍋

My version of San choy bau was a hit for dinner last night. Topped with Avo and tahini to make sure I get my good fats. So fresh and simple. #wholefooddiet #wholefoods #eatlovebelieve #enjoyfood #eatclean #nourish #nutrition #nutritious #nutritionist #sydneynutritionist #wellbeing #wellbeing #iqs #iquitsugar #paleo #glutenfree #loveyourbody #hiit

Organic yogurt 🙌
The best certified organic, Australian made yogurt. With a variety of flavours, no added sugars or preservatives and a creamy, full flavoured taste. 😋😋😋
Available at your local IGA or fresh food market 💫💫

'Nature does not hurry,
Yet everything is accomplished.' - Lao Tzu 🌿 // UPDATE //
OWWR is nearly ready for the finishing touches to be made (and the work on the overgrown gardens to begin 🙈)
It needs a fresh lick of paint, instillation of curtains and blinds, a good clean (eco-friendly ofcourse), and then we can set-up the new bed (there are few of us around here that could do with a long sleep 😴) Lots of love from the forest 🏡 xx

**The Wise Women**
This Saturday join us on a soulful journey to inspire radiant selfworth, thriving inspiration and gentle healing. The most important role of the Wise Woman is the nurturing of her highest potential, her feminine intelligence and the uplifting of her consciousness. Take time for yourself to go inwards and explore your greatness.
The WISE WOMAN sees herself in all women and all women in herself, creating unity and strength.The WISE WOMAN has many roles in her life. The Wise Woman is both the key and the door. WISE WOMAN women, love on each other and create sisterhood.
Saturday June 3rd
2pm-5pm ...
$55 early bird,
$69 day of,
Soul Flow Members receive 10% off
@magnifyyourlight @soulflow_yoga ...
"The Wise Woman class was an awesome experience for me.The afternoon was spent in a warm and comforting space shared by beautiful women sharing their truths. It felt honest, courageous and enlivening to be able to truly tap into myself and embrace who I am and where I'm at in my journey of just being me. I felt energized with a deep sense of calm all at once. What a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon, taking some time for myself. This is what I'm learning to do." ~ Jacqueline Butler; Interior Designer

With the Seven of Cups, there is a risk of illusion. You need to separate what is real from what is illusion. Protect yourself against unclear or wishful thinking and habitual day dreaming. Avoid intoxication and escapism.

Is your body talking to you? Are you listening? Those repetitive symptoms are an indication that its time to start looking after yourself 🌿

Claire Bowley is here today! Pop into Warrawong Plaza, we are open until 5.30pm 💖#nuturegiftscrystals #wellbeing #mindfulmarkets #warrawongplaza

We here @theoilfam are incredibly thankful for everyone who has sacrificed their life so that we can be free to live ours. ❤️ We hope everyone is having a safe holiday!

We're SO excited to host a live Facebook workout with the lovely @rachael_finch this Thursday 1 June! You'll get a taste of her workout program @bodbyrachaelfinch and an exclusive offer. We're looking forward to the endorphins, good vibes and dance moves! 💃🏻🙌🏼

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