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Balayage done by Kadir!!

Mohla bych si přát lepší poslední zákaznici ve Studiu Wella než je právě usměvavá a vždy milá @michaela_jonas?! 😍
Dnes teprve druhá návštěva a já už jsem maximálně spokojená s tím, jak její vlasy momentálně vypadají!
Co vy na to?! :)) Prosvětlení:
#blondor + 4%
Odrost: #illuminacolor 6/16 + 8/69 + 10/ + 1,9%
Délky: #kolestonperfectinnosense 10/95 + 0/0 + 4%
#wella #mojewella #wellaprofessionals #wellaeducation #wellafamily #brondehair #bybarbora

before and after | swipe for the before 😜 balayage goddess | thanks to @brazilianbondbuilder I was able to get her light enough without any damage!

I did my signature babylights with foilayage in between. This technique gives me the ability to create that super organic, natural look with very subtle grow out. When you put a lot of detail into your sectioning, it gives your work longevity and your client is able to stretch the time in between appointments. This process takes a lot of time, but it is well worth it for the result you get.

Que tal ???? Quero ouvir (ler) vcsssss!!!! Thanks darling @millenabarrozo #lebeige


W H I T E • B L O N D E ✌

Colour by @hairbykatelawrence
Kate achieved this colour using @olaplex @olaplexau @wellapro_anz @haircareaust @foilmefoils

C R E A M Y • B L O N D E 💕

Colour by @theblondeconnoisseur
Jade achieved this colour using @olaplex @olaplexau @wellapro_anz @haircareaust @foilmefoils

This is crazy! I did this balayage last April and still look so good! I just refresh my gloss and did a nice chop and the hair fells so nice and fresh again. Gloss between services is a must to refresh your Balayage or any colour service so you will have happy hair all the way ❤️ Here is my Formula• @wellahair #colourtouch 20ml 8/38 + 20ml 9/97 1.9% 15min

Еще год назад я очень хотела побывать на обучении y @igorkhonin 💪🏻
Кто бы мог подумать, что мне доведется побывать на обучении у того, к кому ездил сам Игорь.
Спасибо большое за организацию мастер класса @natancorreia в России! Это было невероятно круто!👍🏻

#natancorreia #raisa_stav #masterclass #hairdresser #colorist #shatush #moscow #saopaulo #bondangel #wella #wellaeducation #blond #ombre #beauty

Etter➡️før🤗 elsket denne balayagen på krøllete hår😍
Av Iselin Frisør
#nikitahair #balayage #curls #wella #wellaeducation #summer #lovechange #feelsuccessful

Hmm... I think I'll name this one, CARAMEL LATTE ☕️ @livvybye's hair looking so dreamy! t's so thick and even after colouring it has all that shine thanks to @olaplex#aliceandthehair

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