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Where is your next holiday destination😍😍😍? I still can't decide ... Greece or no Greece 🤔? #greece #architecture via @belenhostalet 😊💕

Would You Enjoy This Refreshing Experience?😍
#followmeto to São Lourenço 😊 for a new adventure!
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🌍 Riviera de São Lourenço
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São Lourenço is a Brazilian municipality in the southern part of the state of Minas Gerais, in the Southeast of the country.

My love for the outdoors is no secret and I've shared just about every reason why I love it so much... But I want to hear from you guys now. What do you love the most about the outdoors? What's your earliest or most profound memory from the mountains? If you don't love the outdoors that's ok too, tell me what you're really passionate about, what really fires you up like nothing else

This van though 😻

Tokyo Drift.

Yesterday a friend mentioned that I might be overdue an Oregon trip. I think she may be right 🙌

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Sunrise paddles at sparks lake, one of my favorite views to wake up to in the morning.

Turistar em sua cidade é ir ao mesmo lugar N vezes, mas sempre procurar vê-lo de um novo jeito 💚


Вот он, наш сегодняшний главный герой для съемки. Едем. ⠀


Double tap if you know a little someone would ❤💙💛 these picture boards to display their gorgeous paintings + drawings 🖼✏ Visit @eumundikids like @an_n1207 did #EumundiMarkets #MakeItBakeItSewItGrowIt

🌏 I have this app on my laptop that shows me a different quote every day. Sometimes they're lame 😅, sometimes they're good.
Today's quote was: "How many success stories do you need to hear before you make your own?"

No plan is a plan :)

1 year later 😎 #NowYouKnowWhatWeDoEachSummer

📍Georgetown, Penang

Whenever I'm overseas, I always wondered how the locals could be so composed and look so oblivious while I'm going gaga over the beautiful sights. It is also then that I realised I was doing the same in my own region, turning a blind eye and ignoring the places nearby or even places in my own country, Singapore. Its a shame that I have been to more countries outside South East Asia than within it. Theres so much to see, even near home.

So for this year, I've decided that I'm gonna see as much of SEA as my university schedule allows. And also bring you guys along for the ride and hopefully inspire you guys to look around your own neighbourhood for adventures! First stop: Penang!!!😋

#AlumBay #IOW. Possibly the biggest tourist beach on the island and a sheltered spot for anchoring and swimming ashore. Next week on the island is Cowes week, an annual racing regatta ⛵ Unfortunately this year I'm not able to make it for the racing but I'll be heading to the island both weekends for some of the amazing parties happening in Cowes, including the famous Friday night fireworks 🎇 (shot on: @canonuk) . . . . . . . . . .
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