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☀ Amazing sunset at Cappadocia.
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💡//The best ideas come when there’s no noise...

By noise I mean your own thoughts 💭

It’s taken approx 30 days to get my sleeping schedule back to normal. Makes sense seeing as I was basically creating/posting content until sunrise every day for about the same amount of time before sleeping the day away 😴

12am-6am was the only time of the day I had no distractions from the outside world after all…🌍

The first huge take-away from all of this is that after the first couple weeks of frustration and dealing with the lack of momentum/motivation I’m used to…inspiration and fresh ideas have started to come back with a vengeance. Always when I’m not trying to come up with anything too 🤔

So at the gym…in the shower…during a run. Basically all the times in the day when I’m focused on the present moment with no distractions.

It’s crazy how important it is to just get the fuck out of your own head sometimes. In an ever connected 2017 world its a lot harder than it used to be…and twice as important in my opinion 📱

Thanks to everyone for giving me some time to sort my shit out. So grateful to every single one of you reading this 🙏

Oh and one more thing…let me know in the comments who you think will win in the Mayweather/Mcgreggor fight! 😂

For me its an seemingly obvious win to Mayweather but theres a small part of me hoping Mcgreggor knock him the fuck out to become the worlds most famous athlete 🥊

Much love legends. Hope you’re all well! 🙏

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Tag en venn du vil ta med hit!
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Days like these... 😍@yinonh
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🌎 Leshan Giant Buddha, China
📷@jcoverseas "The largest Buddha in the world is located in Leshan in Sichuan, China. It stands 71 meters, or 232 feet tall"
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A last bye bye to the stars before returning to the city.

Barca, you're always in my heart 💚

☘ Sea Of Voices ☘

We'll see creation come undone
These bones that bound us will be gone
We'll stir our spirits 'til we're one
Then soft as shadows we'll become - Porter Robinson -

No matter what happens the sun still shine
When nights get dark and days get cold
Even when goals never reached begin to get old
Keep your head up and keep in your mind
The sun still shines
The sun will shine when rainy days decide to come
Dark clouds come to override the sun
Life is just a test made for us
To conquer all should be your goal
The eagerness to accomplish should make you bold
It"s really easy once you understand and comprehend
Life is a battle made for us to win
Get through the rain and see clear sky
you know very well the sun still shine…
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Take her to the islands

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Cruise down the of The Gorges Du Verdon 🇫🇷 Photo by @neskirimli

Will be back to beaching very very soon 🌈✈️🌤🌊

I remember three years ago working my last 9-5 doing security asking God for a more fun and adventurous life. 😩 Fast forward to today I have been on many adventures, experienced things many people would not in a lifetime, visited many countries around the world and had a taste of what it truly means to be free. 😊 None the less every addiction can have its turning point if overused. I am enjoying my last few days in Thailand before flying back home to LA and I have to say I am stoked and looking forward to just being in one place for a little while I am completely familair with. Not to mention of course to be able to see my family and friends back home.🙄 Some times the truth is long term traveling can be overwhelming.😝 Moving from one place to another constantly, having to adapt to different places, people and circumstances all the time and very much can belonely at times.😫 I was on a mission and still am. I told myself not to return home until I am a Multiple Billionaire and have my online business figured out and running .Haha sometimes I notice I can be a bit hard on myself.😂 I am not where I want to be but thank God phyiscally,mentally and spiritually I am not where I use to be and very much know I am on the right path to fulfilling my destiny.🙌 Nothing can stop me from achieving my goals and dreams and I am happy to know that success, blessings, opportunities and abundance are constantly knocking at my door.Cheers to that! 🍷#lppathfinders

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