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Слилась с атмосферой на ты

Just couldn't resist doing a #magic trick with a literal #octothorpe
#hastag is actually known as an #octothorpe see? You're #learninstuff
Wrapping dark harbor on to the next thing

At least not steal the work, but inspired the concept

Without Wings II w/@djluchainz & styling by @_calvinyves

Happy Veterans Day! Here’s a photo of me bowling with a veteran. @ricketron

Sorry Stuart🤷🏻‍♂️🌇

"My love affair with kicks started with Janoski SB's when I used to think I could skateboard (I couldn't) and graduated to Huarache's soon after. After being a Nike and casual Vans guy for so long it wasn't until Adidas started putting out Boost that I started taking a serious look at the brand. I became enamored with NMDs immediately and when I finally got my hands on a pair of Ultra Boosts... I was hooked. ⁣
With this pair specifically there's a bit of a backstory. I've always loved collabs and hard to find pieces so when I saw these China-only Dragon Boat Festival UB’s I knew I had to find a way to snag them. I luckily found a reliable plug that was able to snag me the largest size of this super limited run and man was I over the moon. In the end I've never really had brand loyalty to anyone in particular but I do notice myself rocking Boost more than anything else 🤔. ⁣
Regardless, I love sneaker culture with it’s ups and downs and the passion that folks can have to create stories with their streetwear."
Special thanks to @faucius_irl for taking the time at @twitchcon to link up for this shot. Eric is always posting links to slick deals on Twitter so be sure to follow him there but your bank account will surely hate you too.

#WeLevitate’s @erickhercules and @forgetmat came out with @nike.acg, @jeffstaple & @extrabutter on a #levitation exploration around NYC!

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