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I will practice welcoming my failure as a part of my healing journey. At any cost avoid giving up and throwing away every aspect of my new healthy lifestyle. So I juiced my celery this morning...yeahhhh #teamcelery And I´m pretty proud of that! Why?

Everything was going well. 14 days of @medicalmediumcleanse: „just raw fruit and vegetables“ and I felt good. As if I never had any food addiction (which is anything sweet and fatty: liqourice, cakes with whipped cream, danish pastry...now guess where I was born and raised).
I had been on the @medicalmediumprotocol for roughly 4 Months, transitioning slowly already at the beginning of the year. I made healing progress. A lot actually. My hopes were high. So how could this all change within the last 4 days? 4 days of flare-ups, old nasty symptoms taking over my body and mind: anxiety, panic-attacks, sadness, joint pain, acne, numbness, terrible fatique, puffed up +bloated looking like hell and I was a slave of my addictions again. Guess what I binged on. And I can´t even say, if „IT“ is over yet. As I am writing about it now, I have a glutenfree vegan pizza in the oven, because I need to take the throwback seriously. It´s better to feed my addiction in this „healthier way“ than binging on „Sh**“ later. I feel defeated. Looking for mistakes I made.But: There is nothing more I could have done BETTER. I commited fuly. I will not bore you with my routine, my drawers filled with supplements, herbal teas, meditations, angel-prayers, yogapractice and adrenal snacks... So what were the triggers?

Big shout out to everyone that has overcome the unpredictable curve balls of life and have gone on to #bounceback Do you know that what you think about for the first 8 minutes of each day plays a major part in how your day will end up? Who do you listen to, what do you feed your mind with each and every day when you wake up? What you put into your mind is what you will get out of it, the thoughts that you think are what will end up manifesting in your life. The power to overcome any failures any setbacks is within us all. It begins with a healthy mindset you have to fuel your mind with positivity and start believing it focus on it and take action on your positive thoughts and beliefs. I make it a point to start each day listening to positive and thinking positive and taking action on the positive, this has been my Ultimate key to my #BounceBackb #afterprisonshow #lifeafterprison #welcomefailure #beyourboss #prisontalk #bouncebackbryan #berelentless #keepitreal @zacharyjbabcock #focusonyourself #goodvibes #ginevolve These audios are are #jumpstart to my #dailygrind

I've fallen, I've made my mistakes and along the way I've lost more and felt more pain than most. But the fall isn't what the focus should ever be. The important thing is the #bounceback it's about our ability to stumble take a hit and come back stronger and hungrier than ever. If you've fallen, you have to dust yourself off and believe in U. UOU, nobody else does. Take charge of your life and never hand over the pen that writes your story. #fuckthefall #welcomefailure #takecharge #writeyourownstory #beyourbestself #beyourboss #bouncebackbryan #keepit100 #underdogentrepreneur #lifeafterprison #prisontalk #afterprisonshow

One thing that I learned from dancing — that applies to life — is putting yourself out there. Your talent won’t be discovered if you don’t try to broadcast it. Simple. You won’t get fed if you don’t open your mouth. Wether it be a job, relationship, or whatever else you have to put yourself out there. #takeachance #goforit #noshame #welcomefailure

When I read this I thought about what a bad rep ‘failure’ gets. Failure means you’re trying, failure means you’re learning and success waits on the other side of it. I say we fail freely and fail often, but never doubt our ability to succeed! 🙌🏼👊🏼 Happy Monday, beautiful souls!

Do not get stopped by fear. Live life - take risks - learn from your failures - get up after you fell down and start again. 💕

The exact moment I realized @jls143_ and @lion.fitfoods had arrived witnessing failure after failure and knowing I was about to get hit with a motivational speech and a "JUST MUTHA F*CKING DO IT, RAH!"

Welcome to @riseabovehardship where together, we rise. #welcomefailure #rahfitness #togetherwerise #proverbs2717

If that’s where it’s at then here is where I wanna be, but when here isn’t there then where do I go? Up, because down isn’t a struggle, an success comes one failure at a time. #Progress #UphillClimb #WelcomeFailure #WelcomeSuccess #Fuckem

Take a moment, breathe in, & be grateful to be you. Everything you have ever done in your life has led you to where you are today. Every mistake you have made, every chance you took, every move you have made has led you to this moment and time in your life . Be grateful and welcome failures and take chances. Happy Wednesday friends!

#gratitude #takechances #learnfrommistakes #lovelikecrazy #welcomefailure

I train on my own every morning. I don’t let the solo-training style hold me back from pushing myself to failure. In most cases, I actually surprise myself with my strength. Obviously, I bit off a little more than I could chew this morning. But that’s alright! If training was easy I wouldn’t want to do it anyways. I welcome failure to give me the opportunity for growth. So please, enjoy this in-edited clip of me not only failing this attempt, but also crawling out from under the bar. 😂😂
I value the reverse diet after multiple weeks in a caloric deficit. I’m slowly increasing my calories as I feel ready for more food. This will certainly be a slow process throughout the next few months, but it’ll be worth it in the end! -
#HerSuppz #Suppz #FindYourStrength #ladieswholift #fierce #musclesandmascara #boardbenchpress #solotraining #healthiswealth #welcomefailure #naturalbodybuilding #reversedieting

Trust yourself when all men doubt you, but make allowance for their doubting too.
Look to whomever you want , there will always be those who doubt you. Who don‘t believe in your massive potential. You know what? This is fine. Absolutely fine. Some use their negative thoughts to justify their own mediocrity. Others do have good intentions. They sincerely want to save you from failure. And you know what? This is fine as well. Let them try. Let them ease their own minds. But you? You welcome failure. You know that with every time you fail you come one step closer to that goal of yours. So with this new week starting right now I wish you a lot of failures my friends. May you fail so often that you will win and get anything you want in life. #pedramspath #dreamerswhodo #welcomefailure
📷 by @samirnovotny

So many of us are afraid to start or try because we are afraid of failing.

You WILL fail. Welcome failure.
Welcome failure as a chance to learn what NOT to do, to get up and get better each and every time you fall down. Learn from your mistakes, but remember, you will make others. And it's OK. #welcomefailure #failforward #bethechange #iam1stphorm #bebadass

Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy. Nhat Hanh.........
#springbreakover #springquarter #backtonotes #moreexams #ucipride #zotzotzot #lifeiswhatyoumakeit #grindhard #pushyourself #welcomefailure #celebratesuccess #behappy #smile😊

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