Currently on view: WeiWeiCam by Ai Wei Wei (2012) ⠀
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WeiweiCam is a self-surveillance project by the Chinese artist Ai Wei Wei which went live on April 3, 2012, one year after he was arrested by the Chinese authorities at Beijing airport. ⠀

Upon his release in June 2011, after 81 days in prison, Ai Wei Wei was instructed not to leave Beijing. Moreover, 15 cameras were installed around his home to keep him under constant surveillance. In response, Ai Wei Wei himself installed four cameras in his home: one in his bedroom, one in the garden, and two in his office. He put the livestream on his website, making it accessible to the world. 46 hours later, the authorities forced him to take the site offline. In this short time, the site had over 5.2 million visitors.⠀ Photo by David von Becker www.davidvonbecker.com

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46 hours after Ai Weiwei started his 24-hour live feed in 2012, the Chinese authorities instructed him to shut it down. The website received 5.2 million views.
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Self surveillance Weiweicam, 2012 © Ai Weiwei

Ai Wei Wei 👌

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