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@juemagrecendo "For a while you miss the old habits, but when the benefits become visible all that sensation disappears in a heartbeat!
⇒ After I started to treat the food for its due value, I could see the importance they have in my life!
⇒ Eating is not just eating any bullshit, but having the good habit of analyzing what really does well!
⇒ Always believe that you will succeed, because all human beings are what they think because their stimuli react like this!
⇒ Weight loss is a walk and not a race. So take it easy that the results are coming!
⇒ A slip is not always a fall. Stand up because the fight is just beginning!
⇒ With patience and perseverance, everything is achieved." _____________________________
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Quick, easy, indulgent – and totally fulfills your sweet cravings. This filling treat from @_blessedjess is perfection on a plate. Swipe to see what she used to make this delicious treat. #weightwatchers #repost #LiveFully

Bonjourrrr🤠 einige Nachrichten haben mich nach meinem Post gestern erreicht und ich wurde gefragt, ob es nicht muskelabbau-fördernd wäre, " so lange zu fasten " und worauf ich dabei achte. Daher erzähle ich euch heute kurz und knapp, warum es nicht schlimm ist!
Alsooo der Körper speichert erstmal die Nährstoffe, die ihr ihm gebt und er holt sich diese Speicher dann, wenn er die Energie benötigt. Kohlenhydrate werden in den Glykogenspeichern in Leber und Muskel gespeichert, das heißt ihr habt auch länger als nur 10 Stunden Energie - vorausgesetzt ihr habt genug gegessen. Ähnlich ist das mit Eiweiß. Die Speicher nennen sich Aminosäurepool und auch hier kommt der Körper auf die Speicher zurück ABER nicht desto trotz ist es wichtig, dem Körper nach dem Training Proteine zuzuführen, da er sie dann am einfachsten verwerten kann. Also keeeeine Panik, wenn ihr mal ein paar Stunden nichts esst, der Körper holt sich die Energie💪🤗🍭

One of my favorite breakfasts right here! Two pieces of Ezekiel whole grain toast (4sp), one laughing cow cheddar cheese wedge (1sp), blue hill wild caught smoked Alaskan salmon (1sp), and capers and cracked pepper. 💥
#weightwatchers #smartpoints #arielleeats #healthy #healthybreakfast #ariellesugardetox #buzzfeedsugardetox #nosugaradded #noaddedsugar

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Watching Skin Tight and eating the last of my @halotopcreamery peanut butter cup (5sp), what a combo! #weightwatchers #wwsisterhood #wwmoms #wwfooddiary #wwonline #becauseitworks

So it was Breakfast for Dinner. Smoked Salmon Scramble with Potatoes with Dill Sauce. Really good! Smartpoints recipe 6 points.#weightwatchers

Reminding myself about the basic keys to weight loss success. You can fool your tracker. You can't fool your body. If you're serious about weight loss, be serious about tracking.
#talkingtomyself #takingthisseriously #fitnessgoals #letsdothis #weightwatchers

Snacking on my fav!
@rokebyfarms plain quark yoghurt (high protein) 3 Weight Watchers Smart Points
Topped with 5gms (approx 9-10) Nestle baking chocolate chips 1 Weight Watchers Smart Point.

4 Weight Watchers Smart Point Snack
@rokebyfarms available At Woolworths.

I've been a terrible instagrammer the past few days. Life has been busy. Here's my one food picture of the day- Lavash Bread pizza. I'm off to bed early tonight.
#weightwatchers #simplyfilling #wwatwork #wwoklahoma #weightlossjourney

Been waiting all day to make it here so I made sure to make it count #dripping #sweat #sweaty #gym #gymlife Been a pretty rough week with #life so headphones on me time it is for sanity purposes ya know 😉 #health #healthy #healthylifestyle #loveyourbody #fit #fitness #fitfamily #fitfam #fitgirl #fitgirls #weightwatchers #houston #texas

Happy #nationalpuppyday to my first born! Walle, you're the best. We love you more than words could ever express. You may not love sharing mommy and daddy with that annoying little human named Oliver, but you really are the best big brother we could ever ask for. Thank you for putting up with all the "love" he shows you. 🐶💗

6 sp #dindin
1/2 c TJs Melodions blend (green garbanzo beans, red & green lentils w/ tomato & oil oil) ~ 3 sp . I mixed this with TJs sriracha tofu ~ 3 sp and 1/2 c each of cauliflower rice & broccoli rice & 1 tbsp corn salsa. I needed something quick and this was it! #dinnertime #eatyourveggies #proteinup #ww #weightwatchers #wwfamily #wwsisterhood #wwcommunity #wwsocal #wwfooddiary #beyondthescale #becauseitworks #wwsmartpoints #smartpoints #fitnessjourney #fitmom #notadiet #itsalifestyle #eattolive #livefully #instafood #goaldigger #healthyeats #nomeat

Some days I have total breakdowns about my #weightlossjourney and then Kyle makes me a delicious and #onpoint meal and everything seems like it's going to be fine again. Curry tempeh, steamed broccoli, sautéed asparagus, and strawberries. #chefboyfriend #weightwatchers #weightwatchersvegan #wwsmartpoints #plantbaseddiet

Grilled pork, salad and super yummy roasted butternut squash! #ww #wwsisterhood #homemade #foodie #weightloss #weightwatchers

Because fruit dip goes with everything! 😍🍓🍎🍓🍎🍓🍎🍓🍎🍓😍 1sp for 1/2 cup! YUM! @weightwatchers

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