You hold the 🔑 #beconsistent HEALTH is not about the weight you loose is about the LIFE you gain #gainsonmymind 🐆 #idoherbalife💚 -Coach Juanita Fit

"If it doesn't challenge you it doesn't change you" - Fred Devito

Y’all already know I love my Herbalife products 💚 #Idoherbalife #Coachjuanitafit

Fueled by Herbalife Nutrition ‼️#Leggies #juanitafitvids #Gainz 💦

🐆The most fulfilling part is being able to feel & look your best at the same time .... #juanitafittip Don’t skip meals! Ur metabolism slows down, u can’t burn the calories u should & Ur body goes on “storage mode” = more fat 🚨

I KNEW that I was holding onto this last pack of sheer deliciousness for a reason!! 😍 Peach Mango Slim was a free bonus as part of my very first ONE/80, which I did this past spring. But now? NOW it is FINALLY available for purchase for the VERY FIRST TIME!! 💃💖🎉 This is undoubtedly the BEST Slim flavor and you best believe momma is stocking up! 🙌🏼 #weightmanagent #appetitecontrol #energy

PROTEIN BALL SNACKS - You know you’re 100% dedicated to your job (lifestyle) when you find yourself prepping snacks for your customers whilst you’re on holiday. “Their journey is my journey”. #inittogether #dedicated #nutrition #weightmanagent #weightlosscoach #healthylifestyle #proteinsnacks #fuelyourbodyright #loveyourjob #eatwell #healthyeating #foodprepping #preparationiskey #personaltraining #personaltrainer @phoenix_training_guru @mark_waldron_pt #dudley #puregymbrierleyhill @pure_gym_brierleyhill

Yesterday 2 A day workout 😬 I usually don’t workout twice a day but yesterday I met up with an old friend and we worked out together in the evening ... gotta do it for the gainz 💪🏼 #nutritiononpointtootho#BackintheAM #LeggiesinthePM #fueledbyherbalifenutrition💚

Hi you guys, just wanted to share a bit more about me. I’ve had couple transformations throughout my Journey with Herbalife nutrition. Before Herbalife I lacked energy, I was overweight , anemic, not confident in my self & only had “1 big meal” that I could remember and lots of junk food..When I started Herbalife I was looking for a physical change “just to loose my fat” is what I said. Not realizing that nutrition was everything and the importance of it . I was able to loose 15lbs however I maintained my weight and as you can see on this before My lifestyle was still the same , going out , drinking, cooking at home but eating lots of it & mostly all weekends going out to eat a lot. This year I was told I was close to hitting the limit of cholesterol and needed to exercise and eat healthier . I did like hot Cheetos a lot & still & only occasionally worked out. So when I was told that I was triggered to make a strict change in eating clean, being consistent with my nutrition program and exercising at a consistent pace. My after describes it all. If I thought I had accomplished something before this is greater and I’m building muscle now that I didn’t know I would be able to have and feeling amazing, energy is up and I’m looking and feeling at my best so of course confidence level at its highest. The great thing is that you can do anything you set your mind to. Be consistent , be committed, SET your goal, achieve it and set another and another and keep hitting them goals . The greatest feeling is accomplishment . It’s worth it baby. And if I also haven’t mentioned it I am a Herbalife nutrition Coach-Juanita Fit 💚 I help others become the best version of themselves . Message me to get started !! & let’s get it DONE ✅ Happy #TransformationTuesday

Any workout/physical activity is a great workout! Yo lo pienso como me dicen mi ama y Apa que caliente el carro antes de manejarlo paraq no se descomponga rápido 😂 pues Igualito así deberías de cuidar tu cuerpo . Dale 20% de cualquier actividad que te caliente por lo menos 30 minutos al día que te circule bien la sangre, para q tus huesos sigan fuertes , aumenta tu energía , reduce tu índice de masa corporal , mejora tu respiración ect.... Dale gas a tu cuerpo 🤪 en serio tu cuerpo mente y alma te lo agradecerá . Y como siempre 80% es tu NUTRICIÓN Personalmente mi nutrición con HERBALIFE y mi comida saludable y balanceada a sido mi 80% de nutrición más fácil. Los batidos son ricos, los aperitivos son deliciosos.. q Nadie me diga que HERBALIFE no es delicioso que si no lo prueban no les creo 🤪 #nutricionnumero1delmundo #yosoyherbalife

Your body is a reflection of your lifestyle .. Working out is my partying , protein shakes are my beer , preworkouts are my shots , The pump is my buzz! & the pain the next morning is my hangover..#trainInsaneorRemaintheSame 💪🏼🔥 #Idoherbalife #coachjuanitafit💚 #iamherbalife #Mommyof2

Swipe ⏪ #backday also did triceps, some biceps , & abs. You guys my left wrist hurts when I put a lot of pressure on it (from injury years ago) so I have to be very careful with that but I still try my best.. 🐆💪🏼 Also, couple months ago I was not able to complete 1 push up 😉 now I’m practicing more and strength is improving. Hoping to practice some #calisthenics soon 😜 & ofcourse always #fueledbyherbalifenutrition💚 -your Herbalife Nutrition Coach Juanita Fit

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