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Looking back at my ONE month transformation. It blows my mind to see the progress I made in only 30 days. Crazy what our bodies can do.
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🔷There are so many reasons why I wanted to share this. One, was to remind us not to compare ourselves to pics we see on IG. Everyone is on their OWN journey. This journey for me was to make it on stage and compete as a Figure Competitor. It took A LOT of work, and looking back I learned that pushing myself that hard and making extreme changes in that short amount of time had it's consequences. . .
🔷Second, to know the difference between working towards a SPECIFIC goal and living a healthy balanced life. They are, in my opinion, completely different. . .
🔷And lastly... Know that no matter what, you CAN do whatever you set your mind to do even it it seems impossible. Whatever that goal is, you can do it. You just have to have a plan and get to work. You have to SHOW UP even when you don't feel like it. You have to base your decisions on what you promised yourself you were going to do and not by how you are feeling. Because if we waited to do things only when we felt like it, we'd never get anything done. 👊

So let's be real... Here is me at my smallest and me tonight at the gym . (I don't think I am showing , others disagree ) I will be 16 weeks on Monday .... This hardest thing for me too see. I lost almost 200 pounds and my body is changing and growing . Pcos and pregnancy is hard trying to keep a baby fed and not gain is not easy . Before I could eat when ever and work out for 2 hours . Now I have to think of her 🎀 this is gonna be a challenge . But I lost this weight to have a healthy baby . And I know once she is here . I can find the dedication again to get that body back . Just keep pushing !!! #beastmode #fitmom #mystory #effoutmyay #gonnastayfit #pcospregnancy #itsgonnabeokay #ourlovestoryandweightlossstory #watchmelooseitagain #fuckobesity #instafit #weightlosssstory

The scale: evil or a useful tool? I say both! If you have a healthy relationship and outlook, it can be a useful tool. If you're obsessed and constantly on, it can be evil. Did you know your weight can fluctuate over 5 pounds a day?! I woke up after a weekend out of town to what appeared to be a 4 pound gain from a week ago. I'm not stressing though. Female issues today and overindulging and traveling can account. I'm going to refocus, up my activity and water and watch my food today. I know it'll come off in a few days. And if it doesn't? I'll reevaluate my food intake and get serious. Don't let the scale rule you!

Went to try on a dress today...not happy at all! I wish this weight could just fall right off but I know that's impossible. I need to work hard to get to where I want to be. I'm ready to start feeling more confident in myself. Let's do it👊🏻💥 #fitness #fitfam #fitchick #fattofit #weightloss #weightlossjourney #weightlosssstory #dedication #determination #motivation

Yeiiii When you get a text like this ⬆️ early in the morning makes everything I do worth it ! So proud of Rosangel, she lost 2 pounds during the first week of using our System #healthymom #weightloss #weightlosssstory #weightlosssuccess #weightlossresults #weightlossjourney #weightless #weightlosssupport

There are two primary choices in life: to accept conditions as they exist, or accept the responsibility for changing them. ~Dennis Waite
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Because when you start a #newlifestyle you need an official before picture. This is me now at a size 14/16, down from a size 26 four years ago. I've gained a few (several) pounds back this winter, and they've got to go. Goals: 1-17lbs, 2-30lbs, and finally 44lbs total to my main goal. I may work on an extra 10-15 after that, but we'll see! #ketogenicdiet #fatbegone #weightloss #weightlosssstory #getfitordietrying #gethealthy #letsdothis #getexcited

Overall down 3 lbs in 14 days. Down 1.1 this week. Super excited to see the scale move down. Finally!

Cause salads from restaurants are bomb.com lol. Idk why I hate making my own salad at home. Anyone else like that? #fitness #fitfam #fattofit #fitchick #weightloss #weightlosssstory #weightlossjourney #dedication #determination #motivation


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