This happened today! I hit my goal weight, but I'm not stopping! My focus will not be on losing more weight, but on continuing to build strength and improve my overall health. I'm not stopping because I feel fantastic! I have a better mindset. I'm less stressed.
I cannot imagine going through this move and back to school with two vehicles breaking down in between without having set this program in place first. I truly believe God put this in my life because he knew I would need it. Do you need it? Comment below. I would love to help you reach your goals, too!

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Ahhh! 😫 This diet is killing me!
I love ❤️chocolate, but I can’t have any because I’m on this insane, unrealistic diet.😖
I just want my chips but I’m trying to lose weight!😩
That bread 🥖is too darn hard to resist.😟 Do you find yourself in these situation more often than not? Frustrating isn’t it? And what ends up happening? You say “screw it!😡 Drop everything you’ve worked for. Go to the other extreme and overindulge on the foods you can’t have. Than how do you feel? Crappy, right?
With my experience and with 2B-Mindset mentality, I can honestly tell you that you can have that piece of cake and STILL lose weight.
BUT before you take a bite, here are some steps I use in moments of cravings:
☝️Drink a glass of water💦.
🤔 Think. Am I hungry? Than feed yourself with purposeful food - Shakeology, veggies, boiled egg, low fat yogurt. FYI Shakeology is an amazing alternative for your dense nutrition and to satisfy cravings.
💭Think. Am I bored or emotional? Walk away from your cravings. Distract yourself with an activity.

If at this point you still want your sweet🍰 or salt🍿, than by all means, enjoy it.😋 You’ll have a better chance of making healthier food choices and losing weight if you know you can treat yourself in a CONTROLLED manner by taking the above steps rather than trying to remove it altogether. Isn’t it more sustainable to know that you can still eat the foods you love?

My mission is to use my experience and knowledge to help you stay active, achieve your personal fitness and weight goals.
I do this in many ways such as:
-Advise on nutrition - not a diet😉
-Develop a tailored exercise program - short and effective.
-Keep you motivated -enjoy life while taking care of your health and feel your best.
Message me if you are looking 👀for help, direction and support in living a healthy, sustainable lifestyle. Together, let’s figure out how I can help YOU.
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NEWS FLASH… peas are not a vegetable. I didn’t know that. Heck, I grew them in my veggie garden. 😉🌱⁣

1 cup of peas equals about 20 grams carbohydrate. Good carbs that help you feel fuller longer. They are also a great source of fiber. 💩⁣

I stumbled upon this because, while in WEIGHT LOSS MODE, I do not eat carbs with dinner. Carbs have a purpose -- to give us energy. At night, we are preparing ourselves for sleep, so additional energy is not needed.⁣

Again, this is one of my strategies for losing weight (the healthy way). However, if you are an ultra athlete -- going to run a marathon or compete in a Spartan race -- you may want that extra fuel on board to tap into the next day.⁣

But for most of us... that is not the case.

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One of the things that has saved me so much time when working on bettering my health and fitness is meal prep. This was some of the goodies we brought with camping last weekend to stay on track.
Some of the time saving tips I have are; buy a rottiserie chicken already made and debone it for quick snacking, meals, sandwiches etc, buy already cut up veggies, make doubles or triples when you make meals so there is leftovers during the week. I love throwing random stuff together for stir fries too. Do you have any meal prep tips? I always like new ideas!
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First time trying eggplant 🍆 pizza! More of a lasagna texture but super tasty 😋 Veggies most for dinner with a nice big salad 🥗 I made a promise to myself in my ladies nutrition group to try new recipes. I’m usually a protein roasted veggie (lazy) cook👩🏼‍🍳 .

3 weeks and going strong 💪🏼 That accountability thing actually works 😉 .
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