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MRS. BATTLE..🖤. Celebrating two weeks of marriage to my amazing husband today..💋. Something a lot of people don't know about me, is that my husband & I work different shifts, and he works a lot of weekends • which means I spend a lot of time alone. I moved to a different state to live with him after we started dating, which is only about an hour from where I grew up, but still means I don't have many friends close by..😭. ••I LIVE IN DELAWARE IF ANYONE WANTS A NEW FRIEND••. I commute over an hour each way to work every day, so when the weekends come the last thing I wanna do is more driving to see my friends & family..😫. Usually I'm fine being alone, I actually enjoy it, but when I'm struggling with binge eating, it's a set up for disaster. I'm still dealing with some cravings to binge since my honeymoon, which I'm proud to say I haven't given into. But sitting in the house all day is only gonna drive me crazy..😵. RETAIL THERAPY IS CALLING MY NAME...✌🏼. #timetoshop #mrsbattle #love #selfie #heygirl #croptoplife #whynot #weightlossjourney #fitspo #goals

You and me little man.
Together we've come so far and I can't wait to see what God has in store for us.

Thank you C, for being my motivation, my fire and my life!
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I lift so I can beat up any of my crazy Instagram followers🙃💪🏻💃🏼

Hallo ihr Lieben💕

Tag 6/19 #erpelinechallenge

Meeeega der schöne Tag😍😍 Ich war heut morgen auch schon direkt total motiviert und bin zum Bootybuilding😁 Die Nudeln, die ich mir gestern Abend gegönnt habe, mussten ja umgewandelt werden😂😂
Jaaaa und heut Nachmittag war ich mit einer Freundin unterwegs, spazieren, quatschen und anschließend im Cafe😍 richtig schön...einfach mal Qualitytime👌

Konntet ihr die Sonne auch genießen?

Habt einen schönen Abend😘

Die Hose ist übrigens von @physiqapparel 😍 mega cool, oder?😍

Day 36 post op;
Guess who is feeling super lazy today and is going to do nothing at all 👋🏼 this girl. I seriously have no motivation to do anything. Maybe this cold brew will get me going but tbh lol I doubt anything will right now 😂 whatever it's Saturday, I can chill & relax 100% guilt free 💁🏻 other then my laziness in full gear I'm feeling fucking fantastic, I still can't get over how much I am loving my body, how far I've come and accomplished. For once I am catching myself saying more positive things about myself then negative and it feels fantastic.
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What do you think?! 😱 Tag a Friend To Show What's Possible!
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"I'm trying to give myself a little peptalk here. I really need it.
Maybe you guys can use it too? You're more than welcome that's for sure!

So Fie, try and go back. Back 4 years ago. Try to remember the pain you felt, emotionally and physically. Remember how it felt running 100 meters and feeling sore almost everywhere? Remember not being able to stand up for long, because your feet started to hurt and your knees couldn't take the weight. Remember not being able to fit into flyseats? Remember not being able to find a single type of clothes that you actually liked? Remember all the judging hurtful comments and looks from people, who didn't knew you or your story? Remember sitting on the bathroom floor, crying your eyes out and almost screaming in pain (emotional pain) with a lot of pills in your hands, literally hitting yourself in the head saying: "I hate myself, I hate my life - I don't want to live anymore!" Remember how your life was. Remember the overwhelming pain. The loneliness. The depression. The emptiness. REMEMBER WHY YOU STARTED THIS JOURNEY! Remember why it's so priceless. Remember how far you've come! I know it can be hard to see sometimes, and you tend to forget it. I know you still struggle. I know you still stumble and fall. (And that's ok btw!) But I do also know, that you've been through hell and back, and made it! You've been through so much worse .. You have every reason to believe in yourself, and what you're capable of in life. I know you can be your own worst enemy, but don't forget what this journey has taught you. Don't forget to cherish that! Don't forget how hard you have fought for this. Don't forget to show yourself some LOVE! ❤️ You have ALWAYS been worthy and valued!"

Attack The Day👊🏻 Love this new top from @sharksbitesoflife 💕 Be a shark💪🏻


If this makes you hungry, then my job is done! 😋😋😋 I woke up this morning thinking about lasagna so I looked up a healthy recipe by @markhymanmd and @therawboy. I took recipes from both blogs and made a vegan vegetable lasagna for the first time. I used zucchini instead of pasta and I made a vegan cheese using raw cashews, nutritional yeast, corn, olive oil, pepper, pink salt and lemon.
On the side I made fries using red potatoes and I poured avocado salsa on top made with tomatoes, garlic, cilantro, onions, and lemon.
This is by far the best vegan meal I've made. To think 14 months ago I didn't even know how to make eggs 😂😂. I've come a long way. If I was able to transform, so can you!
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Swipe right for the best arm finisher you've ever seen! Killed it today with @mr_luke_williams Using my @fatgripz to build better grip and forearm strength. Because everyday is arm day. @nutrishopgg


#NSV went to a wedding and actually found a dress that I didn't hate the way I looked. I'm not where I wanna be yet but thank god I'm 27 lbs closer! 👗😃💪🏻 #icanandwill #weightlossjourney #lindseylosingit #wwsisterhood

Peep the quad and hammie separation I have now! My goal is to grow my quads and have a greater outer sweep and more definition overall , I am not quad dominant AT ALL, I personally find that attractive I know it's not for everyone though.
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Mmmmmm homemade chicken tortilla soup!! Perfect for those chilly days!

So hubs bought some new flavors to try and I accidentally ate this entire container🙈
This hit the spot for sure,so I totally don't mind using some weeklies on this perfection❤️

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