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3 eggs with a shit load of capsicum on top of two #tiptopthins 💪

OMG!👇✨ I still can’t get over how far I’ve come!😳 For me it’s been more than eating healthy and working out 🏋️‍♀️ (that didn’t work for me) I needed something more. These all natural 🌿 products gave my metabolism a boost and balanced my body to make weight loss possible.

Why are my products different⁉️
•They are all natural and do not contain any harmful chemicals!
•They work with your system to balance and enhance results!
•They promote overall health not just weight loss!
•They work!

I started at 220 and am down to 168, my goal is 155! Who wants to lose weight with me!?🙋🏼‍♀️ You’ll not only be using these amazing products, you’ll get FREE workouts and recipes to M A X I M I Z E your results!!! DM me to get 40% off and all that freeeeee stuff!!💚🙌🏼#weightlosstransformation #weightwatchers #weightlossjourney #weightloss #weightlossprogress #weightlossbeforeandafter #weightlosssuccess #beforeandafter #before #after #me #happy #health #healthy #life #wow #yay

Keto meatloaf and stuffed jalapeños for dinner. (Meatloaf: ground beef, diced onion and jalapeños, bacon, crushed pork grinds, egg, parmesan cheese and spices) (stuffed peppers: cream cheese, bacon, cheese and some ranch dressing.)

When I started this program, moves like this almost killed me! 😂🙄 now, I’m getting stronger & better and heck I’ve even upped my weights this week! .
You can do the same- you just have to start. Start right where you are now even if it’s just walking every day.
No equipment? Good. You don’t need any! Just use your body weight. .
No time? Make time. Stop scrolling through FB for hours & get your butt of IG and get to work. .
Not enough room? You don’t need a lot of space to get in a good workout. .
Just get started & don’t quit this time! The results will come!


I teach every client how to deadlift in some shape or form. Whether it's the barbell, kettlebell, trap bar, or learning how to hinge with a dowel.

My client Robin was having trouble learning a dumbbell RDL, so I tried putting him in a more "sumo" stance for a deadlift with a kettlebell and he finally felt like he was using his glutes and hamstrings compared to his lower back for initiating the movement. .

Learning how to hinge properly to pick things up off the floor, unloading your dishwasher, doing laundry, picking your children up, and of course lifting a heavy bar off the ground is paramount to back health and integrity.
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Red Tea Detox result #redtea

My workouts have been so hard to complete because I think I’m getting sick 🤧 Not fun 😪
Do y’all have any tips to help me get better QUICK??? my whole body aches like crazy and my appetite is super weird. Whyyy 😞

Weight Loss Surgery?
Its great for people with Weight loss surgery! Often times they lack nutrition, with hair loss and malnutrition becoming a side effect. Plexus will help them with those nutrition deficiencies and move them forward in gains with cravings and energy which can also present.
Lisa Shryock shares her husbands testimony.
"Michael Shryock, my hubby's weight loss story is different from most. An over weight child all of his life lead into being an overweight adult. The night Michael fell down his basement stairs at the weight of 525lbs he knew he would have never survived if he had hurt himself when falling down at that size and right then and there he decided to have weight-loss surgery. Fast forward three years ago when we married, married pounds came on and he gained 50lb of the 260lbs he lost with weight-loss surgery. With weight-loss surgery the body does not absorb nutrients the way a person who has not had weight-loss surgery does. March of 2015 after seeing the pounds starting to come back he consistently started taking Plexus Slim to get his body balanced and regulate blood sugar, The XFactor to provide absorption and vitamins he needs and Accelerator to help control cravings and an added boost of natural energy. He has more energy, feels better then ever, his body is getting balanced and absorbing the required nutrients. Don't be too quick to judge when you see an overweight individual, you never know where their journey started and where it is leading them. Plexus is so much more then about losing weight, it's about getting healthy. So proud of my hubby and his Plexus walk."
If you know someone that could benefit from this please add them to this group and tag them. I have a special offer going on right now! #weightlosstransformation #weightlosssurgery #weightlossmotivation #weightlossbeforeandafter #weightlossjourney

You could say they hold a place next to my heart ❤️ 350cc, dual plane, round, textured, mod plus. Ignore the stigma people!!!! If you want nice boobs for once then get your life!

Hello 👋 people happy Saturday evening....Please this deal ends tomorrow February 25th at midnight Pacific time Don’t miss out. Order the thigh trimmers, get the arm trimmers Free Save a huge 24$ A code is not needed. We will automatically include the arm trimmers in your package 📦 .
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I know I say this all the time but I seriously struggle when I have to do workouts in the afternoon/evening!! 😐 But I got it done so I guess that’s all that matters 👊 #fitnessblender @fitnessblender

And ANOTHER ONE😂🔥 featuring @dogooliver

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