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If you had asked me a few years ago if I was fit, I would have said yes!
I have always been "healthfully conscious" I love fruits and veggies and clean food and I've never really had a problem overdoing it on portion sizes and unhealthy foods. BUT, sometimes what we DON'T know is actually the key to breakthrough- next level stuff- the truth that will set you free knowledge!
You will have to WANT to discover what you don't know tho. Stop acting like you've got it all figured out! It's ok to admit you don't know lol! So I became a student 👨‍🎓
I wanted to stop letting all the stuff I "knew" keep me stuck where I was and no longer wanted to stay. I Opened myself up and got a plan created by my coach/boyfriend at the time, now hubby @LutherFreeman After deciding I wanted to take my body to a higher goal to grow, I have reached new heights in my journey!

I used to be "scared" of getting too strong, now I'm embrace the capabilities my body has, actually building feminine curves using my plan and working harder than I have ever worked before! So I'm not scared of my strength anymore. I know I was made for this💪🏾😜 The only way it happens is to consistently revisit the goal (think bite size goal- something measurable and real that you can attack), work on it daily most ideally with a plan and strategy, and have something in place that holds you accountable. DON'T GIVE UP ON BRINGING YOUR BEST OUT!! ...
You want it?
Then attach yourself to that thing like a ball and chain and keep moving forward every single day!


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Beach running and green juicing in Sayulita 🌱😋🤙🏻

Since the famous photo highlighting the caloric difference between two similar handfuls of cashews has been reposted a lot recently; I figured it was only fitting to post another food that is extremely difficult to differentiate the quantity. -
-I don't know about you, but even after getting lasik in January, it's still incredibly difficult for me to tell the difference between the amount of Oreos on the left pic and the right pic. Believe it or not, the left is an actual serving and only 160 calories while the right looks almost the same and is 747 calories! It's insane. This really illustrates exactly why you need to weigh your Oreos or at least count them out one by one since our eyes 👀 and hands🤚 cannot be trusted. -
-We really have to spread awareness. Please tag a friend who can relate! This is a serious issue! 🤓
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📲Click the link 🔗 in my bio 👉 @ryan_spiteri to start your transformation.
✳️Primary Muscle: pecs (chest)
✳️Secondary muscle: Lats (back)
✳️Sets: 3
✳️Reps: 10-14
✳️Rest: 90 seconds
This exercise can be incorporated into either your back or chest workout. I suggest doing it as one of your last exercises so the muscle you are training is pre fatigued.
Tips: Focus on squeezing your chest when your arms are above your chest.
📲RyanSpiteri.com or click link in bio @ryan_spiteri

The human body amazes me. So incredible to think about the changes my body has been through in just the last week and a half. I promised myself during my most miserable parts of pregnancy that I would never take my body for granted again. So get ready for lots of postpartum weight loss goals. Realllly want to run a half marathon soon!

It's cake o'clock!
If you are after a delish dessert or cake for an event (or even just to eat 😉) I have a full range of gluten free, refined sugar free vegan cheesecake & dessert options for you! I'm taking bookings for the rest of the month & April, simply email me at sobeautifullyraw@gmail.com for more information! (Melbourne only)

PS this cutie is my Snickers Cake! Which is also in my cookbook #beautifullyrealfood for those of you not in Melbourne! Link for that in my bio 👏🏻👏🏻👀💜🙃 I'm so elated with all your beautiful comments about the book and I love seeing what you've made so far! Have you made something? What's your favourite? Let me know ✨✨😽💃🏼💘

Never stop pushing yourself💥👊🏼 Just uploaded a new video of my @fitazfk workout routine. Link is in my bio!💕

Steppin' it up a game👏🏻🤘🏻
Part3️⃣! Ya lo probaste 1️⃣&2️⃣? Que te parecio?
-Did you try 1️⃣&2️⃣? How did you like it?🏋🏻💦
✔️Much more workouts like this in my @fitplan_app #21dayChallenge - First 7 days free, so try it out! You will love it!!😍 🤗

So proud of @thefitnesslioness for bringing her best package to date Arnold Classic weekend. She keeps it real and I love her for that. When your down keep going...you will end up on top🙌
WARNING: this post is brutally honest ⚠️ I like to replace bad memories with good ones. That's part of how I cope, process, and move forward from really traumatic events. This weekend wasn't about a placing for me. It was about facing my fears about this particular weekend. The weekend of the Arnold last year was my lowest point as a human being. My life plummeted to the deepest, darkest place I have ever seen and my actions towards myself reflected that. I was in prep and my old coping mechanisms of drugs, food, or alcohol were not an option.. so I sought out a different way to handle the emotional pain that weekend brought to me. Some marks on my arm and even deeper marks on my heart I managed to make it out of the weekend alive. My rock bottom sprouted a lot of beautiful friendships and experiences for me. I knew if I could make it out of that I could make it out of anything. But fear and anxiety still surrounded the weekend of the Arnold for me. Where I find fear, I know I MUST face it for if I don't that will hinder my opportunity to grow.... so looking at my 2017 competition season I said YUP the Arnold for my kick off show it is!! What was once the worst weekend of my life has now been replaced with the most incredible, high on life weekend I have ever experienced. What was spent last year alone and scared was spent this year with SO much love, support, companionship, and reassurance that what I am doing is making an impact. That weekend taught me of my capabilities and this weekend allowed me to show those capabilities off. I sit here prouder than I've ever been, more motivated than I've ever been, and the most grateful I've ever been. Grateful for all of the love from all of you beautiful people. Grateful for the love and support from my coach, team, friends and family. Grateful for this experience of a lifetime. Most of all.... I am just fucking grateful to be ALIVE and kicking the shit out of my dreams. I can't thank you all enough.


Make the FIT life easier with these MUST HAVE nutrition apps -- Read my full review on them up NOW at stayfit305.com ... What are YOUR favorite fitness/nutrition apps?! 🍓💪🏻🏋🏻‍♀️📱 .
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Tonight's dinner! Fresh meals but is this healthy with noodles?? #weightloss #healthy #gymmotivation #trying #mainmeal #dinner

Day 3 of the 777 challenge! I've had 6.5 syns... ate 6/7 speed and super speed foods 🙈 and had 7 cups of water.... my tummy is hating all this speed haha 🙈😩 let's hope it is all worth it! #sw #swuk #swinsta #swinstauk #slimmingworld #slimmingworlduk #slimmingworlder #slimmingworldmafia #slimmingworldsupport #weightloss #weightlossjourney #loser

If it swims it slims 🐟💦😂 Tonight's dinner is fresh Salmon 😍 I'm really craving fish at the moment 😋 With Broccoli, Cabbage, Sprouts, S/W chips (with garlic and a little paprika) and Syn free Gravy 😃👍 #slimmingworld #slimmingworlduk #slimmingworldmeals #slimmingworldsupport #slimmingworlddiary #slimmingworldmafia #slimmingworldjourney #slimmingworldfamily #swuk #swinsta #swinstauk #sw #weightloss #future #goals

After my run tonight I needed a dinner of champions! So what better than a massive fillet steak, asparagus, poached egg, avocado and spinach? <3 YUM #steak #yummy #food #foodporn #protein #health #healthy #fitness #weightloss

Bench 5 x 5 paused
The first time I tried this technique I was struggling with just 35's each side. Now this weight is flying 😎. Transitioning from bodybuilding workouts to strict powerlifting is a completely different ball game. It definitely taught me to be more open-minded, and to try out different things in fitness. What works for others may not work for you. •

@fitspoblonde @matthewckm

What do you do when you're craving sushi but it doesn't fit your macros? Make a plate of smoked salmon, avocado, cucumber, and laughing cow anddd it tastes A LOT like a philly roll. 😋 #sushi #fattofit #doyoueven #lift #workout #dedication #sweat #fitfam #fit #fitness #gymrat #gym #weightloss #fatloss #transformation #healthy #progress #motivation #fitnessmotivation #workoutmotivation #food #mealprep
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