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☕️Step 1 --> Warm Up: there are a million ways to structure a warm up and the best is dependent on what YOU need most. But, generally, I like to start each warmup with a bit of stretching (calves, hip flexors, glutes, pecs). Then do some activation exercises (glute bridges, wall slides, etc). And finally a few big bang movements (walking spiderman, yoga plex, etc) to "cement" it all together. Warmup should be no longer than 5-15min.
🐼Step 2 --> The Main Move is your main "strength move" of the day and is going to be your heaviest lift. Depending on your goal you can do one or two big lifts on a given day and ideally choose a compound exercise like squats, deadlifts, bench, chin-ups, lunges, etc that recruits a metric f-ton of muscle and builds brute strength.
🎃Step 3 --> Accessory Work is your lighter exercises that aren't as taxing as the main move and largely contribute to muscle growth and definition rather than just pure strength. Basically all exercises work here. Just keep the weights lighter than the main move and focus on feeling the muscles work, not trying to "momentum" the weight up. 3-5 accessory exercises per day is plenty.
🐸Step 4 --> Finishers are not just metabolic work. They can be (and if you want them I have 101 free ones at the link in my bio) but finishers can be mobility based, strength based, metabolic based, or a combo of all 3. Either way, choose what jibes best with YOUR current goals and you can't go wrong. Personally, I've found a combo of all 3 tends to work best as you get the best of all worlds.
🙏❤I know this is vague but it's the best I could do for a short IG post and I really hope it helps. Any questions leave em below💪
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HANG CLEAN (from below the knee)
is necessary for the generation of power and working out the technique. Exercise is performed in straps and requires an optimal level of flexibility and mobility of the entire upper body. Straps help to interact more rigidly with the barbell, and it helps the athletes to work out the speed of the elbows rotation, increases the speed of dropping under the barbell and at the right angles ensures the "getting into the vibration" of the barbell – it allows to get up quickly from the squat. Taking the starting position (downward movement) when performing HANG CLEAN should be done slowly – it will help to obtain the necessary angles in PULL. Since the amplitude of the movement is one third shorter when extending from the hang position, athlete will need to accelerate the barbell more actively in pull, with maximum power to perform the power position and quickly put it under the barbell when catching into the squat.
——— @Torokhtiy_GANG ———
Комплекс подъем на грудь + подъем на грудь с виса ниже колен является необходимым как для наработки силы, так и для отработки техники. Упражнение выполняется в лямках и требует оптимального уровня гибкости и подвижности всего пояса верхних конечностей. Лямки помогают более жестко взаимодействовать со штангой, и это очень помогает атлетам отрабатывать скорость вращения локтей, повышает скорость ухода под штангу и при правильных углах обеспечивает «попадание в вибрацию» штанги, что позволяет быстрее вставать из седа. Принятие исходного положения (движение вниз) при подъеме на грудь с виса должно выполняться медленно - это будет способствовать наработке нужных углов в тяге. Так как амплитуда движения при подъеме с виса на треть короче, атлету будет необходимо активнее разгонять штангу в тяге, с максимальной мощностью выполнять подрыв и быстро подставляться под штангу при приеме ее в сед.
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401lb Clean & Jerk! This is my favorite lift I've ever done. It was from Jan 2015 at a meet in Vegas. It's not my best CJ but it's my favorite bc of the adversity I overcame. The crowd was SO LIT after this lift that numerous people complained to the Monte Carlo hotel (We were lifting on the 2nd floor) that the whole building was shaking ha! One lady came running down & said "Holy sh*t was that an earthquake?" Nope, but the dead man bar slam was born that day😂!
Want to improve your Snatch & CJ? We just launched Invictus Weightlifting! This 3day/wk program is a perfect supplemental program for anyone who wants to put extra emphasis on their olympic lifts. LINK IN BIO for more info. #InvictusWeightlifting

Pretty accurate..just saying 😏 (Follow @gymlifebelike)

The sun never really appeared for our sunrise shoot in Miami. Oh well! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ---
#Athlete - @SL_Sup

"She's got thighs bigger than my future" - said this charming kid 😂 🍭
Husk at ved bruk av koden "SOMMER" får du 20% avslag på ALT hos @gymgrossisten.no !!! Because we think you deserve it ☀️

Still.. deload week.
Top sets today were 315x3💁🏻
I'm wearing @wodndone grippies to help me out with my grip. They're great for training purposes👍🏼 Use my code "maggie15" at checkout for a discount💥


For what it's worth. Today felt about as snappy and speedy as it could've possibly been. Back on programming now means that I'm accountable and shit needs done (hence my blatant, crippling caffeine addiction). Got the party started with 155# (70kg) for a power snatch/snatch complex. Then got the shit beat out of me with the clean/jerk 2+1, and hit 175 (77kg) for 5 top sets. Woof, Batman. #sensuallystrong #shredgnarnotyoursoul

Dica do coach @mestreflaviojbk
Assistao vídeo.
#Repost @torokhtiy with @instatoolsapp ・・・
Now we all know these wonderful knews: SNATCH 1 RM will be the first task at the Crossfit Games. I'd like to remind the technique and wish all the athletes @WarmBody_ColdMind
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300kg (670lbs) leg press for 7 reps! (With a failed 8th 😂) Leg day today! This was the latest I think I've ever been in a gym 😂 I slept in and studied all day today, so it was either this or skipping another day and we can't be having that 😂 I managed a PB today too, I managed to squat 130kg 5x5 despite feeling near death 89.8% of the time 😂 My legs are definitely getting significantly stronger all the time, maybe from all the cardio I'm doing? They're toning up a treat for sure! Gotta say I love leg day, never skip it kids!
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Fight on 🥊! Got these cute boxing gloves from @superareshop. #boxing #fighter #fitness #follow

Everyone has walls they must overcome but the question is will you push your self past your own expectations to see the best version of your self? #fitnessmotivation #fit #fitlife #fitchef #fitgamer #fitnessjourney #fitness #gains #allkindsofgains #isymfs #weightlifter #weightlifting #musclebuilding #powerhouse #hyperbolictimechamber #gymtime #gym

When i have them available i have to incorporate them into your workout. Mega bells.
4 rounds
20 wall balls
15 t2b
12 KB DL (176lbs)

Liao Hui (-69 category) China 🇨🇳 166 kg at the world weightlifting championship in Almaty,Kazakhstan 🇰🇿 2014, and set a world record in the snatch #weightlifting_world #weightlifting #weightlifter #liaohui #china #world #championship #records #almaty #kazakhstan #2014 #iwf

Yesterday's @competitorstraining wod
.9 min amrap-10 rounds .6 strict pull ups, 9 front squats @135lbs
At an easy pace

143KG (315lbs) Clean and Jerk 🔴🔴🔴
3 reds because of the elbow bend 👎🏻
Would be nice to hit this at British Champs!

#throwbackthursday July 2013-->July 2017
4 years ago I walked into a place that was 100% outside my comfort zone. Terrified, fragile, overweight, and out of shape. I had been running for a couple years because unknowingly I thought that's what "skinny people did" coupled with an unhealthy relationship with food and nutrition. The thought of my body moving in ways I was ashamed of and the embarrasment of being so unathletic was heart breaking everyday.
Yet I stayed.
I stayed when pull-uping with the thickest resistance was difficult, when I was to weak to push-up even from my knees, or the thought of ever graduating from the training bar was never feasible. This picture is now just a humbling memory that any weakness can be made a strength.
Here I am, almost exactly 4 years later with a deeper drive. My body is still far from perfect, but I can look in the mirror everyday and smile knowing what it can do. I no longer am haunted by the judgement of others and only answer to myself. I now have the confidence to not hide behind a crowd but lead with such dignity and strength.
Particularly, the 11 months switching my training to being an oly lifter has proven to me that any dream or goal is possible as long as you put in the work, never give up, and be dedicated in ways that structure your life to achieve them.
Work fucking hard every day, leave nothing on the table, raise each other up, and always remember there is more to you than you will ever know. You are #beautiful, #courageous, and a #badass
. . . . . . . . . . . . . .
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Two weeks ago today, we saw him live. One of the most influential guys for me, so sad that he's gone . RIP fella, you're awesome 💚🍄✌🏼.

Please, I urge you, don't wait until it's too late. If you need help, I am here. I feel like it's an appropriate time to re-post this given today's events. Depression, mental illness, suicidal thoughts, they don't discriminate. The world lost an amazing musician today. Someone who many people found while struggling with their own demons. For those who are struggling, please know there are people there for you. If you are personally not struggling please, be a shoulder to lean on. I GUARANTEE you know someone who is struggling and you probably have no idea about it
Repost @weightliftersanonymous Community- we would like to bring forces together and talk about something near and dear to our hearts.
Sunday, September 10th, 2017 is World Suicide Prevention Day. We are asking our communities to come together to raise awareness for the cause. A year ago Sunday we lost one of our dear friends to mental illness and subsequently suicide. Chelsi was one of the most spirited and talented people we have ever known.
We have each battled our own issues and exercise has been a way for us to work through our struggles. We are asking everyone to come together on 9/10/17 and do the workout "Chelsea".
30 Min EMOM
5 pull-ups
10 push-ups
15 air squats
Please join us in honoring Chelsi and raising awareness for the cause. We are using the hashtag,
#ChelseaForChelsi and are going to be accepting donations in her honor for the AFSP - American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. Keep an eye out for more details as the date gets closer. Please, by all means share, repost, spread the word!
Thank you all 💜💚💜
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