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I've received a fair amount of messages about the fear of weight gain. Some are from women who have restricted their calories for a long time, and while they want to gain weight, they get nervous about the initial changes they see in their body when they increase their calories. Others are from women who while they are not in a caloric deficit, in general they say that they don't want to do weights, or eat more because they are scared to gain weight.
Regardless of the reasoning, I get that gaining weight can be scary sometimes. When I fell and broke my jaw, I lost almost 15 lbs in less than a week ⚖️ I knew I needed to gain back the weight so I started eating in a caloric surplus 🍦🍳🥐🍕🍌 Once I started gaining, it was good because that was the goal of but ☝🏼 I didn't feel comfortable in my own skin. My body wasn't used to regulating that many calories and I gained fat more quickly than I was building muscle. It was frustrating to see those initial changes, but I knew that in the long run it was what I needed. I had to trust the process to not only reach a healthy weight, but to achieve my physical goals as well 🙏🏼
Once I reached my prior weight of 130, I didn't look how I did before my fall. I wasn't as nearly defined or toned BUT I now had the tools to do it--I had the strength and the energy to start lifting heavier again, build more muscle, and burn more fat 🏋🏼‍♀️💪🏼 If I would have never trusted the process and just stayed at my lower weight, I would have never gotten to the point where I am today 👆🏼
There were a few moments when I weighed less that I thought my weight was okay, and that I looked good even. Looking back I think part of that was because I was scared to go through that in between process--that uncomfortable process of getting the weight back on. But I promise you, it's so worth it. I compare these two photos and love who I see on the right. Someone who is stronger, has more energy, and feels confident. I get that the initial process can be uncomfortable but it you CAN do it. The end results are worth it 👊🏼

MAY 2016 ➡️ MAY 2017
What this past year has taught me is that WEIGHT IS JUST A NUMBER and how you feel about yourself is what's most important.
My transformation is far from just physical and the most amazing thing is it never has to end! I'm really excited to share this YouTube video with you because right now I'm at such a good place in my life and within myself.
It's going live tomorrow at 6am (I got you early cardio people 💁🏼) and I'd love if you gave it a watch so set your alarms😂(ps for people asking I'm under 5ft 2)
#myfitnessjourney #fitnesstransformation #beproudofwhoyouare #gainingweightiscool #soisbeinglean #youdoyou ✌🏼️

You know you only do that with me right? 😏
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What are your thoughts on this DANGEROUS exercise???

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Slow motion video back by popular demand 💅🏾😎
@xtina had me feeling myself during this leg workout with my favorite song ever "fighter". You guys can overcome ANYTHING that you feel is holding you down!!

Would you believe me if I told you I'm 20 pounds heavier now on the right than the photo from a few years ago on the left? That I eat double as much food? It's all true! On the left, I weighed in around 105-108 pounds, restricting food, drinking a lot of alcohol on the weekends, and doing excessive cardio. On the right, I am now around 125 pounds and have focused on lifting weights, BBG, running, and more importantly, BALANCE. I eat more real food now, have more energy, and am overall much healthier #screwthescale

I get asked this question at least once a day, and it’s something that I feel like I need to address.
Firstly, I DO eat ‘junk’ foods. I just choose not to eat them often.
Secondly, this choice is NOT because I am still struggling with orthorexia and am scared of these foods or what they might do to my weight.
I am transparent on here that I still struggle with elements of my ED, BUT those struggles honestly lie very far apart from my current food choices and my decision to eat more consciously now.
Orthorexia and an obsession with ‘eating clean’ is not something I ever want to be an advocate of or promote - because it’s a toxic mentality that almost killed me. It is not #health, #wellbeing or #inspo. It’s deprivation, fear, guilt, sickness and misery. -
I’ve been both severely overweight and underweight. I’ve struggled with eating too much sugar and refined foods, to refusing point blank to eat anything mildly “un-clean”. I’ve been on both extremes, and I’ve suffered the mental and physical consequences of both. It’s taken me years to form the relationship with food that I have now, and I like to think that my current food philosophy is the healthiest it could be. And it’s simply this: listen to your body and always choose the foods that make you feel, perform and be your best.
For me, the foods I eat reflect a commitment I've FINALLY made to look after myself.
What I put on my plate reflects a choice I've made to nourish and empower my body; not to restrict, overload or confuse it.
This way of thinking is new for me and it's helped me make choices that only put my body's best interest as priority - without compromising on my enjoyment for food and for life.
I can choose a burger over a salad, I can eat chocolate and ice cream made with full fat and real ingredients. I can avoid all "low-fat" "diet" or "low calorie" options. I eat foods that makes me feel good and avoid those that don't - irrespective of caloric content.
I eat with freedom AND with a purpose, and food is now just a part of my life.
And that's what you see on here - a part of my life that I'm really, really content with #foodie ✌🏻

At 12 year old I set my target weight to be 8 stone minimum, now almost 10 years later I'm finally nearly there, just a few more lbs to go 😬 my target is to be around 10stone as the absolute minimum I should be for my height is 8 and half. I just wanna say to all the other girls and boys that suffer with their weight, whether it be over or under, be persistent and all you can do is try your best to be the happiest you can be. I'm finally starting to be happy with my appearance, just gotta keep eating and be as happy as possible ☺️ #progression #weightgoals #weightgain


Weil ich den ganzen Tag kaum zum Essen kam und auch mein Abendessen dürftig ausfiel, gibt es jetzt diesen Cookie 🍪🍪🍪. Was Gutes für die Seele nach dem Training 🏋 (bei der Hitze fast unaufhaltbar! 😭)
#abs #abbehmen #anorexia #girlswholift #ed #dinner #fit #food #foodie #fitgirl #fitness #cookie #yummy #essen #anorexia #anarecovery #anorexìanervosa #anorexìanervosarecovery #sweets #essstörung #sport #workout #workoutmotivation #weightgain #weightloss #weights #ww

Ok everyone.... Battle Axe Cuts and Bulk pre workout while supplies last, clearance sale, as is, no returns....$25! All flavors available!!! Come and get em!! No limit on the number you buy. #dns #delavannutrition #downtowndelavan #sportsnutrition #weightloss #bodybuilding #weightgain #bulking #fatloss #healthyliving #health #fitness #jiujitsu #weightlifting #football #wrestling #mma #kickboxing #boxing #cycling #yoga #strengthtraining #fitlife #gymlife #bjj

Heart shaped bowl for a heart-healthy breakfast 💗 Made my usual chocolate peanut proats topped with berries. I will never not be obsessed with oats. Don't have time for much of a caption as I'm going to study biology 📝Hope you're all well ! -
- #weightgain #eeeeeats #recoverywin #treatyoself #iifym #iifymgirls #ifitfitsyourmacros #oatmeal #proats #porridge #healthy #healthyfood #girlswholift #fit #foodie #fitspo #fitness #flexibledieting #strongnotskinny #balancednotclean #macros #carbs

Dinner is a Funky Fish fishcake (3 syns) with veg 🐟🥗

#throwback to this delicious limited #snickershazelnut bar which was part of my #fearfood #nightsnack yesterday 🔙. Did you already try those limited edition Snickers? Which one do you prefer?😍
Ab morgen werde ich meinen Essensplan nochmals erhöhen, da ich bisher nicht die benötigte Zunahme von etwa 500g pro Woche geschafft habe, die ich brauche, um mein Ziel "Entlassgewicht der Klinik" bis August zu erreichen. Ich habe total Angst davor, weil ich dann ab morgen noch eine zusätzliche ZMZ einbauen "muss" aber vermutlich komme ich nicht drum herum 😬. Einerseits beruhigt es mich ja auch zu wissen, dass mein Körper eben doch mehr Energie benötigt, andererseits ist es auch total schwierig für mich, ihm diese Energie auch "zu gönnen", vor allem weil ich mich auch mit der momentanen Menge schon mega obwohl, voll und unförmig fühle und nicht weiß wie das dann erst mit der Erhöhung werden soll😱😰. Konnte deshalb auch heute der Waage gar nicht glauben, weil ich mich ungelogen so fühle als hätte ich schon kiloweise zugenommen 🙄. Aber vermutlich ist das einfach die verzerrte Wahrnehmung des eigenen Körpers und das gestörte körpergefühl, das durch die Krankheit kommt?! Was sind eure Erfahrungen mit Essens- Steigerungen? Wurde das Gefühl nach einer Zeit realistischer bzw weniger?🙈🤔
Ansonsten versuche ich mir in schweren Momenten, in denen ich der ES nachgeben will, klar zu machen, dass ich nicht alleine, sondern zusammen mit meinen lieben @20_nihil_fit_sine_causa_17 @laura_fights_against_ana @future_optimism @helenasmia @janasroad @fenja.malin.recovery @recovery.apple @carooolie.recover kämpfe- ich bin euch so dankbar für die Unterstützung!!!!!❤️
Leider habe ich seit heute morgen auch noch mega Hals- und Kopfschmerzen 🤒, hoffe das wird nicht schlimmer 🙄. Was macht ihr heute Abend noch?😘😘 #mentalilnesses #magersucht #anorexia #depression #antiana #antiproana #relapse #realrecovery #prorecovery #eatittobeatit #weightgain #thisorhospital #struggling #nevergiveup #hopelessness #anawarriors #anafighters #neverstopfighting #edfamily

"I don't think people understand how stressful it is to explain what's going on in your head when you don't even understand it yourself." The picture on the left was me 6 months ago (November 2016) and the picture on the right is me today (May 2017) - I weighed 148 lbs and was not in a good state, both mentally and physically. The sad part is I didn't realize just how bad it was until recently when I found this old picture. Today I weigh 205 lbs. In the last few months I'm proud to say that I've grown as an individual both physically and mentally. I'm much less critical of myself and living a healthy lifestyle. I've surrounded myself with likeminded individuals and removed myself from a toxic work environment. Of course there will always be something to work on (diet, cardio, strength training, stress relief, etc...) but the important thing is to remember that life is short and you are only human. Be happy, be strong, and live life to the fullest. #motivationalquotes #transformationtuesday #fitness #stress #mentalhealth #weightgain

Some squat action from today's session with @warwickpt and @kimbo_g88 .
Managed 130kg for 1 today which is a pb for me. My strength is going up really well at the mo and it won't be long before I surpass the goal for this year which was 140kg. .
How close are you to your goals? Do you need to move the goal posts?
More importantly what behaviours have you adopted in order to achieve those goals?
#transformationtuesday #squat #booty #gains #reasonsfitness #legday #legs #feelsgood #weightlifting #diet #nutrition #coach #happy #diet #weightloss #weightgain

Been quiet the last few days. Part of that I've been busy but when I was out on Saturday, someone I haven't seen in a while decided to pass judgment on my weight. Tried to laugh about it and make light of it! Yes I've gained a lot of weight since I last seen them but I can't believe people go around and speak without any thought behind it! I'm well aware I've gained weight and don't need reminding thank you very much! I'd be lying if I said it didn't hurt. But I'm taking the positive from it and work my fat arse off. I have fat. I am not fat! #fitness #gymnewbie #gym #weightloss #weightgain

63.90kg Not bad tho... #weight #weightgain #58to63kg #63.90kg #2years #damn However its gonna reduce coming next month for Ramadan 😁#=

Good evening guyyys ✨
#nightsnack today is 'Fruity and Cake' themed 😏
I'm going to celebrate a little #pintparty with this blueberry cupcake icecream, then I'm also going to have the whole package of coconut covered dates, a 'Lenny and Larry's' protein cookie with birthday cake flavor and two of those new limited edition 'Corny' bars with strawberry cheesecake flavor 😍
Perfect and summery nightsnack to end up this very nice day 💁☀️ I don't know why, but atm I'm soo motivated and doing soo well, especially eating wise 🙏🏻
I'm so looking forward to try out new things and combinations and don't have to follow this 'safe food' plan. I'm not counting EVERY SINGLE calorie and am not afraid of being over my over my daily intake. I go eating outside, where I don't have the control over the food and I'm a way more spontaneous.
And you know what?
Since this great period started (I think after the little breakdown on Friday at school🙄) I'm feeling AMAZING. So much more free, happy, ALIVE.
Of course there are definitely still things that are not easy and especially moving wise I have to work really hard... But that's recovery 😌
Step by step, getting back life day by day and taking things easier time by time.
Atm I don't only want to gain weight, I also want to gain happiness, spontaneity, freedom, joy and at least LIFE 💪🏻
Recovery is not about being as fast as possible and there's no 'one perfect recovery'. NO.
It's about struggling, fighting, challenging yourself and slowly making progress. Slowly realizing that life is so much more than just food, movement and control.
Slowly realizing that this illness is not your friend, not someone who helps you.
Slowly getting back HEALTH 😇🙌🏻💕 Okay guys, sorry for all the positivity but that's just the way I'm feeling right now... PURE MOTIVATION 😂💪🏻 And maybe I can transfer a bit of my positivity also to you 😏

Hihi, I really hope you're all fine and had a nice day as well 🙆
I'm going to enjoy this amazing nightsnack later while watching TV and looking forward to the next dayyys 😍
Wish you all a cozy and relaxed evening and sweet dreams later 😴✨
See you tomorrow and STAY STRONG 💪🏻 Bye bye honeybees 🐝🍯

Train with the best to be the best. #bodybuilding #weightgain #weightlosstransformation #inspiration #gymmode #foundrygym 💪💪💪

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