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Hey everyone! I'd like to start off today by saying thank you so much for your business! It means so much to us and we appreciate you shopping small businesses like ours!
We are doing our best to keep our prices low and affordable for everyone.
But our shipping rates Keep going higher and higher and right now they are just killing us! Some packages are costing us up to $20 to ship, as much as we would like to keep our shipping free, financially for our business we cannot. So all orders under $50 will have a flat rate shipping cost of 3.50. We feel like this amount will help us keep our business going and our prices low while still being affordable for you. All orders over $50 will still have free shipping.
We will be putting our prices a little lower to try and help offset this as well.Thank you again for your business and we hope you understand it is not something we wanted to do but unfortunately had to do with them raising prices every few months on us! ❤️

Beard vs no beard
Our shortly shot short video.#wehopeyouunderstand
To watch the the full video click the link in bio..tysm we hope u like the video.


Adelina is a very beautiful girl. She so beautiful as flowers🌹🌺🌸
Bulat is a handsome and dreamer. He want to be rich and visit different countries.🔥✈🌇✨💰
Kamilya likes listening to music and soft toys 🎧😌🐻
Albina is a nice and sweet girl. She likes to eat deliciously and perfectly prepares 🍧🍰🎂🍫🍕🍓💝
Aizirjak is a cool girl. She really likes to dance💃She invents different and interesting ideas🎉💖⭐
Leysan is an optimistic and kind. She likes to take photos 📷😊💕 #💎💎💎💎💎💎💎

Grim is experiencing technical difficulties and will not be posting for a few days. We hope you understand. #technicaldifficulties #wearesorry #wehopeyouunderstand #wehopeyouunderstandandbearwithus #weloveyou #grimfamiliarphotography

Estimado Rushers y Drivers de España !
Esta tarde queremos hacer tendencia #SpainWantsHeffronDrive en Twitter Ayúdanos a difundirlo y conseguir que Heffron Drive sea conocido llevar en tu ciudad!
Para más información haga clic en el enlace en nuestra bio.👍 18:00 CEST - BigTimeVoters
#SorryForBadSpanish #WeHopeYouUnderstand
#HeffronDrive #KendallSchmidt #DustinBelt #Drivers #Rushers #SpainLovesHD #HeffronDriveSpain #España

Eyes peeled folks! Track 2 is coming atcha today. We will be sharing a goofy video of us recording this record to the tune of our tune "Honey Bee" #gibson #thereyougo #honeybee #alittlegoofy #wehopeyouunderstand

Guys we humbly request for all passive digs and slaying Aroma comments to be removed. We are now the face of @aromashisha and will have a zero tolerance policy to any direct or indirect hate to the Aroma brand, or for the people previously or currently associated with it. Its not nice for the staff or other members of Aroma to read such disrespectful comments. We have always shown our customers love and loyalty and respected each of you. We pride ourselves on our followers and a great customer base, please dont ruin your's or our image with unnecessary comments. We are now associated with @xquisitesmoke who are also a reputable brand. So in future please refrain from making negative comments. #justsaying #youwouldntlikeit #berespectful #WeAreAromaNow #wehopeyouunderstand

#CafeIndulge proudly joins forces with @xquisitesmoke to take over @aromashisha - #TheShishaExperience from JANUARY 10TH, 2016!

Cafe Indulge are renowned for their unique mixes that have continuously brought them to the top of the #Shisha game

Xquisite Smoke, based on its customers' feedback and through the lounges they have supported, provide the most premium products in the world of Shisha
Bringing this combination together to one of the largest lounges in #London will ensure that the bar for the Shisha industry is set higher than ever!

We will work hard in silence and let success make the noise!

#TheXquisiteWay #ShishaIsArt #TheOnlyWayToSmoke #ShishaLounge #HookahLife #ShishaTime #HookahBar
#Smoke #London #LondonShisha #ShishaLondon #Croydon #Purley #Indulge #CafeIndulge #ShishaSpot #TheShishaExperience #UnderNewManagement

#Repost @unclepaige
Not sure who made this art, but I love it. Thank you so much, Iwata-San for the countless smiles, laughs, and fun you've given me and will continue to provide. A true legend. Gone but not forgotten. #RIPIwata #WeHopeYouUnderstand #Nintendo

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