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"I'm not gonna let go of hope. I'm not gonna let go of love. I'm not gonna let go of god. Fight evil with good. Love always win!" #thisissoimportant #wehonoryou #spreadlove #onelovemanchester @justinbieber

I don't believe in war but I will always honor those who have given their lives for our freedom...and for those many innocent souls who have died because of war. #sendingloveandlight #memorialday #wehonoryou #lovenotwar #peace ❤️

I didn't grow up with grandparents, I lost them very young. Later in life I was adopted as a granddaughter by the woman who shot this photo. She was a journalist for LIFE magazine and he was her subject on many occasions. She told me that he often had this faraway look in moments where he could take one. Always in these introspective glimpses did she see the depth of this struggle. #wehonoryou #MLK

Thank you, you will never be forgotten.
#inremebrance #happymemorialday #neverforget #wehonoryou #thankyou

#OTDIH 8 years ago, the world lost the best entertainer of all time, #MichaelJackson. 🙏🏾 #WeHonorYou #RIP #BlackMusicMonth

Happy Mothers Day to my Mummsy and all the other mother figures in my world🌸 #wehonoryou

Lets remember the brave men and women who have fought for our freedom in the armed services, and sacrificed their lives. Let’s dedicate this day to those who have given their all for us and appreciate the great country we live in. We honor and thank you! #americanflag #americathebrave #americathegreat #loveofcountry #wehonoryou

The American National Ballet would like to honor the men and women who sacrificed their lives for our freedom and to remember the families they left behind.
We celebrate and embrace diversity and the freedoms that we have only because of the men and women who paid the ultimate price so we can stay free. THANK YOU!
#WeHonorYou #ThankYou #FreedomIsntFree
#ANB #WeEmbraceDiversity

When #police officers are lost in the line of duty, we should never forget the #sacrifices they've made. With all of the hustle and bustle of this quick trip, visiting the Law Enforcement Officers Memorial was a humbling experience which reminded me of those courageous officers we've lost both back home in New Orleans and throughout our entire country. #WeHonorYou #SaluteTheServers 🖤


Every Wednesday Robert of Philadelphia honor our Heroes with a free haircut!
#thankyou #wehonoryou #weappreciateyou #heroes #ROPsalons #wesaluteyou #seanhannity

This guy... my dad... @cardiovascular3 we celebrated all weekend... and one weekend doesn't doesn't do justice the celebration he deserved!!! We celebrated all of his hard work providing for our family, selflessly paying for all of us to go to college, paying for vehicles-a few of us multiple vehicles. While he provided and we were never in need, he always taught us financial lessons in the process. Dad never gave us a free ride but he taught us about the sacrifice of making money with a choice to spend it or to save it. He has lived by example of hard work and generosity! This weekend his family-all three daughters from NC to CA to New Zealand plus his beautiful amazing wife were in one place to celebrate his RETIREMENT! Dad we love you!!! We honor you!!! We are thankful for you!!! And may the best be right around the corner for you and mom!!!! #retirementcelebration #thisistherestofyourlife #dadsgirls #wehonoryou #thankyou

Here at opening night of the OC Breakers WTT Match supporting our troops and raising money for our vets. #nofamilyleftbehind
#openheartsforpurplehearts #loveourvets #americanlegion #wehonoryou

@Regrann from @kruzankat - #HappyEarthDay #Queen thank you for all of your contributions and intelligence you have blessed us with✊🏿😍💪🏿🙏🏿👑👸🏿#blackmagic #assatashakur #happybirthday #blackpower #blackpride #wehonoryou #blackpanther

I'll never forget in 1999 walking into this really small funeral home that was now a church building. There were maybe 10-15 people present and there was nothing physically appealing about this place🙅🏽. There were instruments but no musicians, the the praise team was making a joyful noise 🤣, but when the Pastor got up to minister........something happened. We were hearing The Word of God like we had never heard it before! Little did we know in the 2 years we were there, it would be like going through spiritual boot camp! @pastor_carl123 became Dad to us and was pumping that Word in us like a medical IV!! I'll never forget him giving us cassette series out of the trunk of his car and when we were finished with one, we would switch it out for another (That was funny!😂) We witnessed him speak to empty instruments and command there to be musicians and speak to empty chairs and command them to be filled with people (in 1999, I was thinking, who does that??🤷🏽‍♀️) But, we saw things manifest! He was so serious and convinced by The Word of God and we'd never seen that before. The building was in the hood and was pretty much empty, but you would of thought he was preaching to thousands! He was confident and didn't back down from the enemy! Through his life, he taught us how to be a giver and how to love people. Almost 20 years later, he's still saying THE SAME THING, cause The Word never changes!! Dad, I can not adequately tell you how much you've changed our lives!! I do know one thing....you gave us such a foundation that has allowed us to stand in the worst of times, times that would've destroyed the average person. But, because of the example you were before us and the solid foundation we stand on, we've always come out on top! We want you to know that you didn't raise up no spiritual whimps, but we stand strong in the things of God because of what you were obedient to do almost 20 years ago. We love you so much! Thank you for being Dad to us and grand dad to our children! You're still here for us and we appreciate you❤️❤️❤️Enjoy your birthday today🎈🎈🎈!! The rest of your years are the best of your years!!! #WeAreBecauseOfYou❤️ #WeHonorYou

With all the love in our hearts, WE wanna shine some light on this Beautiful soul @misslopezmedia -- Her work will be at @c3initiative in collaboration w/ @natturnerproject -- Her WOC photo series has been uplifting and inspiring. Please check out this amazing gallery show on Saturday, July 15th from 12-6pm! #MLM #misslopezmedia #ygb #galleryshow #YGBPortland #salute #wehonoryou #makeportaitsnotwar #shoottingbae #pdx #pdxvisuals #shoottothrill #wehonoryouall #doit #support #saturday #Gemini #queens #yes #portland #latinxart #latinx #latinxcreate #amazing ❤️🖤💚

It is an honor to embrace you and your nation! Our second father in our second home.. Indeed! In behalf of all filipinos around qatar, we would like extend our profound gratitude. #wewillsupportyou #wehonoryou #we❤️you #weloveyourcountry #qatar #ph #proudtobepinoy #lifechanging 👍🏻#qatari #qatarlife #ofwjourney #thankstoyou

From #NYPD Facebook post
Twelve years ago today, July 11th, my mom joined the NYPD. I was, and still am, so proud of my mom."-Detective Familia's daughter.

Please join us in letting the children of Detective Familia know that we too are proud, that her mother is a hero, and she will always be honored and never be forgotten.
During the funeral for Police Officer Miosotis Familia, NYPD Police Commissioner James O'Neill promoted her to Detective First-Grade. #policeofficerfamilia #restinpeace #honor #restinpeace #thankyouforyourservice #forthekids #foreverinourhearts #neverforgotten #hero #nypd #nypdstrong #wehonoryou #code9family

We came from Liberia to the plantation in Alabama to being the 1st black land owners in Northern Alabama. Uncle Abie was the last of the slave descendants still living on the Sledge plantation in Alabama! Sledge Family Reunion this weekend! Can't wait to see all my fam!!! #sledgefamilyreunion #rememberyourpast #wehonoryou #SledgeFamily

We were so blessed for another opportunity to recognize & honor over hundred military youth last month!! The staff & children were blown away by the love & support from the civilian community!! We were able to honor all youth going through any type of military deployment past, present or future!! It was so beautiful & we can't wait to do it again!! Thank you to those who helped make this possible!! #becausefreedomisntfree #wehonoryou #weloveourmilitaryyouth #thankyouformyfreedom

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