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#OTDIH 8 years ago, the world lost the best entertainer of all time, #MichaelJackson. 🙏🏾 #WeHonorYou #RIP #BlackMusicMonth

I didn't grow up with grandparents, I lost them very young. Later in life I was adopted as a granddaughter by the woman who shot this photo. She was a journalist for LIFE magazine and he was her subject on many occasions. She told me that he often had this faraway look in moments where he could take one. Always in these introspective glimpses did she see the depth of this struggle. #wehonoryou #MLK

While today was originally designed to help us remember the sacrifices of brave heroes who fought for our freedoms, Memorial Day has evolved into an event built around backyard parties with family and friends. And so that’s what we think about every year, come Memorial Day. No matter how you feel, live, or vote, there's no denying the sacrifices many have made so the rest of us can happily lose ourselves in a three-day weekend with loved ones. But Memorial Day isn't only about thanking our veterans and missing the ones who are gone. It is about all remembrances, the sweet and the painful, and connecting with the families and friends who bring us joy.
We are proud and thankful to every man or woman from both North or South that have sacrificed their time and their blood so that we have the freedom to make this post today. 🇺🇸❤️ #memorialday #thankyou #freedom #wehonoryou

I don't believe in war but I will always honor those who have given their lives for our freedom...and for those many innocent souls who have died because of war. #sendingloveandlight #memorialday #wehonoryou #lovenotwar #peace ❤️

B you can be the most well composed person i know but when it comes to our kids no matter how small they are.. they've got you wrapped around their tiny fingers 😍😘 thank you for loving us #ilovemyfamily❤️ #proudofyou #wehonoryou #weloveyoudaddy #thankfuleveryday

When #police officers are lost in the line of duty, we should never forget the #sacrifices they've made. With all of the hustle and bustle of this quick trip, visiting the Law Enforcement Officers Memorial was a humbling experience which reminded me of those courageous officers we've lost both back home in New Orleans and throughout our entire country. #WeHonorYou #SaluteTheServers 🖤

Any Man can be a #father , But it takes a special person to be a #dad ... Happy Father's Day!!!❤️❤️❤️ #wehonoryou

🇺🇸| All gave some and some gave all.. #inlovingmemory #wehonoryou

"I'm not gonna let go of hope. I'm not gonna let go of love. I'm not gonna let go of god. Fight evil with good. Love always win!" #thisissoimportant #wehonoryou #spreadlove #onelovemanchester @justinbieber


Remembering Marsha P. Johnson today. She gave her all and was taken from this world far too soon. .
#marshapjohnson #pride2017 #thisiswhatafeministlookslike #blackandproud #thestruggleisreal #stonewall #wehonoryou #theancestorslivethroughus

#OTDIH 8 years ago, the world lost the best entertainer of all time, #MichaelJackson. 🙏🏾 #WeHonorYou #RIP #BlackMusicMonth

"When one man, for whatever reason, has the opportunity to lead an extraordinary life, he has no right to keep it to himself." - Jacques Cousteau | 20 years ago today, this man who led nothing short of an extraordinary life, passed away. From us, the scuba diving community and all lovers of life and the ocean, thank you 💙💙 we can't imagine what today would be like without your amazing legacy.

Every Time I Talk To @robb.thompson I Am A Better Man. His Teaching And Heart Radically Changed My Life At 19 Years Old. I Would Not Be The Man I Am Today If It Were Not For Him. Thank You For Your Steadfast Heart And Teaching On Excellence And Character. Thank You For Holding The Word Of God Above The Opinion Of Culture. Thank You For Not Compromising Your Walk. I Can't Speak For Others But You Have Touched My Life. Thank You @lindathompson For Your Love And Support All Of These Years. We Honor You And We Love You Both! @meg.crawford And I Are Truly Grateful For You Both! #WeHonorYou #OurFatherInTheFaith

🇺🇸On June 10th we had the privilege of attending the 9th Annual Women Veterans' Network Conference, in Leominster, MA. This was our first introduction to an all women veterans event, we learned a lot about the issues specific to our woman in combat and as Wounded Veterans. -
We had the opportunity to show these heroes just a small sampling of what we deliver in honoring our wounded vets. -
We're on a mission...to show the Iraq, Afghanistan and Kuwait wars Wounded Veterans that they are present everyday in our thoughts, and one by one we hope to aid or comfort you during your healing process through Electronics (used in many therapies), Dear Soldier Letters from school children nationwide...and visits from our tireless team of volunteers.
Thank you and God Bless all of you!
#Grateful #WeHonorYou #USA #ladywarriors #womenveterans

@Regrann from @jedi4therevolution - 🙌🏼 #sayhisname #philandocastile #wehonoryou #wewillnotbesilent so that they can stay comfortable ##gonetoosoon Remember his name: Philando Castile. He was a school cafeteria worker who remembered all of his students' allergies. #ifyoudontknownowyouknow - #regrann

Vietnam Veteran, Vern (back row thrown' hearts!) makes lunch every Tuesday and Wednesday for a group of men at a local community center. H.O.A.M. Team Ft Riley has the JOY of helping him prepare food every other Tuesday!
#GodBlessOurVets #Veterans #WeHonorYou #HOAMTeam

Gospel Recording Artist @emmanuelking2 (London) Song #WeHonorYou Will Play Live #Thursday During #TheAngelsOfMelodyShow Hosted By #MsAngelOnDeck..Show Starts At #3PmLondon #3PmNigeria Time....http://bit.ly/angelsofmelody Don't Miss It..Links Will Post..347-857-1395 #UnifiedReachNetwork #BeInspiredWithShoggyTosh

Happy Birthday to a very special lady! We love you momma Judy. #itsyourbirthday #wehonoryou

"Who needs a superhero when you can call Dad"? Before this night ends here's a shout out to all the Dads out there. You make this life pretty super!! 💪💪💪 #TwoAreOneMarriageMinistry #HappyFathersDay #WeHonorYou

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