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A couple of days ago, someone told me something that caught me off guard. "I'm telling you this because i care for you, but women like us that are big, can't wear jeans like that because you need to hide your belly and wear shirts to cover it up". I'm not mad at this person at all because I know that they only said this because they were raised to believe shit like that, and I explained my own perception of self to them and we squashed it. But this is the same ideology that says fat women can't exist, and if they do, it has to be shamefully. So let me use this as an ejemplo. Do not tell me what I can or cannot wear. Do not tell me that I need to hide my visible belly. Do not throw your insecurities at me, and do not try to make me feel like I shouldn't exist. Do not tell me "you're not wearing the proper clothes for your body." Do not tell me that I should wear pieces that flatter my body type. As a matter of fact, don't tell anyone this. My life and my body are mine. This body is not anyones to judge. My health and my fat are none of anyones business. And believe me when I say that I will wear whatever I want, whenever I want. And if that makes you uncomfortable, then you need to look within yourself and identify the shitty ideals that you were raised with. I am happy as f*** being a transgender, fat, salvadoreña Latina. My body is strong, it is supple and keeps me warm at night. It has held me through some difficult times and continues to loyally support me. It angers me that society and our culture has raised women to feel shameful of their bodies if it doesn't align with societal expectations. All I know is that I AM NOT THE ONE. Let people live, if they aren't affecting you, then keep it moving with your own self. ✌
Tap to check out some of the babes that continuously inspire me to exist as myself! #bodypositive #fatpositive #fatliberation #fatacceptance

happiest when I'm at home 🐾 #düsseldorf

✈️ Off to New Orleans for Gay Halloween! Louis Vuitton ONLY for all the emotional baggage I carry 💅🏻👜 #classybetch #privatejet #dontaskwhopaid4this

““Kill them with success and bury them with a smile.” - Drake (Rapper, Producer, Actor, & Entrepreneur • #TBT)
You can’t talk about @champagnepapi in 2016 without mentioning that wool turtleneck in “#HotlineBling.” The music video, which echoed endlessly around the internet, was as much a cultural moment for his awkward uncle-dancing and intimate lyrics as it was for the baggy jumper, sweatpants and Timberlands. With Drake’s latest looks trending away from bright yellow top-to-toe tracksuits and towards customised sports luxe, he’s proving that it’s possible to look cool in an outfit that, in a cheaper guise, might otherwise never leave the sofa. #Drake has been keenly and consistently developing a unique look over the last few years, which combines grime-y terrace fashion inspired by Italian #menswear brand Stone Island, with preppy American court-side #sportswear. He’s also demonstrated that he wants men to share in his imaginative, confident, butch style through his own label - OVO (October’s Very Own).
If men can wear incongruous, colourful, even cosy clothes out and about without losing an iota of their masculinity, it’s mostly thanks to Drake. But while Drake can make a sweatsuit look legitimately #stylish, he can also suit up with the best of them while wearing the best of them!. The inspiring thing about Drake’s #wardrobe is that he wears the types of things average Joes want to wear on a daily basis—he just wears them better. The secret weapon to his sartorial success can be found in his arsenal of amazing outerwear, from lightweight coaches’ jackets to leading-man shearlings, the best bombers money can buy, and graphic racing jackets. #StyleIcon 🎤✨

#tb to last years halloween.
Thanks to my pneumonia I’ll probably be wearing a shirt this year. 🚼😂 ALSO, who else is going to HALLOWEENIE?!? 😆😆😆 get urr tickets before it’s too late!! @halloweeniela

The @Cosmic_la team is excited to announce that we will be talking over @villalounge_la on Fridays! Side note - I am retiring my DJ name Genesee and moving forward with my real name Tony Moras - tag a libra friend in the post

When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it. ~Henry Ford ✈️ #regram via @nova.york #thelagirl

Our love story
Part 4 of 5:
His email continued....
You're just very genuine Vevian. I have such strong feelings for you and I won't let what we have just "fizzle out", hell no... This is waaaay to precious to just toss away! I believe there are very few people in the world that actually experience this what we have.
I see it like this: "
There's nothing more beautiful than someone's honesty. You can be captivated by walls and secrets but there's something breathtaking about seeing someone at their most vulnerable…" I've been 100% honest and open-hearted with you during this weekend, and yes I'm opening up myself very much to you and making myself very vulnerable, but this is what pure LOVE is all about and I gotta let my heart speak to you! Cause if not, I will be in denial and I'll be lying to myself and I will never allow that!
And I really hope and wish that you and your heart feel and will do the same.
Benjamin 😳So ya I was like "HOLY F***" is this real? 2 days after Ben left me, he booked a 6 day trip just 10 days later to see me again. I kept on coming up with every reason, and excuses why we wouldn't and shouldn't workout, and Ben would assure me other wise. When he came back, After his 2nd day with me, I was really mean to him, said some things and told him "I was done", and walked out. I was gone for a while, and messaged Ben and asked him if he was going to leave, and head back home.... His response was "what am I supposed to do with the ring I got you?!!"
To Be Continued...


Post-rainstorm morning in L.A. - 😳 end of the week or end of the world?!? #losangeles #hollywood #weho #LAsky #skyview #rightonmystreet #raincloud #instapics #instapicture #mypic

Just got back to Boston but I had a great run in LA. Ended up sitting in at the @theviperroom for @thesunsetjam Funk Night w/ @erikhimel

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Start your weekend off 💪🏻 #playmaste #playlistyoga

My beautiful people! I'll be gettin' my sax on tonight at #Mollymolones in LA. Come on down and have a drink or two with me!😉 Be sure to say you're with @pacificcoastsoulco and have CASH for the $10 cover. It's gana be a groovin' night! #PacificCoastSoulCo#classicmpbari#music#saxman#soul#funk#motown#jazz#barscene#pubcrawl#livemusic#lamusicscene#barisax#weho#musican#freelance#lovewhatyoudo

Tomorrow night! ... Come party with us every SATURDAY!!! #whereyourgirlfriendwillbe
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Tomorrow night! ... Come party with us every SATURDAY!!! #whereyourgirlfriendwillbe
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Text: 323-628-6441 📍652 N LA PEER DR WEHO 90069 📍

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Fall mocha hues 🍂

Glamorous chandelier for a not-so-glamorous workout. 💪🏼💦

Recast as Karen & Grace

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